You can haz weather on your homescreen with iHazweather!

By Michael Hepples on 16 Aug 2010 02:15 pm EDT

There are a few weather apps available for those that want to add weather to their homescreen. Depending on your preferences, you can use BerryWeather, Weatherbug,or maybe WeatherEye, some of which have tons of different customization options to tweak every little thing. Personally, I'm not a fan of bloated weather apps, simply looking to have the current temp and conditions displayed. I finally have a simple solution with iHazWeather. With a tiny footprint of just 190KB, this simple app gives you just that, the weather. Current conditions are displayed on the homescreen, and launching the app provides a snapshot of the day and a 3 day forecast. A tip of the hat to the developer for displaying the temp in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, there aren't many that allow for the fact that Canadian (and other metric countries) users exist. Set your location, or allow the app to use your current GPS location, choose your refresh rate and you're set. That easy. If you're looking for an app that will give you a full forecast, or tell you how many inches of rain are currently falling on your head, you have lots of choices. If you just want a simple icon on your screen with the current conditions, check this one out. Available in the CB store for $1.99 for multiple devices, including the Torch.

Reader comments

You can haz weather on your homescreen with iHazweather!


I like know the weather for cycling and running after work. Has anyone tried this. I haven't been able to get Berryweather to display like it was on my bold. It is nice to see it on the home screen.

Not that I'm not willing to try it, but since I have a free one that I feel works just fine for me, I'll stick with it. They should at least do a free trial

Why pay $1.99 for a simple weather forecast when I can have the complexities of WeatherEye's multi-city 5 day forecasts for free? Just sayin'.

Horrible marketing mistake with the name. I'd pass this up simply because of "iHaz". Come on, seriously.

how stupid... "iHaz" bc he's AHaz who made it .. some ppl are so dumb.I have it on my phone and it works great !! Its simple and you can search any place in the world. Why would something that works be free when someone had to put effort into making it?

Blackberry offers a push service to anyone with BIS connectivity; no need for 3rd party software, no battery drain polling a weather server. Just go to the Blackberry home page and look for push weather. When you sign up for the push service, within a short time a new icon will appear on your home screen, always refreshed with current conditions. Depending on your theme, you can move it to somewhere that it is always visible, either a home row or a weather app location if your theme has one.