Manually sync photos or set a daily sync time in the latest version of PhotoUploader

Manually sync photos or set a daily sync time in the latest version of PhotoUploader
By DJ Reyes on 8 May 2014 05:36 am EDT

PhotoUploader has just seen a big update. There are a lot of new features, plus big bug fixes too. If you haven't heard of PhotoUploader, it is an app that lets you auto-upload your photos to your Dropbox or Box accounts. The native Box app on BlackBerry 10 can do this already but PhotoUploader has this service too. Since, Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 does not, this app has been useful to me.

When PhotoUploader went headless, it appealed much more as you didn't have to remember to leave it open. Though it did cause some memory, this update has attended to that issue.

PhotoUploader v2.1.0 changelog

  • ADDED: welcome wizard for first time users
  • ADDED: ability to sync daily at a specific time
  • ADDED: ability to sync only manually
  • ADDED: BBM channel information
  • IMPROVED: much less memory consumption
  • IMPROVED: processing speed overall
  • IMPROVED: better sd card issue handling
  • BUGFIX: no more "out of memory" errors!
  • BUGFIX: entries are now sorted correctly in history list
  • BUGFIX: prevented letting target directory be equal to source directory

PhotoUploader is definitely something I will continue to use to backup my photos to Dropbox. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It costs $0.99.

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Reader comments

Manually sync photos or set a daily sync time in the latest version of PhotoUploader


Very interesting! I'm going to check this one out.

I thought the native Box app would cover all my photo syncing needs, but unfortunarely it has two major drawbacks, which are dealbreakers for me:
1) When you have no network coverage, I would suspect that all the photos I take during that time are placed in some queue, ready for upload when connectivity is restored, but unfortunately that's not the case. The photos are simply not uploaded at all.
2) Photo sync does not work when you store them on an SD-card.

+1. I took my phone in vacation, took photos during the day and when I got to the hotel at night they all uploaded.

Neither of these drawbacks should exist, so might be your install.

Posted via CB10

I've got around to reinstalling Box, and flaw 2 didn't occur anymore.
Flaw 1, on the other hand, is still present. Although I'm not sure it's thanks to poor network coverage. When I take quite some photo's (10+) in a short timespan, not all those photo's are uploaded. Pretty stupid, since I always need to check manually which photo's are present and which ones are not...

BlackBerry needs to quickly add support for more secure cloud providers or add an encryption layer so that we can safely backup our pictures

What about photos and videos already taken before installation of this app? Do they get backed up too on initial set up?

Posted via CB10

That's the winning feature right there. Currently with Box or DropBox, when you turn on sync, it only syncs photos taken after that point. Not a previously taken photo or anything you may have saved on your device.

For that alone I'll be looking into this app.

Does it maintain the original image file date for those previously taken photos? That's one thing that kills any cloud storage for me... the fact that they don't seem to keep the "last modified" time stamp, so all your photos look like they were taken on the day you uploaded them.

Posted via CB10

Just could write yourself a little script that extracts the date from the EXIF metadata stored in the photo file itself and restores the date (if you're on Linux), or do a search for a program (on Windows) that would restore the date from the EXIF metadata. I'm sure you'll find something.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Does this work for all my other photos? Only the photos you shoot are auto uploaded now, I have to select individual photos to upload into Box if they're jot the ones I took. For example my WhatsApp photos or BBM saved photos.

Posted via CB10

Now if I could only get Blackberry Link to actually sync my photos from my computer to my phone (weirdly enough, it syncs exactly 250 pictures each time before crapping out).