Yet Another Vodafone Storm Video....

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2008 01:15 am EST

This video with Vodafone UK's Consumer Director, Ian Shepherd, isn't all that exciting, but since we've pretty much been batting 1000 when it comes to posting every BlackBerry Storm video that pops up on the net I figured we'd better work this one in too!

[ via BBNews ]

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Yet Another Vodafone Storm Video....


Well ladies and gentleman,

What a difference between Vodafone UK and Verizon US, both companies really promoting the Sh*t out of Rim new product.

And what about the beloved Bold, albeit delayed for several months... talk about AT&T really not doing anything, except resting on their laurels and hoping that people will buy the 9000 because its new and improved.

Seriously, if you are going to sign an exclusive agreement with another company, you need to also understand and verify their future marketing and placement strategy, otherwise... why sign for exclusivity?

Here is a thought during these tough economic times:-
Sack AT&T exclusive Bold agreement and make it available to every provider (mention caveats based on network ability) that will increase sales and furthermore save approximately $500K by relinquishing the Rim team that allowed AT&T the contract in the first place.

Just my 3 cents worth.