Local search made easy with Yelp for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2013 08:15 am EDT

There is now a third party app for Yelp available for BlackBerry 10 which I've been trying out. If you are not familiar with Yelp it is essentially a search application for businesses/eating establishments etc - and this one works a treat.

Currently the searching options are only available in the UK, Ireland, U.S, Canada and Germany but fingers crossed it will roll out to further countries in the near future.

With a nice black user interface finding what you are looking for can't really get much easier. Just type in what you want in the search box and then either enter a location of touch the 'use current location' tab. You then have a further three options which are - Best Matched, Distance or Highest Rated. Once one of these are chosen just press the search icon and the list of results will be presented.

Selecting a result will not only provide you with the ability to phone them from the app, but as the address is also shown you can press that and BlackBerry Maps will open up and navigate you to the location. How cool is that?

And that pretty much sums it up. It does just what it says on the tin. As Yelp is free to download - if you are in one of the supported regions I'd recommend giving it a shot. You never know when it may come in handy.

Once again, all BlackBerry 10 devices are supported so whether you are rocking the Z10, Q10 or Q5 you will have quick and easy search results at your fingertips.

Features of Yelp include:

  • Search for businesses near you
  • Select quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
  • Narrow your searches by price and what s open now
  • Browse reviews to read what s great  and not so great  in your city
  • Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, then call or map them from your BlackBerry

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Local search made easy with Yelp for BlackBerry 10


This is NOT an official Yelp app, you have it wrong. It was made by another developer. The link you posted is for the Yelp app made by Yelp for BBOS, not BB10...that's why people are seeing not available for this device.

EDIT: looks like the wording in the article was just changed.

I'm on GiffGaff/O2 in the UK, on BB10.1 and it's unavailable for me to.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

Fast app, reviews not integrated just links to site but rating is visible in app (hopefully dev is working on getting them in), quick tip if you just want to find the highest rated locations near you or closest locations set your location but don't provide a search term and search.

Posted via CB10

Just curious, but what is the major difference between this particular app and Foursquare, which is already loaded on BB10 devices?

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I've never used Foursquare but I can tell you that Yelp is used for restaurant reviews and ratings. It's sort of like Urban Spoon.

Cool. Foursquare can essentially be used to do the same thing. I was just wondering if it was worth downloading an almost identical app. I may give it a try. Thanks for your response.

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Just downloaded! Best search app since Poynt sucks! I swear if it wasn't for Crackberry I would miss out on so many apps! Thanks!

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Does the Android Yelp app work okay on BB10? I tried the app in this post and, although it runs great since it is a native app, I don't like that it goes to the desktop Yelp.com page for details. Normally this wouldn't be so bad if the site were mobile enhanced, but the Yelp site isn't. There is no "m.Yelp.com"

The only feature that doesn't work on the sideloaded version is the maps. I primarily use the app for checking-in to establishments (which works perfectly).

I really hate these types of misleading headlines. No, we don't have "Yelp for BlackBerry 10," we have "Local Search with Yelp for BlackBerry 10." Anyway, I'll give it a shot.

Not bad but unable to locate a cinema near me even though it's only a few miles away... it gives the ones in central London which are much further away...

Sent by Bbry Z10

First of all, love the app! Props for the developers. One minor feature I humbly ask is adding the money signs along with the star-rating. Sometimes when I get an invite from a friend to eat at a place unknown to me. I yelp it. With the money signs in sight with the rating, I will know what I'm walking into and how much I'm walking into without opening the actual page on the web. Thus I will be able to reply/decline the invite on the spot.

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I love yelp and I have tinkered with this app but it's not the same. Till the real yelp comes I'm adding yellow pages mobile sight as home page link, and it works awesome.

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Love it. I was really waiting on this one. Love all the new apps that keep arriving on app world. BB10 is getting love and that's just awesome.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

Does not work. Throws java script errors. "Reviews" on app world echo same thing.

To dev: Come on dude...

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Java script errors. When I input Subway Sandwich in Salinas CA, I need to redefine parameters. Maybe I should input the address too? There are reasons some apps are free. Uninstalling now.

Per developer...Yelp shut app does. no longer on BlackBerry World. IMHO, this was an excellent app without the Yelp clutter.

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This app is amazing! When I search for local restaurants it shows me exactly what I want to see! Meaning of course that I get a message asking me to redefine my parameters and try again. I think the developer used cascades to design the message because it's just mindblowingly beautiful. I look forward to future updates :D

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Doesn't work in Manitoba, Canada. Wanted to reinstall it but now I cannot find it in BlackBerry World. Also the Crackberry link to it on BlackBerry World does not work!

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