The yet to be released 4G BlackBerry PlayBook gets an OS update

4G PlayBook
By James Richardson on 9 Jul 2012 01:10 pm EDT

It looks like the 4G PlayBook is one step closer to being ready. Version is allegedly now rolling out for the few select lucky people that have the 4G PlayBook. I presume these folk are RIM and carrier employees only as sightings of the 4G PlayBook out in the wild are as rare as a Dodo. It was only a few days ago that we posted about the 4G PlayBook running OS version

Needless to say, it looks like RIM is working hard to get things right. There is no mention of BBM being present, as a native app within this latest version so don't get too excited. And clearly you can't download this version to your WiFi PlayBook. Being in the UK my only concern (which is totally selfish) is where can I get some 4G's. We haven't got any here yet.

Source: BlackBerry FR

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The yet to be released 4G BlackBerry PlayBook gets an OS update

13 Comments where's the update for the PlayBook that is already on the streets? We've seen a couple of BB Bridge updates come thru with no update to the PB.

Keep in mind RIM development I believe is located in Ottawa. Ottawa is bilingual since it almost boarders Quebec. So I'm not surprised it's in French.

Now if was in Spanish.. that would be a different story :)

Really strange that a French website can have a Playbook 4G ... I think there's be a commercial arrangement with a developer because frankly LTE version is extremely limited!.... Mmmmm

Confused, why is the LTE version running an OS that is lower than the current dev beta 2.1?

Also, I wouldn't hold my breathe for BBM on the playbook untill BB10 comes out. No chance RIM is going to cut into it's carrier fees before it has to and is not going to encourage people away from BIS/BES by offering BBM on the Playbook (not until the BB10 phones are out). BBM could have been out long ago.

Note that the dialogue box only is in French; and as regards the calendar (Cdn English/British spelling...) icon, the update is yet to be applied as of the screenshot.

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