More BlackBerry Blend details leak - System requirements, supported OS and more!

By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2014 02:47 am EDT

Although we've been tracking the existence of BlackBerry Blend for what seems forever now, even before it was called BlackBerry Blend, the offering has yet to be officially announced or even commented on by BlackBerry. Given the fact it has been appearing on a larger scale in BlackBerry OS 10.3, it's highly expected it will finally be made official with the BlackBerry Passport.

A new leak showing off the software has now appeared and while some of it still appears to be based off of dummy data or demo data, it does offer the best look yet at how end users will interact with BlackBerry Blend and what you can do with it. Plus, it also offers some finer details such as the system requirements you will have to meet in order to make use of the software.

With BlackBerry Blend you can:

  • View and respond to some messages and chats from different accounts in the BlackBerry Hub.
  • Access your BBM chats, groups, and BBM Channels.
  • Access your text messages (SMS).
  • View your daily, weekly, or monthly agenda.
  • Create new calendar entries and change existing entries.
  • Copy and transfer your files between your device and computer or tablet.
  • Open a browser with a secure connection to view private information from your organization's intranet, if your device is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.
  • Tasks that you might have previously completed using BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry Link can now be completed using BlackBerry Blend, including: Backing up and restoring device data, Switching to another device, Copying pictures, videos, and music between a computer or tablet and your BlackBerry 10 device.

From ChatBlend, to Fuse to BlackBerry Blend. It has been a long road for this software to come out but it would seem as though all the waiting is coming close to an end. Hopefully. I'm just glad I no longer look like a crazy person talking to myself while proclaiming BBM was coming to the desktop in some way. It has only taken well over a year but I'll take it.

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More BlackBerry Blend details leak - System requirements, supported OS and more!


Imagine a desktop OS based on QNX, able to safely run Windows and Apple programs, completely in sync with your BB10 handheld. I would be ALL OVER THAT!

Could BB Blend be a step towards that future?

A kind of BlackBerry 10 Desktop OS or QNX Desktop OS would be my true wish to be seen in the near future!!!

Good, Better, BlackBerry Z30

Even better, to use our BlackBerry phones as full desktops.

Connect to a TV and it switches to a desktop. Open windows like a desktop. Do anything just like any other desktop then disconnect and it's your phone again! That's the future I want.

Except it's your phone doing it? Instead of a big clunky Iwannabeadesktop tablet?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

AirWatch now let's you run any app on your ios or android device from the cloud so any desktop app can be run on your phone powered by servers in the cloud. With phones having the ability to connect to hdmi and USB for years, the future you speak of is here. BlackBerry needs to work on some partnerships or do some serious R&D to catch up for the mobile cloud future.

Posted via CB10

Hmm well, if it is a little more secure than iCloud at least... not that I have a lot of nude selfies to protect, mind....

This feature doesn't really compare to iCloud but it has a storage locker with HIPAA compliant file sharing between devices and integrated realtime chat. It was demoed at VMworld last week and showed how doctors could share medical images and collaborate, looked pretty cool.

I hope that someone has the courage to come out with something like that. The biggest problem I see from a marketing standpoint is, it has the potential to cannibalize laptop sales.

I agree that a QNX/BB10 type of desktop is a great idea but will they do it? This could be a great category for BB to pursue in the enterprise sector and then offer it to the consumer as well. Security would be the selling point and interoperability the genesis of it all. Let us hope that the Link programmers are not involved in Blend or any future iteration of this fantastically hopeful piece of software. It is a bit maddening that the playbook is not able to use it but not a surprise really considering the specs.

How about extending secure workspace into the realm of the PC? Build a secure sandbox environment that runs all crucial enterprise functions within a secure encrypted(? ) sandbox on the PC? I may be outing my lack of depth of knowledge in this area, but it makes sense to me.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Would be nice if BlackBerry did that with secured workspace but companies like VMware (Workstation, Horizon View), Microsoft (Hyper-V) and Oracle (VirtualBox) already dominate this space so it would be an uphill battle for sure.

They just need to be careful with memory leaks and temp files/ page file / hiberfil.sys leaking info onto the hard disk which could later be forensically analyzed.

Encrypt and scramble, scramble and encrypt...

Otherwise, sound concept...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Thats a dream.

Enterprises are double deep in Windows Desktop OS as we like to have BlackBerry in Enterprise mobility and MDM arena. In current ability, for BBRY that's a suicide.

I would love to see my BlackBerry 10 phone to have full use on any factory car audio or aftermarket car audio. Using Bluetooth or Wifi connection

Posted via CB10

Check out VMware Horizon Client for iOS and Android. Maybe BB should work out a deal to bring an already available app that already has these functions to BB10.

QNX would not be able to run Windows or Apple software. But it would be able to run a rich suite of free and open source *nix applications.

Posted via CB10

Windows has a store like Apple does now. How about we see a Blackberry store with the same setup, including a new QNX OS section ;) a real store for efficiency and the professional minded.

Proud Canadian Z10 user since black and white

Yes, it is definitely a step towards the future you envision. This is going to be a big hit because no other smartphone maker is offering full desktop integration for their phones.

It'll be great being able to send and respond to SMS messages right from your desktop PC as well as any incoming emails.

I think this is a very clever move on BlackBerry's part, because it could one day mean that our smartphones will become our desktop computers, and
all of the bulky laptops and desktop machines we use now will disappear.

Windows is more targeted by viruses due to OS X market share to be not worth the time to make viruses for it. The ROI is too low.

Posted via CB10

Time is money.
Writing code takes time.
If you are not getting paid to code, you gotta think of it as an investment.
So you target the largest userbase.

Lol, did I just describe Android and devs?

It's the cloud era. Just run all your apps as containers and it doesn't matter which OS you use and everything is secured in a data center ;)

Actually, Vista has extended support until 2017 - which means security fixes.

Plus, UAC is configured better on Vista by default than on 7 or 8.

Posted via CB10

XP is the problem. Out of support.

Windows 7 is going out of mainstream support into extended support 13 Jan 2015, same as what Vista is on now.

You will still get fixes.
And it still sells well, still seeing a lot of new Win 7...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Microsoft and Google are the security risk. More importantly, windows 8 is junk. 6 years ago I bought the cheapest HP Vista laptop I could find, it still performs better that the two middle tier windows 7 or the three middle tier windows 8.1 machines I have. It is more responsive than 7 or 8.1 and far more user friendly than 8 or 8.1. I have not decided what I will do yet but I will not purchase any more Microsoft products.

I am disappointed blend will require win 7 or higher, I guess I won't be using it.

Posted via CB10

I'm curious if this works with Always On VPN that most corporate laptops have in place. Since Link doesn't work when connected over VPN (unless you turn on split tunnel VPN which is a huge security risk) I doubt this will work properly either.

I'm also on Windows Vista too.
Guess we're the "Disposable Heroes" so......

Most of the big corporate companies here in Saudi Arabia are still between XP and Vista so there goes BlackBerry's enterprise BS! out the door :)


STL100-1 ( STC

Aw come on your last statement cannot go unchallenged. Blend is all-new, you think people will suddenly bail because a new BBRY app is not compatible with a Microsoft product? If this was an update to an existing app that suddenly cut off existing users that would make sense. Besides BBRY is wise not to waste R & D resources on platforms that have been firmly put on the 'dying soon' list.

Anyone who has Vista should upgrade to 7. It won't be like trying to get off XP... Going from Vista to 7 is not hard... 7 is actually a more polished version of Vista.

It should also be noted that Microsoft is holding back software from Vista users, including newer versions of IE. Vista's market share is now pretty tiny - not many use it.

Correct. My fav was XP but I would have run 7 for a decade if I could have, especially knowing what it was replaced by. I have a Windows 8.1 machine and it may be my last MS product. I have "fixed" it but the average home user doesn't know how. 7 was solid.

Posted via CB10

Give me a break all you Vista whiners. Why the hell would Any company again to make their product compatible with dead softwares. Rediculous.

Posted via CB10

Your English needs help.

Vista is not dead software, but it is pretty old, and its market share is tiny. So on that score, you're correct. It's not worth it for BlackBerry to test Blend against Windows Vista.

Ooh so mobile data potentially means I need no sort of special setup. Wonder if wife requires it to be on the same network. If it does then blue tooth would have been a welcome addition.

Posted via CB10

That wifi/wife confusion can get hilarious sometimes! There's a lot of gags about it, and even on this forum, a member posted a question about 'Wife sharing?', which most posters respectfully declined, especially without a picture of said wife.

Thou shalt not...

But yeah, I will share my hotspot, unless used for intended illegal purposes... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

On a serious note:

I too, was hoping there would have been blue tooth support. We can't always be around a wifi connection to use this and I don't wanna have my BlackBerry leashed either.

get connectify me for windows. turns your laptop into a wifi hot spot even if its not connected to one itself. that way n data usage at all and it can be a closed LAN that only you can access.

I agree. Wifi works well for a scenario where you are at home and the phone is in another room. But for the tablet scenario, it is kind of missing something. They could achieve a "Blackberry Bridge-Playbook-like" utopia if they connected via bluetooth while you were outside of wifi range. I hope they are just holding back.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

True but even on PlayBook Bridge, they added the ability for data to be transmitted over Wi-Fi when it was available because Bluetooth was too slow. Can you imagine even more data having to go back and forth over Bluetooth? Wouldn't be very effective, especially high data from a laptop computer.

This will be a feature lacking for us Z10 users, but I believe for the z30 and above you can use WiFi A/c to connect directly from phone to tablet (no network needed) just like Bluetooth but faster. I'm sure that's the intention.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Why not a surprise? The first article I read covering Blend on Crackberry specifically mentioned the PlayBook as likely supported.

Maybe it depends on browser? I dunno. Either way, 404 or blank is no good to any of us lol. Need that download link.

Still works though, doesn't it? Make sure you load the Origami browser on there so you have an alternative browser with additional capabilities.

As I can see for the PlayBook, is the same thing as BlackBerry bridge so no need for blend.


I think blackberry will release a tablet next year so supporting the PlayBook is not going to happen in my opinion.

If BBRY us in the hardware business this time next year than they need to have a tablet - especially as they are an enterprise focused company. It makes no sense for corporate clients to be running ipads and a fleet of blackberry phones. If they are going to support the apple ecosystem, they'll do it on phone and tablet.

Posted via CB10

Hum minimum win7, so it could explain the persistance of BlackBerry link. BlackBerry should, and I think they would, make BlackBerry blend not free, costing 29,99$ because of the doublon with outlook. :)

Posted via CB10

They won't get away with charging for it, they could lock bbm and charge a few $ to unlock it per year but honestly not sure it's worth the trouble. They wouldn't make more than a few millions per year. I'm sure they make more selling stickers.

Posted via CB10

They won't charge for Blend. Wouldn't make sense. People who are going to be using Blend are already going to have put down money for a BB handset, and may be paying for BES10 or BES12 as well.

BlackBerry Bridge in steroids! Great! Can't wait to have #BlackberryBlend in my IPad mini and Asus touch-screen laptop.
Big thanks #Blackberry ! #KeepMovingForward ! #BlackberryForever !

Posted via CB10 using my BlackBerry Z3

obvi the best thing about BBBlend is that it'll make me look like i'm working when i'm actually just responding to texts lol

Any news on there eventually being Android 4.3 support? Haven't had my Galaxy Tab 3 that longs and I don't want to have to buy a new tablet already :(

Posted via CB10

Wow USD 29.99 is a little high for me. Coz that would mean I might pay MYR 200 after mark up of retail profit.

Posted via CB10

Reading is a neglected and underrated skill...

No offense, it happens. :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I'd be extremely surprised if there was a cost to this.

This is the first time we see mentioned that it will do backups and other tasks to actually replace link rather then be in addition to it though isn't it?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Bla1ze, do you know if Blend can access my WorkDrive folders? Can I open and work on my ms office files from work in a secure way?

Dreaming about the new Passport

You are a cool guy responding that fast. That is cool. And th the bucket challenge was cool. Really cool.

Dreaming about the new Passport

Let's hope it see's more of a 10.3 design (the current leaked design is horrible like pre os7) and the biggest question is how is it in terms of security - if it uses wifi?!

Posted via CB10

I like the design and layout but I do find it could be a bit more professional looking. Looks like a consumer product. Maybe that's not a bad thing though.

Posted via CB10

Bbm video chat on the desktop !!! Its going to make the eBBM offering a serious contender in the unified communications space.

IPv6 requirement is interesting... Probably means direct connection to the phone. Security hole ?

Posted via CB10

Ipv6 definitely isn't a security hole however it might cause an issue trying to use it over wifi as a majority of home wifi routers are on ipv4.

Posted via CB10

I really hope that's a mistake and ipv6 is not a requirement. Home is bad enough, but try to convince your work office to implement it, good luck.

Posted via CB10

This Blend is promising as long as it can blend with iPad

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

What a bad idea that BlackBerry has totally given up PlayBook. No BBM, no Blend.

One day, no BlackBerry for me maybe.

Posted via CB10

I too was a PB user and had several, but I think it is essential that Blackberry focus on today's technology (iPads, Android tabs, etc) rather than having to keep dumbing things down to work on a three year old Playbook. It is a shame, but that's tech for you.

I decided to ditch my PB last Christmas and bought an iPad mini. That only last until May as I find iOS to be too restrictive. For example, getting movies from your computer to the iPad is a ball ache due to having to run everything through iTunes, rather than just copying it to a virtual hard drive. So, I gave the iPad to my 16 year old son and got myself a cheap Android Tablet (Samsung Tab 3) and much prefer that.

You can pick up a good Android tablet for £130 so maybe it is time to accept the inevitable and just move on from your PB.

I bought a 8inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro brand new for 403$...i did a week with it. I know a lot about "tech" but i was puzzled as to how to use an android's the first time in my life that i gave up trying a new tech and actually went back and got refunded and i'm still using my playbook.

Playbook >

Android not my cup of tea. Usability, UI etc... (I know it's customizable)

Add the security issues and Google snooping, and it's enough to keep me off it...

No offense and
no drama with anyone using Android. :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I have two playbooks.

With the bridge app I can do almost everything that Blend does incl. chat via bbm.

Where is the problem?

Dreaming about the new Passport

Looks very interesting and hopefully it will be available for Mac OS, the integration looks to be excellent. Looking forward to it being released sometime soon.

Posted from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA using

Looks awesome! Can't wait! I'm currently running 10.3 and I'm loving it! The browser is a bit unstable but I'm sure the official version will be mo' better.

Posted via CB10

LOL..."copying videos or music..." You mean for the now-defunct video and music that used to be available via Blackberry World?

You must be new this thing called the internet where millions of videos and songs are available.

Too funny! I can honestly say I never used BlackBerry World to download music. A couple of free movies. That's about it. I thought the only people who actually pay for music are iPhone users anyways?

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

So, ipV6... where does one get that from?

As far as I'm aware anything around me runs on ipV4...
(from home Internet, to uni Internet, to my mobile)

Posted via CB10

Pretty sure it just means you have to have IPV6 compatible hardware, which you almost certainly do, even if the networks around you haven't turned it on / enabled it yet.

Hope this makes it easier to attach photos. I want to use bbm but can only attach one photo at a time.

I think the "one at a time" document sharing over bbm is because it is not primarily for sharing large amounts of data that way. Of course there are solutions, like making an express presentation, story maker video or zip file to be shared by bbm or a link to a Dropbox folder all of which can be done quickly and easily from the phone with a great degree of speed and flexibility.

Posted via CB10

what is a "BlaringGiantAfricanwildcat" ?
what will happen on september 3rd ?
who will go to 440 Park ave south , new york to see if Annie shows up for Lunch at the 03.09 ?

I don't understand why they're developing downloadable software to reproduce a sort of 'desktop' experience for you BlackBerry. Why can't the phone itself have a desktop mode when paired with a keyboard and plugged into a monitor? That'd be infinitely more useful.

A desktop mode could be useful but I think this solution is far more flexible, integrating with existing devices and seamlessly into the workflow. Blend on existing devices means no need to support whatever applications are running on all those desktops or tablets but making using them more productive by adding the communications of your BlackBerry to them while keeping that communication secure and mobile.

Posted via CB10

No linux? My BlackBerry will soon replaced with more enterprise-ready phone.. lol they can continue with stickers..

Posted via CB10

Wine or a vm would still make it worth it for me. A bit disappointing but not surprising that Linux isn't supported. I'd love to see a tablet running plasma 5 and blend buy that's definitely a wild dream.

Posted via CB10

Glad there's other linux users here. Hopefully someone will figure out a solution. Wine would be ideal, but something tells me full VM ware will be needed.

Posted via CB10

What stops them writing cross platform applications?

Nothing. Groupthink, maybe. Or maybe they are setting themselves up to fail again five or ten years from now.

For now, no Linux capability, no need for blackberry

Have you actually read the article? All of the known features are named there...including BlackBerry Link functionality.

Posted via CB10

Wrong - people should read articles before asking questions and should not be rewarded for their laziness. I'll even go as far as to say also read prior comments but that's probably hoping for too much around here.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30


Wrong - people should read articles before asking questions and should not be rewarded for their laziness. I'll even go as far as to say also read prior comments but that's probably hoping for too much around here.

"With our speech we create the world in which we live."

The Lord Buddha

Why oh why, no PC connection over BT possible ??? Why it was so simple for WM6.5 (ActiveSync), why it was so simple for BB Desktop / BBOS, and it's still not possible for BB10 ? Just don't get it!

Because BT is terrible as a file transfer protocol. Combined with the fact that hardware vendors didn't want to license Microsoft's BT stack made it difficult to support the various configurations out there. IPv6 is so much better and supports Samba shares. Let go of the past and embrace the future.

Terrible, you mean slow? Even if - it still works. Even if - one can decide (having the option fist), to not to sync files (big) over BT. Just PIM data, via dedicated software (Desktop / Link / Blend) with preferable software (Outlook). Why not Wifi (IPv6), becuse in some (my, most?) corps it's strictly forbidden to connect unauthorized equipment to the network. Why not USB? "...embrace the future..." -> go wireless, I suppose? Also - save the battery. What's left - BT. NFC maybe.
I'm really surprised, that my case (scenario) is apparently so rare. Work PC, home PC, smartphone (not private but also not connected to Exchange). Off-line syncing with work PC is the only option. You're either on a meeting, shopfloor or in front of the PC. People are sending inviations and I would like to have them synced automaticly, wirelessly, in the background, when I'm close enough.
Only thing that I can agree, is that doing business with Microsoft has to be difficult (licensing anything). But if that's the only problem, than.... (?)

Well that's just it. Other OEMs don't want to pay licensing fees to Microsoft for their BT stack so they go with another and it's a pain to support two different stacks. You have to remember that the PIM sync in Desktop Manager / Link is third-party so BlackBerry is confined to their specs.

Wireless is the way to go because the cloud will sanitize the data to a certain extent. It's cross platform and allows you to sync wherever you are. The battery life concern can be solved with fewer syncs.

Well said.

Is it too much to just want to connect your phone to your pc and sync? Apparently.

Anymore if a company wants you to have no choice but to put your data on theirs or someone else's server its a big red flag, to me.

I am starting to question the whole Blackberry is the most secure phone storyline. And if its not the most secure phone, all its shortcomings means there is no reason to buy one

Funny how many times I've been told blend wasn't replacing Links (won't be missed much ! ).
That's a great innovative move from BlackBerry.
My perception is : "whether or not you like BlackBerry interface , when you work, your desktop is likely your Window to the world. Blend is here, too".
Prosumers, employees, You'll love to leave your phone in its pouch, laying near you, just to pick phone calls (oh, maybe there's something in this area too we don't figure yet ? )

Love that.

P.S: I'm not in the blend beta team (and never had access to it) so anything stated here is IMHO or/and speculation.

Posted via CB10

Is it possible to use Blend with a BBM Installed Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, or is it only possible to use Blend with a BlackBerry smartphone running 10.3?

Also, is Blend a totally stand alone programme on mac and PC if you have a BlackBerry or BBM identification /pin number?

Blend is a program that runs on Windows and Macs that speaks to Blackberries. It's not any more complicated than that

Posted via CB10

Seriously! I want remember integration. I also want remember to work the way it did in early 10.2, seems like they've taken a step backwards with it recently and in the leaks.

Posted via CB10

Umhh, for those wondering Bluetooth is very slow, I imagine it will pair via wifi and do transfers that way, or via a usb cable. BB was VERY slow getting this out, but better late than never.

Any chance it will include Windows RT? Would be nice to be able to pick up a cheap Surface RT and use that on the bus.

Actually, there have been some rumblings that Microsoft may be making a Surface 3. So RT may not be dead. I don't know for sure. But I believe his real question was whether there would be a Windows Store app. That is something they are certainly not giving up on.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

Surface 3 is out in stores currently. The rumblings you heard we're probably advertisements on the radio on TV. :)

Posted via CB10

Newer version has contacts. Having said that:

People let's not start getting upset about things we don't know. This is not released yet. Once it is and things you want are missing then it's fair to express unhappiness.

Posted via CB10

I hope the Dashboard's use of space is improved, seems like a lot of empty space.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Yes I see nothing that indicates you must have a BBRY necessarily. There could be a sealed down version for BBM users on other platforms. Don't know.

Posted via CB10

Of all the leaks. This one is totally my favourite and is a game changer for me, Mac, iPad user. This will really change their faith. It's smart too, most people keep 2 phones, iPhone and BB. Well done

Posted via CB10

I'm super disappointed that the playbook isn't going to be supported. Bridge sucks on I was hoping playbook would get the ability to use blend. I really blame myself that I keep having this secret hope that the playbook will get resurrected...time to officially let it go!

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, they are going something of a job on the PlayBook by the look of things. Poor show BlackBerry.

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

Useless for me as long as I do not have access to the Hub i.e. I would require the possibility to write Whatsapp messages.

Who is using text messages, anyway? And BBM unfortunately is not an option in my part of the world.

Posted via CB10

Looks that way. Too bad you can't influence the folks around you to go to bbm.

I am all for keeping what'sapp out of blend. No point in feeding the competition. I don't see Facebook give a rats ass about BlackBerry. BlackBerry should make it harder and harder for people to ignore bbm by making things like blend do many things and make it indispensable such that the price to pay would be huge to just keep using whatsapp or any other IM.

Posted via CB10

And it should work fine on a Surface PRO, or any other tablet running Windows 8.1. Windows ReTard... er, RT, doesn't have the ability to run programs built with x86 or x64 architecture, so you'd be hoping BlackBerry makes an app for the those models.

Posted via CB10

Sure as long as your Surface runs iOS or Android 4.4. You must have forgotten that part when you read the article.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Kinda surprised that it says it will require KitKat or later to work on an Android tablet. Very much looking forward to this update. It'll be the impetus to retire my playbook

Posted via CB10

If executed properly (simple to set up, simple to use, stable, fast and secure), this will be the the final catalyst that should propel BlackBerry into the forefront of mobile computing it at least in the mainstream's eyes. Can not wait!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Remember integration need to be priority for this Blend ('Mirror' as I nickname it)

Posted via CB10

On your phone.

Number one rule with software design is not to try to be everything to everyone. Otherwise you end up with a mess that disappoints everyone.

Posted via CB10

So perhaps this is the fix for Link? I can only hope.

Will it run on stand alone systems or is it intended for only BES?

To those sad or crying about win Vista or Xp compatibility. Those sad on no PlayBook news... or any other thing you see missing or not in favor of... this is a leak... a rumor, gossip. Believe 1/2 of what you see and be surprised when the official announcement is made...

Posted via CB10

Awesome. I thought this was blackberry exclusive but it will work with android and iOS too. Wow. Hopefully this will be a big hit.

Posted via CB10

It is a BlackBerry exclusive except for the clients which obviously wouldn't be BlackBerrys anyway.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

dumb question. But will none BB users be able to use BB Blend, too? For example for BBM?

Posted via CB10

Just because Blend is confirmed doesn't mean you don't look like a crazy person. :)

" I do not think that word means what you think it means. "

BlackBerry Blend is AWESOME!
I love all of the features, but I have to admit, I am most looking forward to:

Tasks that you might have previously completed using BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry Link can now be completed using BlackBerry Blend, including: Backing up and restoring device data, Switching to another device, Copying pictures, videos, and music between a computer or tablet and your BlackBerry 10 device.

I don't really like BB really has a mind of its a child going through the terrible two's! ☺

If this takes the place of remote access, I'm gonna be a sad sad boy.

Short Stories and Similar Submissions, a Channel dedicated to creative writing and constructive critique C003CC54C. Daily Old Radio Shows! The only Channel that actually offers you a source for entertainment. C0012487D

And there you gave it - replaces BlackBerry Link! As I've said before in the forums as my expectation.

Going to try intranet browser

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

More advanced interactions is needed on blackberry 10.3 as well as more camera features. We also need our fancy fonts back.

Posted via CB10

Really hope there's a windows app, I'll get by with a desktop version on my surface pro until then

Posted via CB10

Who gives a shit if Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore, that doesn't mean that no one else should. They just alienated a good 70% of the people that love and support BLACKBERRY!

Posted via CB10

If you 70% state is true, than that's sad.

When Microsoft stop supporting a product, it becomes useless and unsafe. So I disagree with your statement about everyone else continuing to support the product.

Posted via CB10

This will replace the BlackBerry Link for sure. Today I connect my Z10 to a computer without any blackberry software and the phone prompt me to install BlackBerry blend like before was prompted to install link. Long life BlackBerry we are here for you.

Posted via CB10

"Well over a year in development..."

That does seem like very long to me. If software was that easy to develop, we'd see a whole lot more if it and BBRY wouldn't be the first to develop a program like this.

This is a major investment with lots of complexity.

Posted via CB10

No joy for me, I use Windows XP and BBOS 7.1 maybe some day I will find a reason to upgrade.

Lets be honest please..... Windows Vista was rushed garbage out of the box. Windows 7 is so much better put together than Vista. I cant believe what i am reading here. Vista is performing better than a Windows 7 machine. You must have blinders on.
And to touch on the real topic. BB App World lacks a lot. I was an avid BB user for many years. Too little too late. Security is their main goal which is great. But what is security when there is no functionality. Playbook was garabage, Q10 is terrible. And did i mention the lack of usefull apps....
Blackberry Blend sounds great, but look at what you still need... Android, IOS, Windows and MAC. Whats the point of having all those devices? Why not eliminate Blackberry and use the useful Android/IOS.

Useful Android. That is laughable. Android is completely unsecure. IOS looks to be no different in light of resent news. Blackberry is really the only way to go. At least in my opinion. Blend will allow the user full access to texting and BBM along with emails etc. I believe this will be a large step forward for Blackberry and mobile computing. Perhaps the future will hold something bigger (i.e. QNX operating system reborn:)

Currently Calendar, Contacts, Files are smoothly linked with my Maverick via Link (at least for me).

Now I have to manage them in BB Blend and native OS X application..hmm...???

This is the most disappointing news from BB. I'm almost thinking about dropping bb. They think short term, have almost no ingenuity and lack anything to really push they product ahead of the competition instead of barely catch up.

No Linux support. No older Ms OS support. Not a HTML5 app.

Why would I setup an entire VM just to check my email, or browse securely. If it's that important I could just swipe and glance the phone itself.

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....loks very appealling and interesting cant wait to try and work with this on my Macbook,Ipad Air and soon to upgrade to BB passport :)

somebody wake me up when blackberry is compatible with Linux. No way I am going to buy microsoft products anymore, ever. No way I am going to convert to the apple sect. Phones? Android or Windows? No thank you. I would love to switch to blackberry phone but first this company has to learn that the phone has to be synced, backed up and docked to A COMPUTER not some unicorn cloud created by the NSA or a corporate data thief company. for now I continue to limp along with my XP and Nokia N-8. Looking for a perfect solution.

This past weekend (Jan 10/11) I finally installed and now I have Blend working on both my Z30 and my Windows 7 64 bit laptop. It's great! I was surprised when a toast appeared on my laptop desktop just before it appeared on my Z30. I love living in the future. :-)