Yelp Arrives In BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2009 01:14 pm EST
Yelp Arrives In BlackBerry App World

Yelp has been available for a while on BlackBerry smartphones. Oddly enough though, the forums are often filled with users asking if there is an application even available. Hopefully the inclusion of Yelp in BlackBerry App World will get Yelp out there and installed on a lot more BlackBerry smartphones as it's a great application for user reviews of restaurants, shopping and nightlife. It's a user driven service so you can add your own reviews, pictures and information if you wish. Yelp is now available via their site as well as BlackBerry App World, give it a look. The app performs really well on BlackBerry smartphones and is way better then utilizing the mobile website.

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Yelp Arrives In BlackBerry App World


I would never download this crap onto my BB. If you want real (and free) opinions, go to local review sites or maybe even yahoo. If you really truly want to support your local businesses, then definitely DO NOT use Yelp. There's even a sign at one of my favorite sushi restaurants that says "If you love us, please do not list us on Yelp. Your word of mouth is what we really need."

Here's a recent post about them on our local television:

I downloaded it for free. I also tested it out and found a bar around the corner from me and it had like 95 reviews; seemed legit to me. Is there an alternate yelp that you pay for?

That article is from nearly 2 years ago, and mentions a couple of businesses. I've used Yelp many times to check out places in my area, and it's almost always been helpful. I've written 150+ reviews of local places, both positive and negative, and have never had any removed. If your local sushi place doesn't want to be on Yelp, that's fine, but that doesn't mean it's not a useful tool for everyone else out there.

The application is there, but not the ability to login. So it's handy despite the partial implementation.

Insofar as the posting blasting YELP - sounds like the place in question received negative reviews. Can't imagine any other reason for any business to object to FREE publicity. You don't like YELP, no one is making you use it.

I have been using yelp for a while it is a great help, just remember reviews are subject to the person that leaves it and there personal feelings and opinions....the only thing i see this app needs is the ability to do instant reviews, it only allows you to do drafts there is no login to your yep account

Yelp is a scam... They give places bad reviews if they don't pay them to use their advertising, inflate other places that do, etc.

Yeah no one is forcing us to use yelp, which is why I don't.

As someone else already said, go elsewhere if you want some legit reviews.

Does YELP employ people to act as an impartial reviewer and post negative comments about a business? I've written plenty of negative reviews on YELP and haven't seen sort of compensation.

It doesn't work that way. They don't pay random people to write negatives, as the intention is not just to create negative reviews. The intention is to extort money from businesses through the threat of them gaining or losing favor (through false creation of positive or negative reviews, or by removing reviews).

Of course that does not impact the legit people that leave reviews one way or another on a total scale.

Review inflation or deflation? yes, obviously. Mobihand (aka the Crackberry store) has this problem, as does Appworld and everywhere else.

Extortion by the company to get advertising money from the businesses? I seriously doubt it...

There's a huge difference. Imagine if CB was telling developers "pay to advertise us or we will sink your app with bad reviews"....

could you please list the source of this information? I very much doubt that Yelp is "shaking down" businesses for extortion money. This would land the Feds on them within minutes and they'd be out of business.

It's easy to find through a search without even trying very hard.

1) Even if you don't want to believe it, Yelp reviews for food are unreliable crap for an entirely unrelated reason someone else already covered.
2) If you don't want to believe it then the source doesn't matter to you anyways

There is no option on the app to log-in to your account or post this right? Basically just allows you to look up/find places to eat, drink, shop, etc....

Poynt no longer implements Yelp. Removed it about 2 months ago. Was having issues w/ only receiving results from just the other 3. Contacted Support & was informed of the change.

Yelp is unreliable when it comes to food. Many reviews are provided by those who don't know even the basics of cooking. Some issue negative reviews on international foods they've never had because it didn't taste the way they expected. Some give so called "good" reviews to restaurants that make no sense. They're based solely on opinion & not what the food truly is. One guy reviewed the Boston & Maine Fish Co as having a calm chowder that's 'a much more substantial start, rich & creamy in TASTE, generous chunks of clam, & a bit watered down', all in one sentence. He still gave them 4 stars w/ one positive note, that they served Nestle chowder crackers. What the hell does that mean?

For more reliable reviews:
Try, or

Look up how a restaurant is given a Michelin star. That's how food is rated. Not that Zagat crap, which is just ballot stuffing.

Michelin stars are BS as well. Rated by Frenchmen, 2/3 of all Michelin starred restaurants are French. hmmmmmmmm

Been a member of Yelp for years now. I review every restaurant I went to. This is by far the greatest site for honest reviews on everywhere and anything.