Yes, there will be a physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 phone!!!

BlackBerry 10 will be available both with and without physical keyboards
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jun 2012 04:26 pm EDT

There are lot of headlines going around today both on the web and off the web (tv, radio), many of which are botching the story, so here's some clarification:

1. The first BlackBerry 10 phone coming out later this year will be a full touchscreen phone.

2. The next BlackBerry 10 phone to hit the market will feature a full physical keyboard. We don't have a time frame on this, but realistically it will be as soon as possible after the first.

This is already confirmed and has been confirmed since BlackBerry World last month. This is not new news as it is being reported today.

At BlackBerry World, RIM gave developers the all-touchscreen BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device. They showed us BlackBerry 10 running on the Dev Alpha with its new touchscreen keyboard. They confirmed the first BlackBerry 10 phone will be an all touchscreen phone.

Also at BlackBerry World, RIM's CEO confirmed in a press session that a BlackBerry 10 phone with a full physical keyboard is in the pipeline. If you don't believe this, you can listen to the audio from that event here to hear it directly from the mouth of CEO Thorsten Heins (if that's not confirmation, I don't know what is). Jump to 22m40s for the first clip where Heins talks about physical keyboards on BlackBerry 10, and then jump to 33m35s where he confirms this is again when questioned during Q&A.

We've observed some reports today saying BlackBerry 10 phones won't have a physical keyboard, which is just flat out wrong. The first one will be a full touchscreen, but there definitely will be physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 phones.

As for those who think RIM's first phone should have a full physical keyboard instead of going all touchscreen, I think that would be a mistake. READ THIS EDITORIAL for my reasoning. I do think they need to have a BlackBerry 10 physical keyboard on the market as soon as possible, but the first BB10 phone does need to be full touch for several compelling reasons.

Do CrackBerry Nation a favor. If you hear or see any misreports on this -- people saying no BlackBerry 10 phones will have a physical keyboard -- please correct them. It drives me cracky.

/ end rant

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Yes, there will be a physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 phone!!!


I saw that bit on CP24 as well.. if this isnt enough to convince of an attempted RIM assassination i dont know what it is. Almost EVERY piece of news seems to have a negative spin on it right out of the gates.

I don't think it's as much an attempt to assassinate RIM as it is an attempt to bet on the winner. That's why people pay attention to pre-election polls.

This just proves that the media has IMO been paid to bash RIM. News media will say whatever you want then to say as long as you pay them. This is a corporate attack on RIM and I think we all know who is afraid of RIM.

"Paid to bash RIM"? That is ridiculous. The mainstream news media and most tech blogs, only report popular opinion on tech companies.

Popular opinion is that RIM is in death spiral and can never catch up to Apple. So when any news comes out from RIM, they poo-poo all over it.

The mainstream media and blogs will continue to do that, until RIM goes away or somehow hits a home run.

It sucks, but that's just the nature of the beast. It happens in every industry; that is why it is insanely hard to make comebacks.

This is hardly a ridiculous statement. It happens all too often behind the scenes. It happens every day in the music industry as well. Radio stations were sued over accepting large sums of money to keep certain songs in daily rotation to force feed to the masses. Wherever money is involved, there is corrupt practice. So don't think for one second that it doesn't happen in the mobile space. Mobile technology has grown exponentially from year to year.

I agree - it seems the media loves to trash RIM every chance they get! I'm flabbergasted as to why though ......
Happy to hear that we will have a choice of a physical keyboard or not with the BB10. (Very happy)

RIM needs to start suing for slandering the BB, and for intentionally misleading information.
Why are all the people bashing RIM?

It's just like me saying .... Don't buy Apple or Google products to the people of the eastern countries. WHY? Because those companies take the money, give it to the U.S. government so that the U.S. government can buy bombs, and drop them on your families house !!!!

I hope the "as soon as possible" doesn't take too long. I personally will wait for the keyboard version. It's the only reason I still have a BlackBerry - emails and IM.

Yeah, 'in the pipeline' makes me worry based on past performance. This Thor had better rooted out full the dragging feet personalities in his corporation or we who need phys qwertys will be pissed. I'm kinda let down by the fact that this very large company can't manufacture 2 phones at once. We all know the OS for touch is different than non touch, but the 9930 is touch and phys, so I am ignorant as to the vast difference of simply adding a keyboard.

Forgive me for jumping all over your post on this one but I must venomously disagree. Having multiple different phone models with and without keyboards (which RIM must still support even if they pare down the choices) is exactly what got them into this mess in the first place. Another very large and successful phone manufacturer has ONE model. They can concentrate on making that one model nearly perfect rather than trying to bastardize the UI to support multiple choices. It isn't as easy as just having a keyboard. You need to remove the virtual one (with its predictive abilities) etc. We've all seen the challenges RIM has had in the past with the Storm/Torch. Right now RIM needs to focus on making the next phone demonstrably BETTER than ANYTHING out there today because anything less is going to get lost in the noise. They need less distractions, not more. A keyboard can wait until they get the first one right.

That one very large MFG with only one model has problem selling their phone in third world country due to cost.

I agree a slimmer product offering reduces MFG cost but also limits your market.

I had a co worker tell me that RIM is going to stop making phones. He heard this on the radio somewhere. I just don't get it. Another co worker was asking why I don't have an iphone. Just because I work in the IT field, doesn't mean I should have an iphone. My response was "because it works"

is IT field not more android?

at least were I life ;)

btw it is so hilarious seeing all this people using the newest iphone but almost only as a dump phone...

today again when my train was late.

IT departments prefer BBs but executives want iSheet.. Most IT staff I know use BB and prefer it due to the keyboard.

Enough dumb articles on the Globe and Mail. They should really learn their facts before they go on a daily rant about BlackBerry.

Even CBC reported somewhat falsely on the Job cuts. It's liek their tech writers don't bother informing themselves and rather spend their time intagraming pictures of their kittens.

Whats worst is that specific article wouldn't allow for comments so I couldn't explain to them how missleading they were.

A shame... and I work for them!

I'm saving my upgrades for bb10 I really don't like full ts devices and hope I have the patience to wait for a 9810 type bb10 :( or even a 9900 style bb10.

I'm going for Full Touch Screen, see what it's like. Give it a go atleast. If I don't like it I can sell up and nab the Keyboard version.

If the keyboard version is a slider, you can use it as a full touch screen all the same, with the keyboard to fall back on. Then if you figure touch screen is all you need you can buy a thinner touch screen only phone next time when you upgrade.

The HP/Palm Pre 3 that HP left to die shortly after birth is almost exactly the right form factor. In fact, alongside a Playbook a Pre 2 or 3 look like a product of the same manufacturer (all black finish, soft plastics, Playbook OS much more like webOS than BB7) while a 9900 or a 9810 look positively Soviet era.

I put a 9800 black back on my company 9810 to make it look a bit less like a product of the Zil factory, and it is a definite improvement.

Without the gesture area at the bottom, a Pre 3 case could include a 4 inch screen and a superior BB keyboard. If RIM go with something like that, I will finally have a reason to replace my home phone.

I think RIM is doing the right thing here, get out a solid touchscreen and start some buzz!!! Keyboard folk will follow.

the touch screen keyboard looks so good with the word gestures that i dont really care about a qwerty anymore...bring on the first all touch device for bb10 and ill open my wallet quick fast!


I've always been a qwerty die-hard, but I think that's because I had only tried typing on iOS or Android devices. I gave my wife's 9850 a shot the other day, and I was dang near as fast and accurate as with my 9900.

And given the extra screen space and fret spacing on the BB10 keyboard, I imagine it'll be an even better experience than the 9850.

(I'm thinking that the extra space for my big, oafish thumbs has a lot to do with it, which is why my DreamBerry was always a landscape slider with a great big keyboard...)

I'm a 9900 and a former 9700 user and I love the BOLD line but I am getting the full touch screen bb10. I believe the keyboard they have on bb10 is almost at par with the 9900. It won't be as good as a full QWERTY keyboard but it should be up there.

The only reason I'm still with blackberry is simply the keyboard. If touchscreens were so amazing than remote controls would all be touchscreen too. But they're not they have physical buttons. People still like this method and so do I. I have an upgrade in October both of which I suspect the iPhone 5 and blackberry 10 devices will be released. I am not a huge fan of apple phones. I have a macbook pro but thats it. But given the choice if it was an all touchscreen device to choose from: iPhone 5 or Blackberry 10 all touch - I would unequivocally go with apple! But if it was a physical keyboard released in October I would get that no doubt. So I've just made my mind up, I'm getting the iPhone 5 in October and I'll buy the physical keyboard device when it is released at a later date. Blackberry with no keyboard is stupid.

I agree with you! I love my macbook! but no iphone for me. If Apple some how came out with a iphone 5pk Iphone with a physical keyboard before BB 10 with physical keyboard came out! Good bye BB! but for now its the waiting game!

My wife just got issued an iPhone for work And I f'n hate it. I know plenty of people love them but it's really not for me. I'm probably going to hold onto my 9930 till it's dead then go for BB10. A keyboard on an iPhone would hurt RIM for sure, but I don't see it ever happening. And even if Apple came out with a better keyboard then RIM, I still would choose a BlackBerry.

Actually, there are plenty of touchscreen remotes out there (see: Logitech Harmony 1100), they just don't come with your TV or cable box because they're so dang expensive.

I have a Harmony One. It has a touch screen and a physical buttons, I believe that is the best of both worlds. The touch screen has programmable shortcut buttons with the icons of the stations, so I use those to get quickly to the station I want, but the physical buttons are much easier for controlling FF, Rewind, guide up and down, etc...

Your point about remotes isn't accurate. There's no way you can make a good cheap touchscreen, but you can make a good expensive one. If your remote were $250, having it be touch screen wouldn't be a problem at all.

there are lots of touch screen phones out there that aren't expensive. besides you wouldn't be expecting an iOS experience on a remote would you. You would want it to just suit its purpose. you can get computer keyboards that shine a laser onto your desk and can use that as an input device, yet we all still use physical keyboards. they are not dead and never will be. many people including myself enjoy that tactile feedback of knowing I've pressed the correct button for the letter I'm attempting to press. look at all the websites where you see all the text fails off iphone devices. some are very funny! you can't do that with a physical keyboard really can you?

although I recently read a post about these new touchscreens that can pop out of the screen and create some sort of physical feel. that sounds amazing.

Lol, stick with the iPhone. It's what you wanted all along. Since you think iOS will be better than BB10, adding a keyboard won't change your mind.

If you hear or see any misreports on this -- people saying no BlackBerry 10 phones will have a physical keyboard -- please correct them. It drives me cracky.


The first BB10 device will not have a physical keyboard though.

As to the reasons stated why:

"Tech Reviewers would rip a physical keyboard BB 10 phone apart"
-- Guess that means that even when RIM does create one, it will be inferior because the TECH Reviewers will say so

"RIM wants people talking about how good their touchscreen keyboard is."
-- Touchscreen keyboards already exist, is BB10 really going to make it seem like the phone is revolutionary? The TECH Reviewers could say that "Finally, RIM is where (iphone/android) were two years ago"

" Apps, Apps, Apps - a front facing physical keyboard would fragment resolutions for developers"
-- So if RIM does create a physical keyboard BB10 phone, it will be inferior because the developers want to create for the touchscreen

I don't see why a simultaneous launch should not be considered.

Because, they should stay "laser focused' on one product... nail the all-touch BB10; then focus on keyboard. That was the problem previously, they had their resources too spread out.

1. Wrong, if RIM has a stand-alone touch screen device that doesn't need a keyboard, then releasing one with a keyboard doesn't suggest that it is deficient without it.

2. Wrong again, the PB keyboard is already better than the iPhone/iPad keyboards, Windows Phone keyboards and stock Android keyboards. The BB10 keyboard will be even better than that. In other words, it'll have the best default keyboard out there, and people will talk about it.

3. If there's a Bold form factor BB10 device, that'll be horrible for the BB10 app ecosystem. If it's a Torch form factor one, not much of a problem.

I see by #3 your #1 and #2 are made credible only conditionally. So RIM should abandon the Bold form factor and go with a Slider for BB10 based on your observation.

Reconsider #1 again with the Bold form factor
Reconsider #2 again with the Bold form factor

I'm really looking forward to the touchscreen BB10 device... I started with the storm 2, the curve, then 9700 and 9900. The ability to push a word up in to the screen really seems to me like a winner. Can't wait... South Africa's biggest blackberry fan. (even named my cat BlackBerry)

I want a physical keyboard at launch. But Tech Reviewers aka Kevin will rip a physical keyboard BB 10 phone apart if there is a simultaneous launch. Few weeks ago Kevin posted why it should not be a simultaneous launch. I do not agree with him. But he made great points.

I think that a thin slider with a Bold 900/9900 keyboard would be awesome. I never thought I would like a slider blackberry after being spoiled by the Bold keyboard, but I like the Torch 9810's use of both touchscreen and a keyboard. Acknowledging the aforementioned statement... I will be running to get the first BB10 phone released.

I agree, they need to step it up a bit from the Torch 9800/10. The Dell Venue Pro is a slider and has a better keyboard than the Torch.

If news syndicates actually read the blogs on CrackBerry they would actually have some information of what to report correctly. Here's another idea. If they actually did their job and conduct real research we wouldn't have to correct them all the time.

RIM, stay in your lane and put out a keyboard version at launch!! Thats what Blackberry is known for and the MAIN reason people still have them!

I'm not sure why RIM continues to make so many different types of phones. The reason Apple is so far ahead is because they took a simple design and just improved on it. I have an Android phone and have owned BlackBerry phones in the past and I would love to see an iPhone on the Metro PCS network. I don't see why any company needs to waste "R&D" money on recreating the same stuff.

BB10 is supposed to be revolutionary... How can anyone take that serious with the same designs being recycled wih just a new interface?

This is one of the reasons I think RIM is falling so far behind in market share... I'm not bashing, I'm just speaking my mind. Android has grown even with all the crappy phones out there but I think it's because people who are anti-Apple are looking for anything to make them stay clear... I don believe it will work for RIM. They've fallen behind on a lot.


Where did you get the idea RIM will be releasing the new BB10 OS on the current hand sets?? BB10 wouldn't run on ANY of the current hand sets. It wasn't designed to. Jeez. Read the blogs and stop making unfounded assumptions.

i think them putting out a slab phone in a sea of slab phones gives them no advantage. they should improve on what they are known for.

People still like Blackberry.. They just let themselves get so damned far behind it was a point of ridicule... Look at the evolution of their virtual keyboards... They've got it down to a science now... Read and comprehend something before you speak or go start posting at Gizmodo/BGR....

"If you don't believe this, you can listen to the audio from that event here to here it directly from the mouth of CEO Thorsten Heins (if that's not confirmation, I don't know what is)."

Confirmation will be when the Keyboard phone is in my hands. We've had problems with RIM CEO statements in the past...

You really think RIM will not put out a keyboard featuring phone? You'd get better odds betting against the sun rising tomorrow.

Full touch for me too (Now a 9930 user).

My guess is where there is smoke...

This doesn't mean I for one second believe there will not be keyboard editions but my guess is it is on the back burner while they try to perfect BB10 for the full screen.

Really, why should a keyboard be a priority? Who is going to say "oh no keyboard on the first BB10 phone that's it I switch to ... " There really is no where to switch (and by this I mean those who would switch to a keyboard Android have likely done so already).

For me it's BBM that keeps me on blackberry, not the keyboard.

I usually jump on the new BBs as they come out, but I'll skip one or two until the keyboard one comes out.

I wish that they would release the keyboard phone first. I have no use for any touch screen phone.

I really wish the users could help build a BB 10 phone. We have some of the most insightful ideas. I love the TK VICTORY although it looked funny without the call, menu, trackpad buttons, but I'm sure I'd get used to it. It was also too thin in my opinion. Basically I would like to see a 99xx but 21mm taller and 5mm wider, slim down the call-menu-track pad buttons down 3mm to provide not only a larger screen but a more powerful processor and an exceptional battery life, oh and let's not forget the auto focus camera. Since I'm at it why not have a second led light, a second convenience key and a second speaker. That completes my BB 10 dream phone.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Today I saw a commercial for Blackberry where they were touting the keyboard, the catch phrase was " imagine writing 1000 emails on a touchscreen". At around the same time, on the all news channel, i saw a story on the ticker saying that RIM's new phone was going to be full touchscreen.
What does this say about the state of RIM?

It will be mixed signals. It seems to point to RIM creating a physical keyboard product that will be inferior in some way besides screen real-estate.

Touchscreens do not make iphone/android superior.

Analysts, who could not care less about the tech and more about the $, will state that RIM is wasting money in R&D and in production of a physical keyboard phone, especially if the touchscreen does not sell excessively well (which it won't)

Exactly. The chinese lady running her business on that commercial bashes the efficency of email on a touchscreen. Then when the be bold campaign is done and bb10 starts this fall they will praise the large touchscreen and predictive text. Just because the words show up above the keys instead of the keyboard does not make it better.

I'll wait for the keyboard version of BB10. Love my 9900. Looking forward to BB10 version of it. @dunaway

Palm used swipes and gestures for WebOS. Are we all looking forward to all the innovations that will be ignored on the BB10 device to show up on an iPhone?

I came back from a Galaxy device. What I missed most was my trackpad! Selecting links even on a 4.5" screen with one hand was unbearable. 2 hands wasn't much better.

Can I get a woot woot! I am definitely waiting till the physical blackberry 10 comes out instead of the full touch.

cant wait! hurry RIM! :)

This has to stop. I am a full keyboard kind of guy but tings are changing. All companies produce what makes money. If keyboards were the "thing" then I guarantee Apple would make a phone with a keyboard. Business is business and for us to continue to enjoy RIM's magic we have to support what RIM is doing. For those who can afford it they should jump on the all touch band wagon and if they don't like it, sell the phone and buy the fullkeyboard when it comes out.

The way I see it, this phone will at the least be a small playbook. I use my playbook more than my phone. With that said i will be getting it. I know there will be sacrifices in the form of lost shortcuts and want nots but there will be alot to gain.

Get with it people, times are changing. Yes RIM is coming out with a phone a keyboard but before you dog the all touch wait until it's in stores and go try it out. Dagnamit you might like it.

I hate to be a cynic, as a PB and 9900 owner... but this sounds like it's conditional on whether RIM will be alive and riding on how well the first phone does.

But what can RIM really do with the limited resources? It's understandable.

Looks like they are finally saying that the “first” BB10 device won’t have a physical keyboard, but in normal RIM bashing fashion they are saying that’s the case because the physical keyboard got delayed... I don’t think RIM ever planned on have a physical keyboard on a device at BB10 launch.

classic crackberry kevin clarifying things.


samsung keeps everything secret and then releases really quick and so does apple! RIM please stop torturing us!

Personally, I am waiting for the BB10 device with a physical qwerty keyboard. It's the only one that matters to me. I've owned an iPhone and android devices and I've wanted to come back to blackberry.

I'm coming back because of the software but I want the physical keyboard that is tried, tested and true!

YES!!! Dont change a thing!! Keep the Curve 8520 design everybody loves a small screen! Who needs touch? In fact who needs apps? forget them too! You will definitely take that #3 spot away from Nokia or is it #4 ??

The media KNOWS that most current BB users have a keyboard, and that many like it. Every dumbass tech blotter out there knows that it would be suicide for RIM not to release a keyboard BB10 phone. Sure, RIM must put out a competitive high end all touch phone to enter this rapidly expanding global market but it would be ridiculous to turn your back on the keyboard phone user base that you've spent 10 years building up. The media knows how ridiculous this is but they are in the business of getting attention. What a better way to generate headlines that to say ”RIM, the company known for keyboard phones and has yet to prove themselves in the all touchscreen market is abandoning their current user base" It's a hack job, nothing more. And it is quite damaging.

If RIM had a PR/communications team that was worth a damn there wouldn't be all this mis-reporting.

I would buy the phone if it had a landscape QWERTY slider keyboard. So same touchscreen but with a slider. If it follows the form factor of the current BB models - I shall pass.

A lot of people seem to have their minds made up whether they're going to jump on the full-touch BB10 keyboard or wait for the physical qwerty to come out. Keep in mind that RIM is committed to delivering the *best* keyboard experience, *regardless* of the method/medium. I agree that it makes sense to launch the first BB10 device as a full touch. Who knows? Maybe once those die-hard physical-keyboard folks give it a whirl, they'll be hooked! It's not fair to compare the experience of using an iPhone or Android device to what the BB10's virtual keyboard will be like.

Thanks, Darlaten, for posting the link to that article! xD

I like RIM. Why? Well, many reasons really but among them is the fact that they give us options.

Choices may baffle people that are too stupid to have them but those of us in BlackBerryLand expect them.

One size does not fit all. Choice is good. Full touch and physical keyboard are both good.

Very much looking forward to the touch BB10 device's capabilities . However I am more amped for the keyboard version.

I sincerely hope RIM has the opportunity to push it out and that the new OS is a success for them.

Wasn't a surprise but was a standard disappointment in the reportage ethics and motivation. Every Canadian TV newscast and paper from national to local, including Kitchener Waterloo jumped on this intentional ignorance of the week old confirmed truth.

I'm not an idiot, thanks.

Loving my sleek compact weighty Bold 9790. Two years from now when the contract ends I'll be able to choose my favorite BB10 style from the designs that evolve...the one with the huge edge to edge screen with the physical BB keyboard below...and removable battery, please.

Frankly, the flat slab DevAlpha size and shape with a physical keyboard would suit me fine, as I like looking at simplicity, and elegant unadorned design. No lightweight ovoid bar-of-soap gurlyphone for Old Davy.

Yes, I realize the 9790 is geared toward the ladies. But man, it's a stunning object to hold in your hand. I have small hands myself so no problems speed typing. Also really appreciate the bottom USB connection and virtually buttonless sides. It's refined Sculpture.

This is awesome!

I would only get a BB10 phone, if it had a physical keyboard. In fact, the first smartphone I had was the Bold 9700. I only chose it because it had the full keyboard, and I hate Apple/

I dunno, I think the torch 9810 imo, would be the perfect size. The screen is not super small, and it has touch/physical keyboard options.

I agree almost. For me, Yes, the 1st BBOS10 device I'd even think about getting is a full size qwerty keyboard. But I'd really love it, If it has the Bold specs to it. After all, it IS BlackBerry's flagship device. They need to carry it over in a full size qwerty keyboard for the OS 10.

Thanks for clarifying. You are a reliable source of information. The rest out there is garbage.

Shy does the media say celistica dumped rim?
How wrong is that one?

Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if RIM release the BB10 virtual keyboard for the PlayBook right now!? I don't mean as a replacement for the current PlayBook keyboard, but something like an app we could run and take it for a test drive. I think that would be sweet! xD It would definitely get everyone even more stoked about BB10!

So what you're saying, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is that there WILL be a BB10 phone with a keyboard? :P

Would love if RIM did a comparable qwerty keyboard similar to the TK Victory Mock up device shown a few months ago. Whatever the full qwerty keyboard device is designed, I strongly feel it should carry on the flagship Bold name to it.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the stories I read yesterday were focused on the timeline of the release -- not the fact that the physical keyboards would be a model RIM would release. We already knew that part.

In other words, the stories I read that had new details were highlighting the fact that RIM doesn't plan to release the physical keyboard simultaneously with the touch screen, which I don't think was clear before.

The media has followed and reported on the many recent BB events and announcements. They know TH clearly stated there would soon be a follow up to the slab phone and that it would have a physical keyboard.
In other words, it was pretty clear.

Sorry, I just didn't hear it in the audio provided (though it was a little hard to hear), and I've also only seen RIM comment that details on the rollout, and timeline, would be provided at a later date. In fact, I can't find any stories before that specifically stated that the physical keypad would come at a later date. Can somebody link me?

Kevin posted a link in this blog. Look for the blue letters "confirmed in a press session" or " listen to the audio from that event here". :)

Sorry Mr. McCartney, perhaps you missed the half of my post above where I said "Sorry, I just didn't hear it in the audio provided (though it was a little hard to hear)."

Does anyone care to transcribe this supposed timeline that was provided, because I certainly didn't hear it in there. All I heard was that RIM said it will have a physical keyboard device in the future -- which could mean it is released simultaneously with the touchscreen or months afterward. But again, perhaps I missed it because the audio isn't the greatest.

I also said: "In fact, I can't find any stories before that specifically stated that the physical keypad would come at a later date. Can somebody link me?"

If this was such common knowledge, why can't I find it? I think that's a valid question, though I'm not saying stories don't exist that specifically state the physical keyboard will come at a later date. Isn't the "later date" the key part of this discussion? If RIM releases their more traditional model outside the same quarter as the touchscreen model, then it's going to have an impact on sales volumes.

RIM seems to be damned if they do and damned if they don't.
If they announced that they would first release a traditional BB with a physical keyboard the media would spin it something like... 'RIM still building archaic looking devices that can't match up to today's tech'.
So what does RIM do?
They announce the release of a slab to be their first BB10 smartphone device (never once stating it would be the sole device) and the media interprets it as, 'RIM is no longer making phones with physical keyboards. What is wrong with them'.
They can't get one little positive (truthful) break.

Media dumping on RIM? Really? How about RIM failing, media reporting it, fanbois whinging. There isn't an analyst this side of Waterloo who expects RIM to be in business in 6 months. Yes, there have been some patently absurd stories printed, but journalists are by and large a gaggle of brain dead liberal gerbils so you have to expect that.

It's pretty simple folks. RIM needs BB10 to be successful on release. To do that it needs to get as many currents BB users to upgrade as well as draw in some new users. Plenty of BB users will not upgrade without a keyboard. If they have to go to an all-touch device they will compare it to iOS and Android and RIM is not assured to win that battle (or even reach a draw). RIM releasing the initial BB10 device sans keyboard is a big mistake that can spell doom for the company.

This is what (I think) the stories were going for yesterday, if people here had read them, but it seems a lot of readers of this forum didn't get past the headline before they started writing their reponses on here...

I'd have to disagree with you. I think a lot of users will upgrade from their keyboard counterparts for the very reason that it reminds them of iOS or Android.

I picked up a Dell Venue Pro (Windows Phone 7.5) device, and I love the form factor.

It's a bit thicker than most slab touchscreen devices, but it has a really nice curve to it, and it's a portrait slider with a 800 x 480 screen.

I will buy the first BlackBerry 10 device that has a portrait slider with a screen at least 4 inches diagonally.... closer to 5 inches would be better.

I am unlikely to buy a BlackBerry 10 phone that is a full touch screen, because I have a PlayBook and will be able to "experience' BB10 on the PlayBook, while I wait for the arrival of my BB10 Torch.

It's got to be hard for you guys to continue being up beat. I mean come on - it's games over for RIM. RIM reminds me of AOL, Blockbuster, Palm, Borders, Circuit City, Yahoo etc... Sure, these companies were great at one time, but they all lost their edge. Maybe they kept the "old guard" running the company too long - who knows??

Even though I don't think RIM can come back at this point, if they are planning to cut their R&D, then there's is not a snowballs chance in heck that they'll be able to climb the Mount Everest task they have in front of them.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

If worse comes to worse, and RIM focuses on the software side, I would love to rock BBOS on some rumoured Samsung glass. For RIM to continue supporting its OS, I consider that a HUGE success.

It just occurred to me, a snap on attachment like the Sony Ericsson P800 series would really be ideal for a BB10 phone, if it's part of a protective case it could even be set up so the keyboard can easily get out of the way while using it as a full touchscreen phone.

Here's the deal. Blackberry 10 will be the first NEXTGEN mobile operating systems. It will be robust, integrated and have more consumer than business in it. It will be excellent I am sure.

The hardware needs to be better than the best! It needs 16gig on board MINIMUM, and 32 and 64 gig as well, as well as an micro SDHC or TWO in it! It needs AT LEAST an 8mp rear camera and 5mp front facing camera. And it needs to retail for 5% less than a comparable iPhone. Blackberry can divide the company into little divisions (microsoft did it years ago, and GM was a giant once upon a time). But for the next year after launch, all divisions of RIM need to be RIM, not sold off to Amazon, fakebook or some market equity partners. The power of the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts! I'm upgrading to a Torch 9810 in the next few weeks and will probably be an early adopter of the BB10 experience when it launches on 10/10!

As for physical keyboards. There should be two models, with or without keyboards, OR a very very affordable bluetooth keyboard (like the Torch) that doubles as a case. Just an idea. What else would be nice? fm radio like in BB7.1 AND television. Not that stupid subscriber bullshit from Bell Canada, but over the air television and the option for subscribed television from your provider. These phones are more powerful than our Windows 95 machines aren't they? They should at least be able to do that!

YAY! This makes me very happy to hear though my 9900 is only a year old. I was worried that when my contract was up and I was looking for an upgrade I'd be doomed to a touchscreen bberry since my work requires a bbery.

Can't wait to see how they look in person!