Yesterday's sensor issue was due to corrupt server data

By Adam Zeis on 4 Dec 2013 10:15 am EST

Yesterday Sensorgate 2013 had BlackBerry 10 users scrambling for answers as their devices went haywire. The forums were on fire and we were in deep recon mode to try and get to the bottom of the issue. Thanks to many members that sent along their log files and some overtime at BlackBerry HQ, the issue has since been resolved and things are good to go.

As per Michael Clewley's BBM Channel, the root of the issue was with the server that provides sensor calibration information.

A server that provides sensor calibration information to the phone was sending corrupt data that would affect the sensors to the phone. The issue was resolved at the server. Customers that are affected can simply restart their phone to resolve the problem.

We put an update in the original blog post, but in case you missed it, you're good to go now. So if you had issues previously, just restart your device and you should be back to normal. 

Big thanks to the folks at BlackBerry for sorting this out so fast!

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Yesterday's sensor issue was due to corrupt server data


Indeed, thank you BlackBerry.
And VERY smart of them to handle stuff like this on the server side. No longer being at the mercy of carriers to issue updates for things like this is brilliant!!!

BlackBerry handled it on the server side because it was never a carrier issue. Clewely should be fired.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10


Who wants a phone that depends on somebody's remote servers for the onboard sensors to work correctly?

And before another Crackberry Genius chimes in to point out that the phones still work when you put them in Airplane Mode or whatever, let me just ask, if they work fine, indefinitely, without the remote server, then why are they going back to that server at all, to get hosed up in the first place?

The server helps make the sensor work better and faster. Got example if the phone know the positions of the satellites ahead of time, it will get a GPS fix almost instantly!

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Banned for expressing a legitimate sentiment likely felt by other CrackBerry Nation citizens?

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

What I meant was if this was baked into the OS and people were having issues, then you'd have to wait for your carrier to push the update.

If it were in the firmware, the devices wouldn't have pulled corrupt info in the first place and there would have been no problem. This to me highlights a weakness; what would the sensors do if the could not call home at all, say in case of catastrophy?

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If you ask me it's kind of brilliant. They can push minor improvements constantly. This is the downside however. It's interesting and I think eventually it would be nice to have it baked in but I can kind of see why they did it for now.

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Sensors continue to work, even if you shut off data or put the phone in airplane mode. No one is saying a data connection is a requirement for the sensors to work. For updates, yes. As long as carriers are in control of pushing out updates, I'm 100% in favor of this.

Willm. The fact that almost all phones operate in same manner including the garbage apple iPhone then states that all phones share same weakness. Check your comments before piping in. For the record. Apple had it worse when they lost all those functionalities for 3 days several generations ago! Thanks.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Get your head straight, Clewley is the most responsive person at BlackBerry, especially for the CB community.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

Oh! Nothing happened here on the West Coast, my Q was fine. Was it limited to specific areas?

Possible, or seeing that a "Restart" is required, one can assume that calibration only occurs at a specific point in use (like on a restart)...

My Z10 didn't require a restart, it just suddenly started working properly shortly after the Twitter announcement. I assume the corruption spread through some background data transfer, and was corrected the same way. Little scary when I think about it...

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I'm on Rogers in Vancouver, both other Z10s in my home went crazy!

All symptoms listed

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Q10s were having other issues - the backlight either wouldn't go on or wouldn't go off, for example. That's a sensor issue.

Same with me, my Z10 in Ontario was solid. I didn't even know this was going on ha ha!

Good on BlackBerry to respond with quick action.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

They have...somewhat. Here's an article from Übergizmo that gets it all completely wrong, thinking it has to do with downloading BB10.2, even though most of the world except the USA has been on 10.2 for quite awhile. Just another clueless reporter not bothering to do a bit of research.

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Nothing here in New York as well as my Z10 sensors worked fine. But I am glad BlackBerry fixed this issue in a timely fashion

Nice one BlackBerry to get this issue sorted out so quick. Swear my eyes were being burned by the screen being so bright.

What also is interesting is the server is relaying instructions to the phone regarding the sensors etc.

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I did noticed it too. The screen was ultra bright and when I tried to put the phone into the BBcase, it simply didn't switch off. That point I felt some thing was wrong and I restarted the phone. The problem got solved... Anyway, thank you fellows for your immediate inputs. CRACKBERRY rocks...

Hm... so if BlackBerry dies... our sensors too? just askin'.. I don't have much know how about these kind of tech stuff..

I don't think so, if you turned off mobile data yesterday the sensors would work well, so I'm guessing no, and they could supply one last update to cut the cord.

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You're right, Francois. Everything continues to work just fine with or without BlackBerry. The servers are used to update items on the phone, which is great.
Would people rather be at the mercy of the carrier to issue you an update to a bug at their leisure? Heck no!

Why worry? What's the worst scenario? Maybe it was just a glitch in what should have been the transparent transfer of universal permissions/administrative rights to the NSA.

Oh, wait...

(realises forgot to put on tinfoil hat - ouch)

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

That's what I'm wondering, so much for the is BB goes under your phone will still work. Seems odd to me that something on the server side can affect everyones phones like that.

No problems yesterday for me here in Edmonton, Canada... also running the leak as well. If nothing else I was made aware of the BlackBerry Virtual Assistant app... useful.

Yes, indeed, this problem did introduce the BBVE app to me and it's a pretty cool thing to have. Ex Edmontonian now on the West Coast in Victoria, where I had the sensor issues on Rogers on Z10. All good now.

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I'm presuming that to calibrate the sensors it needs to send the sensor data (such as location) to the know where I'm going with like a response from BBRY as to WHY sensors depend upon the server.

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Exactly. It was the whole slew of sensors. What ON THE SERVER is necessary for Portrait or Landscape? Holster sensor? Proximity (face plant!) sensor? Still seems very odd. I guess if in a catastrophe, the earth inverted, the server would tell our BB's that portrait/landscape were now different!!!!

This is a bit unexpected, the sensor functionality on a BB handset depends on a remotely maintained server by BB?

+1 - at least there should be an option to avail of the server side help. Imagine you're travelling in an area with astronomic roaming charges and you have to swap sim cards a few times per day and at each reboot it generate this kind of useless traffic..

Astronomic? You should really know the facts before spewing misinformation. The data transmitted is minimal and will not cause a dent in your charges. Further, some data is not sent while roaming, and waits until you're on WiFi.
I'll take this any day rather than have to wait for my carrier to push the update.

I suspect that the following is the case:

In the background your device will most likely check BB World for updates to installed applications, and maybe there is a server that asks for which sensors are on the device.

If this server was spitting out garbage, then it may cause a lockup on the sensor sub processes.
This would be why the phone was OK when you switched back on, but then the sensors froze.

If they have now resolved the problem with the server mentioned above, then this will be why a restart will resolve the issue.

That would make sense so there's probably code that assumed BlackBerry servers wouldn't spit out garbage. That would I guess not be a bug but never code assuming a server will always give you input that makes sense!

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It seemed like most of the people that had issues had at some point accessed BlackBerry World to install an application. Maybe these 'minor' tweaks are handled by BlackBerry World and that's why everyone was blaming something they installed or updated

For those who didn't connect to the Internet, the were unaffected. The base functionally is in the phone.

I was wondering the same thing, for as we know, we no longer need BIS to access any BlackBerry servers, or so I thought.

For the past 2 days my light sensor, proximity sensor and directional sensor wer not functioning until I restart the phone, and would work for a max time of 10mins until another reboot. I thought it was a hardware issue and had it serviced at my retailer. All they did was a full format/restore and it worked fine. What exactly happened? How does a server affect our hardware sensors?

For sure it needs a server because the much data you send and recieve is processed by a BlackBerry Server. Its part of the security System

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It's not fixed for me, my Q10 kb's backilight refuses to switch-off now even with the screen off. And I've done several 5-minute battery pulls.

I'm not buying "corrupt data" - that's too much of a coincidence.

Sorry to hear that. You may also try to wipe your device / load a leak as a last chance effort prior to do that (any case : do not forget to backup your device and copy the SD car personal files)

Never had the problem to begin with, but obviously glad that it's all cleared up now.

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"

Yes, wondering as well. Why? BlackBerry, you're not supposed to be like Google, Apple or Microsoft, wanting to know about even the angle in which I'm holding my phone...?!

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Don't jump to conclusions. We've only seen that the server can screw up your sensors, but it doesn't mean it is dependent on it. Just try your sensors with all radio turned off: they will work (maybe not GPS... obvious).

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Thanks for the update CrackBerry BUT this really calls for more in-depth explanation; what exactly is sensor calibration and what data is transmitted to their server(s)?
This seriously concerns me, not that I am surprised as "call home" seems to be the new norm. I'd like BlackBerry to provide more information on the sensor calibration issue.

Now we know why "specs don't matter" to BlackBerry......

Adam said that it was for calibration. Maybe it's a general, regular signal to all BlackBerrys to keep them calibrated with the server and something went wrong with the data being sent from the server. They did say corrupt data. If the data that calibrates the phones to the servers got corrupted, that could affect anything connected with the calibration. Even the angle and rotation sensors as the location services use them (think of maps).

I was wondering why my phone wouldn't go into landscape mode or adjust to ambient lighting yesterday. I was outside waiting for the bus during the day and I could barely see my phone screen. It didn't automatically brighten.

Running OS on Rogers

Posted via CB10

I've had an issue with my proximity sensor for a long time now unfortunately. Just did a restart and it still doesn't work. I assume my issue is unrelated.

Posted via CB10

My wild guess is having the calibration routine on their server cuts down on the size of the operating system on YOUR phone. Nothing more nothing less.

So when we rotate out phones, it goes to BlackBerry then back to our phones to rotate... are you kidding me!?

Posted via CB10

What ? where did you read that ?? NO, It looks like the location services were screwed up..... something it uses a BB server for. When this corrupt data was sent back to your phone, it caused ALL SENSORS to crash. They must run using the same sensor stack. If you disabled location services yesterday..... Everything worked just fine.

Wow so many people shining up there tin foil hats over this news :S

Since it is stating that those data are for "calibration", it is probably to fine tune sensors accuracy over time, which are normally drifting. Don't know if other smartphones are doing this, but it actually make sense when you think about it.

Still, it shows how much of BlackBerry 10 is still connected to BB servers in background. May it is for security, accuracy, statistics or else, they seem to keep an eye close to our phones internals.

I would still like to know exactly what this is about though.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Strange. What else is connected to BlackBerry servers that we don't know about?

Lame setup.

Verizon Z10

Guys..i don't know if this is relevant to this issue or not. Q10 keypad lights seem to go off every now and then over the last couple of days. I have restarted it twice but after sometime it goes off again. Again on restarting they seem to come on. Is it related or something else. Never faced it in any of my earlier blackberries..hence a bit puzzled! :-( need help!

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

My Z30 had all of its sensors disabled during this situation and I'm relieved to have everything functioning normally following my restart.

I'm also impressed at how quickly BlackBerry was able to rectify the problem, with excellent help from the CrackBerry team of course.
This effectiveness at addressing problems and the unique synergy between the two entities reaffirms my confidence in continuing to believe in and choose BlackBerry as my tool for both business and personal use.

Posted via CB10

So wait, there's a server that handles calibration of the sensors by sending and or receiving data? I guess that's in the fine print of that big thing I clicked accept to when I started up my BB hahaha

Don't know if it is related but my camera doesn't want to start and also videos don't want to play

Posted Via My Beastly Z10 well now...thought maybe i dropped my phone or something...but now I'm good to go...awe

Posted via CB10

Great. So basic stuff that should be adjustable by the end user is controlled by a server. I hope the guy(s) who screwed up the server were tossed on the beach. At this stage it's "A" game, all the time.

Posted via CB10

Obviously you have no clue how cloud stuff works. You don't get it to work by bitching, there's a lot of back end stuff going on AND dedicated server resources. Nothing is free of a tether anymore. If you want this and that on your phone, there's back end stuff providing.

Look like an prepared answer. Its strange that the servers decide for the phone behavoiur. Anyway I had to wipe the data and the problem was resolved since yesterday.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the info. Although I did not have the issue, I'm glad to see this resolved.

Posted via CB10

Why are the sensors reliant on outside *Servers?. If the argument against Google is intrusive software, whats the argument now? All someone has to do is hack a BBRY server and viola! not just one but thousands of phones are affected. Thats not a good look for the Blackberry security argument. (sorry to be that guy, but somebody had to say it.) BIG BROTHER is collecting data!

Really? Correct me if I am wrong ( it happens from time to time.) but in order to calibrate a phones sensors wouldn't the server need to know what to calibrate. Just a thought.

*feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I am always open to learn

Does anyone know the technical advantage to having the sensors calibrated on a server? Like why do you need a server to calibrate face detection sensors when you are on a call? Just curious, but I hope they have redundancy because an outage would be disasterous.

Adam or Crackberry:

This raises questions that should be answered. This is a request for investigative journalism:

Why do BlackBerry 10 devices require communication to a BlackBerry server in order for its basic sensor functions to work correctly?

What other type of communication is require or occurring between the device and BlackBerry?

Great job BlackBerry. My Z10 was working perfectly fine in the morning until it started to act weird by the afternoon. The light sensor wasn't working and the phone was super slow. Now after the restart it's working perfectly fine again.

Z10 (STL-100-1) OS

"Big thanks to the folks at BlackBerry for sorting this out so fast!"

The issue persisted for approximately 24 hours. How can the delay by BlackBerry to identify the root cause and resolution be claimed to have been "sorted out so fast?"

By the way I am not shooting Adam, the messenger.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

This is what I've read:

The accelerometer and gyro are influenced by GRAVITY, and the earths gravitational field isn't uniform all over the planet. Contrary to popular belief, objects don't always fall straight down or at exactly the same acceleration. It depends on where you are. For instance, if you're on the equator you'll be lighter than you are at the pole due to the centrifugal (outward) force of the earths rotation, and due to the fact that the earth is slightly bulged itself (also caused by this). Various other factors, such as altitude and proximity to mountains also cause variation.

These variations are only minute (about 0.7%), but so are the sensors inside your phone. Therefor, the readings may be off a bit, and can drift over time.

To compensate for this effect, if the device knows where it is it can look up an approximate calibration vector based on its lat/lon.

Read more:

The internal sensors can sense the relative gravitational pull, but need a point of reference to give accurate absolute measurements. That's what calibration/compensation does.

They all pretty much use the same chipsets, or at least chip technology, so I wouldn't be surprised if they all have such a calibration mechanism.

For basic orientation determination (face up/face down/portrait/landscape) these subtle corrections are unnecessary; all that's needed is an approximate direction of "down". I'd say the sensor code in the phone could use some basic sanity checks.

The one sensor that requires significant correction is the compass, since the difference between magnetic heading and true heading can be fairly large and is both location and time dependent (the latter due to the movement of the magnetic poles).

While I might, MIGHT, accept the gravity explanation for some sensors? The proximity of my Face to the phone does not generally depend on gravity. Nor the magnetic on/off provided by holsters or some cases, nor the ambient light sensor. Now if a gigantic asteroid hits earth and its dust blots out the sun, maybe the ambient light sensor would need calibration.

So, basically, I still want to know MORE.

@F2 I have to agree, It just seems like a very weak point in Blackberry's *security especially now that its been exposed. It was better not knowing that such a major OS defect could be so easily distributed on such a wide scale (considering it was distributed by a Blackberry server). No Bueno.

That's probably a program logic thing. Consider a procedure like this:

1. init sensors
2. if online then update calibration data
3. start gyro
4. start compass
5. start proximity
6. start accelerometer

Now say an unexpected error occurs in 2 or 3 or 4, caused by damaged server-side data, which is not correctly handled. Then the procedure may crash or exit, and never get to do step 5.

One big sensor variable that should depend on the server is magnetic declination. It is very location dependent, so instead of encoding it in the OS it might be simpler to send the corrections based on the phone's location. As for why light sensor calibration is server-side, I don't know.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard. I guess they have had server issues since I bought my first Z10 five months ago and on the 2 subsequent warranty replacements. All three handsets have had sensor problems. Screen rotating to landscape with the slightest movement then getting stuck there and won't return to portrait. Even better is the screen sensor putting calls on mute or dialing new numbers as it put the phone to my face.

Your iPhone sent information to Apple for their GPS (to get the best signal). Remember the big fiasco then? The only difference is there is a push component for BlackBerry to do adjustments.

This is genius. Anyone remember the iPhone 5s had accelerometer issues at launch? Do Apple work this way with sensor calibration? Although I hope this particular issue doesn't happen again, it's good to know an update isn't needed if a device is released with iffy sensor calibration data.

Posted via CB10

I still don't understand why we need BlackBerry server for our sensor to work. I thought the software that does that are baked in the OS. It would be great if we have a thorough explanation for BlackBerry.

Post via CB Z10

per Innovatology:
*The internal sensors can sense the relative gravitational pull, but need a point of reference to give accurate absolute measurements. That's what calibration/compensation does.

An explanation would be welcome, however I'm guessing this is so that sensor issues can be fixed on the fly and provide a quicker location lock on when using location services.

Being able to fix this sort of thing server side means we don't need to go downloading a hotfix update when something like this happens. Lord knows BBRY are at the mercy of carriers when it comes to updates.

Posted via CB10

I didn't have any issues but good to see that here in Cranberry the solution was quickly fund!

Sent from my Z 30

Restarted and even done a battery pull. BlackBerry Virtual Expert, still says the sensors are not supported on my device. Z10STL100-2/

Posted via CB10

How do I get my native Compass app icon back? It disappeared when the phone flagged it as not supported. The app works now, but I have to use the search function to launch it :-/

Posted via CB10

We should try to get a full answer from BlackBerry. BlackBerry does something called secure boot. Part of this long winded procedure is the authentication of your device hw and the software and the apps on it. This is done through a certificate exchange. Every component has there certificate verified by a secure BB server. (This is why all apps in BB World have to be signed. They also prefer that Android apps are signed although what is really important is that the BB Android Runtime is certified). Information is probably exchanged on sensors too. Remember that in corporate environments, companies may not want you to use certain sensors, so they will control your sensors. My guess is that at this time they also do calibration based on your location at reboot. Note that MS Windows does the same thing. (If anyone remembers the big viruses that hit Iran's nuclear stuff, the reason this virus got on in the first place was due to a hacked certificate. Some secret dudes in the US did some massive identity thefts of key guys in legitimate companies, and were able to get into these companies and hijack certificates. MS's secure servers, saw a valid certificate. The viruses therefore looked like real applications - core applications - and bingo. It was just luck that they got caught. MS and Blackberry learned a lot from this.). Anyway my thoughts.

My question is: Why do I need a server for my "local" sensor readings? GPS yes requires outside data but my other sensors do not. Strange.

So this is why my location icon was appearing in the status bar for no reason?
It hammered my battery as well.

That's not good that something like that can remotely Mess up so many phones.

Posted via CB10

That was quick. I've never seen any company fix a problem of that magnitude so quickly.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

Just did a restart so hopefully it will be fine my battery seems to last about 20 mins and has been constantly plugged in today

Posted via CB10

It is absolutely amazing how many people posted the same effing comment, give or take a couple of words, without bothering to either read the details or not believe the details.

There is always back-end stuff going on, but just because corrupted data on a server at BBRY threw off your sensors DOES NOT mean that your personal data, the direction in which you hold your phone, the brightness of your kitchen, how close you hold the phone to your arse,etc is being sent to BBRY. BBRY is NOT in the business of selling data (like Google), but are still in the business of PROTECTING your data. Your sensors WILL still work if BBRY goes bye-bye, but that ain't happening. You're safe, your data is safe and the hairy mole that tickles your phone every time you pick up a call is safe.

STOP BEING SO DAMN MELODRAMATIC PEOPLE. Why does everyone look for the negative when this is clearly positive news...they fixed a problem SWIFTLY and WITHOUT having to go thru the Damn carriers. end of story!

Posted via CB10

(SARCASM) You are so right, people should be glad that Blackberry SWIFTLY corrected an issue, they themselves caused-not the carriers. In fact they should be happy that they didn't have to wait for the carriers to correct an issue that they shouldn't even be experiencing.
They should have known that all smartphones communicate with a server in some shape form or fashion, I mean come on that's common knowledge, right? If they found out from a public apology/statement that's their problem. Why does anyone need an explanation, I mean c'mon, everybody should have an understanding of the inner-workings of their smartphone. Take of your tin foil hats people, there's no need to question what happened to your smartphone, it has a Blackberry logo on it doesn't it?....(followed by some random statement bashing Google).....blah, blah, blah. Classic.

In regards to bunkera's comment: Not looking for the negative in the sensor data issue. Just surprised by it. I was not concerned about my personal information being passed out as though I live my life with a tin foil hat on and paranoid of big brother.

Why is everyone putting on their tinfoil hats?

Things we KNOW:
1) The algorithms used to interpret sensor data are very complex
2) Software is never perfect the first time, requiring occasional updates to improve functionality and fix bugs
3) In the world of electronics, the term 'calibration' means something slightly different than what most people are used to. Most people think of calibration as a verb, an action. In electronics, a calibration is a noun, a thing. A calibration is the software that interprets how input information (from sensors; typically a voltage, a resistance value, etc..) is handled to form an output (a value the OS can use; "this side up" or "damn it's bright out").
4) Sensor calibration files can be updated by a BlackBerry server without user intervention
5) A faulty calibration file was provided by the server

Things we DON'T know:
1) How often this occurs
2) What triggers it

Stupid Conclusions that People Have Jumped To:
1) Phone requires server to function
2) Phone is transmitting sensor data to BlackBerry

To assume that because our phones communicate with an update server that they are both dependent upon and controlled by said server that BlackBerry/NSA/Big Brother is spying on us is just plain ridiculous. This seems more like having automatic updates turned on in Windows where Microsoft delivers the update rather than waiting for HP or Dell or Lenovo to issue you an update (aka BlackBerry delivers a 'hotfix' instead of the carriers issuing an OS update).

Think about it and it makes sense. If BlackBerry needs to change the tipping point where your phone thinks you've intentionally switched orientation because it does it just a little too soon and users are complaining, would you rather they fix it right away for everyone, or wait for carrier acceptance of an entirely new OS version number? Yep...

Well said. Your phone communicates with all sorts of services all the time. It helps make your smartphone smart. And who knows, maybe some of those services even count some things, such as number of people running OS version X.Y, or people with >70% RAM usage, or how quickly people on average answer a call. These things can be used to tweak the system, and are beneficial to us. Keep 'em coming, I say!

Im simply very pleased that the issue was resolved quickly. Shit happens after all and Blackberry dealt with it very well indeed.

Sure lots of back of the bus people here jumping to conclusions. BlackBerry buys stock, off the self parts. Every smartphone no matter who makes it needs calibration . How do you think your clock and calendar is so accurate .

Posted via CB10

I have re started my phone a few times & this has made no difference my proximity sensor does notwork when I make /receive calls I dont know if the sensor it self is faulty or if its because Im running 10.2.1

I knew it! It was the NSA (Nominal Sensor Aggregate). This feature is baked into all mobile phones -so I've heard. :)

We're BlackBerry and we're all about security and reliability. So that thing we did that made our latest products look insecure and unreliable? Forget about it.

Posted via CB10

So let me get this straight: the light on the keypad on my Toronto-based Q10 is controlled by a server in Waterloo?

Mind. Officially. Blown.

Posted via CB10

I'd be curious to know why the sensors require calibration with the server automatically. Is this like having to do with toilets flushing counter clockwise in Australia? In short, someone over designed that feature.

Posted via CB10

I still don't quite understand how server involved bb10 is. I figured that kind of thing was done away with the loss of bis buy my assumption is that the same connection is still there just using regular data (like when the  shows next to cellular info)

Posted via CB10

The sensor thing has been fixed on my Q10 BUT my phone is restarting itself regularly usually during calls. NOT GOOD. Don't know if others are experiencing this???


Oh come on, no one died,did they?! I had the issue with mine, thought it was a corrupt app or something, not sure why it is server side based though , just glad it was resolved quickly, love my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Sensor Issues came back this morning...!! I cannot us my Z30 in landscape again.

Same thing, if I switch off Location Service and restart it all works but after I switch on LS again problem is back again!

Any others out there? Happened here in Hong Kong just this morning.

Posted via CB10

I keep having the issues with sensors...Nobody else out there with same problems?

Posted via CB10

My Q10 keyboard stopped lighting up few days ago.. I almost returned my phone until I seen this post, in edmonton, alberta.

Posted via CB10

I just realised that I have the sensor problem again. When I switch off the location service it works but after enabling it the problem come back. I have sent a note to the BlackBerry help via twitter and they asked me to send them my PIN to investigate it. Will see if they help.

Posted by my Z10

Hi I'm having exactly the same issue today as weeks ago with the sensor not working, is the server corrupt again?! 20-12-2013 00:28

Hi everyone, I noticed that my Z10 device with the latest software update was acting weird about two weeks ago and the error messages I got has to do with the sensor thing. Can somebody who has resolved a similar issue help me please?