Yoritex has produced Medical Network HUB for BlackBerry smartphones

By IsaacKendall on 28 Jul 2011 08:57 am EDT

BlackBerry for medical world

Given the current parade of bad predictions for the BlackBerry from the inside baseball crowd, it's exciting and refreshing to see that out in the real world many still see BlackBerry surviving beyond next Thursday.  Yoritex has announced that they have produced a Medical Network HUB.  This is the first USB-connected hardware accessory for BlackBerry smartphones, which allows making over 50 different medial and non-medical measurements via plug-in accessories which Yoritex makes.  It provides full mHealth service on real time transmit data basis. Keep reading for the full press release.

Yoritex Inc. today announced that its engineers have completed a development of the first-generation Medical Network HUB® prototype - a medical diagnostic accessory for BlackBerry® smartphones. This is a great step forward to the mass production manufacturing of these type of devices.

Production of a fully functional prototype means that the development of Medical Network HUB® has reached a new important stage. The stages of research and design are completely finished and the design documentation is available.

"I'm proud to announce that our engineering team has successfully completed our first-generation Medical Network HUB® prototype, marking an important milestone for Yoritex Inc. We're starting the validation and testing phase of the prototype that will verify operability of the device and to eliminate any possible field errors. After that we'll start manufacturing a pilot batch. The pilot batch samples can then be marketed to potential customers and investors and prepared for device certification tests," says Leon Dain, President and CEO of Yoritex Inc.

Yoritex Inc. has announced plans to start testing of the Medical Network HUB® prototype on Monday, July 25th. The company's Test Lab expects that the first testing results will be available within the first week of testing.

About Medical Network HUB®
Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. is the first USB-connected hardware accessory for BlackBerry smartphones, which allows making over 50 different medical and non-medical measurements via plug-in accessories by Yoritex Inc. It provides full mHealth service on real-time transmit data basis.

Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. solution includes:

  • Set of plug-in accessories for medical and non-medical parameters measurements;
  • Independent, self-powered data processing system;

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Yoritex has produced Medical Network HUB for BlackBerry smartphones


I guess there aren't many people interested in the healthcare industry? Being that I work in an IT related component of healthcare, this is a pretty neat tool. I'm curious about integration into hospital/lab/emr systems though. I'm also curious to know how they managed to use the bb usb port to read data off their device.

I work in Nursing Informatics & I support for various EMRs so I think this is a great idea...as long as you don't have to reboot because let's face it BBs take way to long to restart!!

The devices don't atach directly to the USB port. They use an intermediate device that I suspect would act as a USB host for the blackberry.

So how does this work, in addition to the plug-in blood pressure monitor, would Youritex supply a BlackBerry App to remember and keep track of blood pressure readings?

Would the Youritex App also do graphs on your blood pressure over time?
Interesting proposition ;)

USB? Blue Tooth while not as secure seems like a better medium, or NFC as it will be on all new devices. One could wear an unobtrusive medical device and have their vitals monitored by a BB through NFC without all the wires.

They could be using the USB device as their proprietary hook. QNX is using Bluetooth in their medical line, these guys are just one of many players trying to provide mobile solutions in the medical field.

I'm not in the medical field, but its nice to see BBerry being used in such a critical application setting as this. It would seem many Doctors really like their BBerrys and that's why Yoritex had to build this application on the BBerry platform.

Now, if only my 9900 would tell me when I should stop drinking.......

My company has been pioneering remote patient monitoring (RPM) for its employees. Currently, we are only doing a blood pressure monitoring solution. But this could give us access to many more possibilities for remote patient monitoring. Given the amount of companies that already have BB infrastructures in place, this could bring RPM to many more organizations quickly and painlessly.