Yatca - New Twitter Client Appliction for OS 4.6+ Devices

By Adam Zeis on 16 Mar 2009 02:07 pm EDT

Yet Another Twitter Client Application has landed - no seriously - it's called Yatca. For devices running OS 4.6 or higher, this new to the scene Twitter app has some cool features. The interface is clean and simple and sports smooth fonts. The best part is that it integrates directly with your message inbox which is pretty cool. You can set custom profiles alerts for Yatca messages as well. This is just an early version, but so far you can update right from your inbox as well as set the refresh rate. If you've checked out all the other Twitter clients for BlackBerry in our Twitter Roundup and want something new, be sure to give Yatca a go. It's available free OTA at http://bit.ly/yatca101. For more on Yatca visit http://yatca.wordpress.com/.

If you give it a go, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. And hey, feel free to drop your Twitter ID along with your comment... you may just pick up a few new followers!

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Yatca - New Twitter Client Appliction for OS 4.6+ Devices


Finally BB users get our fair share of Twitter apps! Twitterberry is cool and all but its nice to have options.

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Yeah, having tweets go directly into the inbox isn't as good of an idea as I had thought.

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this new app looks nice... (still waiting for my SocialScope invite!).. will give this new app a try!


I installed it this morning and so far I'm keeping it. I love the notification count at the top of the home screen and wish more apps utilized this sort of notification.

One thing it NEEDS that it doesn't have yet is the ability to navigate to the next message in the list by swiping the screen on the Storm. Other items on the wish list would be a short cuts for DM and RT. Anyone know how to get in touch with the developer?

For quick and easy Twittering, it seems to work well if you don't mind status updates hitting your message list. If you're a feature hound or power user who gets TONS of status updates (need TwitPic integration, profile pictures, etc.) than it may not be for you.


By looking at the screen shots, I dont think I will even waste my time with this one. It looks cheap. Thanks Azeis for posting the screen shots.

sticking with TwitterBerry until a better solution arises. I follow too many people to want updates in my inbox.


It seems that getting an invite to SocialScope is like trying to sleep with Angelina Jolie (so damn enticing, yet virtually impossible), do you know of any way I can get an invite? I'm jonesing for one man...just one fix...that's all i need...c'mon you gotta help me!!!!

if this only had a friends list i'd make it my only twitter client. but now i have no need for bbtweet. works great on the storm. this is almost everything i'd want in a twitter client (for now that is).

if this only had a friends list i'd make it my only twitter client. but now i have no need for bbtweet. works great on the storm. this is almost everything i'd want in a twitter client (for now that is). @xsehcx

looks like someone is a cycling fan....but get rid of ivan basso, that cheater...unless of course he allows you to get with his wife.

I installed this on my phone and don't really like it.

I can't figure out how to delete it since there isn't an icon/it's not located in my applications or downloads folders.

Does anyone know how to delete/uninstall this thing?

If there was an option to show only replies this would be a killer app. As of now, it just pumps far too much into the inbox to be useful.

It looks like re-tweeting/twitpic is coming. Hopefully direct replies as well. Add those and the ability to view just your tweets (not in the inbox) and it'll be golden. I don't mind the tweets in the inbox, but would like the option to not have them there.

I could not see any tweets in my message center. But looking at the screen shots I noticed they were showing sent messages. Now I can see them. But I don't want to see my sent or saved messages.

Is it that hard to put the tweet box above or below my friends timeline? I hate having another screen just to send a tweet.

I love the fact that this actually uses the catch-all messages folder. Much easier to keep track of. Twitter ID is the same as my CB username.

My Tweets are saved in a different folder and not shown in my main Inbox. I actually saved a search so I can pull them with a simple key stroke.

i like this better than twitterberry. havent used twitter much cuz i keep closing the app, so i always forget, but this way it keeps me completely up to date. i have it installed on my Storm and its good so far

Hello fellow Crackberry Addicts!

I just downlaoded this app and its telling me I have 16 updates but I can't find the application itself anywhere on my BB! I tried restarting the device (battery pull) but I still can't find it. I looked in my downloads, applications, everything! HELP ME! Where could it be?

just installed it on my Bold.. Love it so far..

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I haven't decided how I like the message list integration. Willing to give it a try though, we'll see how I feel in a few days.

But I absolutely LOVE having the notification icon. That was the biggest thing missing from TwitterBerry in my opinion.

The only other problem I see is that I can't figure out how to see @replies to me from people I'm not following. Anyone figured that out?

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OK, I am a Twitter addict, and love twitterberry. I tried Yatca but have already deleted it. I did not like my email Inbox cluttered with tweets and, this was the deal breaker, the "from" name on the tweets is the tweeters name not their twitter handle. So if a tweet came from me, it would show as "William Summer" not "@gvegas864". I follow close to 140 people and only know them by their handle not their real name. It's a good try but just not for me.

ive got 20 new tweets but cant find them anywhere!!!!

not in any of my message inboxes or sms inbox!

where the hell are they?

I'd rather an application to work from, like SocialScope. Either that, or turn the option off from receiving email in my messages folder (that I don't like to use anyway)...

I just installed it on my Blackberry Storm. I like the feature on using my email instead of sms. I tried twitterberry and tiny twitter, this app is the best so far.
I dont have to switch back and forward.
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So far I like it now that I've been using it all day. Unlike a lot of Twitter users I only follow the people I am actually interested in getting updates from anyway so it's not cluttering my inbox too terribly.

this is a cool idea but it quicky clutters my inbox. If I could filter it out in my inbox that would be cool

I think this is a good idea. and i love how u can reply to tweets and also update your own from the message box.


I think this needs to be set up with its own mailbox, then it would be PERFECT.

Please do this, I'd buy this if It had its own mailbox and didnt spam my own central EMAIL box.



i don't mind having my tweets sent to my inbox but i'd have to change my settings so that only replies directed to me are sent to my inbox otherwise i would TONS of messages by the minute.

The app itself needs some work. TwitterBerry is still my face BB app by miles.

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This sucks on my Storm... Might be good for others peoples Storms...? Any Storm users out find a Twitter App that works good?

I downloaded the app and i have the icon showing 39 twitter posts but when i got into my inbox, no messages where to be found. Then i read above that someone had their's saved to a different folder. Low and behold, It's saved to a "YATCA" folder.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS...because it won't clutter my inbox.
I set up a Search that when i'm in my inbox and i hit " ALT-Y " it shows this folder.. AMAZING..love it!..BEST SOLUTION EVER!! No cluttering inbox but can view the messages instantly (after pressing ALT-Y)


I'm not all entirely sure why my tweeter messages don't know up in the default inbox...but i'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that i'm on a BES server maybe? But then again, i get Facebook messages now in my inbox...very wierd....

I am loving this application. I find it useful to see my friends' tweets in my messages and it is so easy to reply to them. Perhaps the best twitter app I've seen. My twitter is brett_scholz, by the way. Feel free to read!

me and the message box dont get along too well.. ima sms/mms box type of gal.

stilllll waiting for that damned socialscope >.>

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not to toot my own horn, but im quite entertaining *brush brush*

I tried this out earlier. I kept searching for an icon to launch the app and couldn't find one. I thought a direct launcher to the app would help me clear those 20+ notifications. Clearly there wasn't one and I didn't want to click on every tweet so I uninstalled it.

I am currently using SocialScope (I think it's in closed beta/alpha). It allows you to not only update to Twitter, but to Facebook as well. I really like it, not because of where it's at right now, but where it will be soon. It will be getting public time line and twitter search time lines, all of which will fit nicely in its current tab design. Really, all I want is a Twitter app that will do search, know of any out there?

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Don't bother if you have a storm.

All of the twitter apps I've tried on the storm suck. Developers, please check out the iphone twitter apps to see how to do it. twitter.com shouldn't be a better way to read twitter than an app.

I used this for about 5 hours and ended up deleting it. It's a great idea having it integrated as opposed to a separte stand alone app, but having all the tweets go to the messages folder just clogs it up so much. I had to scroll for what seemed like forever just to find an email from this afternoon. If they made it possible to redirect to separate folder that would be perfect.

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Yatca doesnt really work on the storm at all. The push notification works, but the icon is nowhere to be found in the downloads/any other folder. In addition, once i found it in my running programs, you cant actually do anything in the program...it just says Yatca at the top and is a blank white screen.

This app clearly is NOT designed for the storm at all. Oh well, back to TinyTwitter i go.

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I really like posting from Yatca. Makes it much easier. However, I don't like the way it puts your messages in with all the other messages on your BB. If you have very prolific "twitterers" that you follow and you have many people you follow you will get hammered with updates every time it updates. Other than that I like the posting aspect.


I'm not following that many people and it was too much in my inbox. Also, I couldn't tweet. I probably needed to delete and download again, but I think I'll try something else. twitter.com/cleaneating

aside from the bizarre name i like this app. i can now see everything from my inbox which is tres cool. likes that it works in landscape mode on storm [which was why i switched from twitterberry to tinytwitter]. however, the inbox is now filling up real fast, and i'm skipping over some emails in the process. and is there a direct message option? couldn't find one. otherwise nice...haven't gone back to tinytwitter since installing.

Having all my tweets go to my inbox clogs it and uneasy on the eyes...over 100 updates everytime it updates...SocialScope is soooooooooo much easier on the eyes and easy to use.

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Great app!

Is there a setting/technique to keep the non-merged messages from illuminating the LED? Love the message icon...would prefer to keep the LED notifier for texts and e-mails only.

tweetgenius is a rippoff and the customer support sucks. paid the 4 or 5 bucks for it weeks ago and still cannot get tweetgenius to work. went to the tweetgenius site and posted asking for help, got responses but no solution.

the way that tweetgenius work (NOT WORK) is how it connects the first time and then refuses to really connect automatically thereafter.

in comparison, yatca, though free now (should be for money), does what it is supposed to. It connects, stays connected gets ur tweets right then and there into your message inbox. tweets are fast. feels like a native blackberry app -- if i was rim, i would acquire this app and really integrate it.

RIM can you hear me?