Updated: Yatca v1.3.6 - Photo Uploading Now Integrated

By Bla1ze on 11 Apr 2009 10:55 am EDT
Yatca Updated!

Yatca has been growing quite a bit lately, with many updates coming through for this Twitter application since we first posted about it here on CrackBerry.

Currently sitting pretty at version 1.3.6, Yatca has included photo uploading along with SMS and email forwarding and many, many other bug fixes which are quite extensive. Be sure to check out the full list of revisions after the jump or if you're already interested in just grabbing the download you can hit bit.ly/yatca and get the updated version. Remember folks, this is just for devices running a version 4.6 OS.

Yacta v1.36 Changelog

  • Photo support has been completely reworked. Yatca no longer attempts to integrate directly with the device camera. Instead it presents a gallery of all photos on your device from which you can choose one to be uploaded. There’s also a button to launch the built-in Camera application and any photos taken will be detected and added to the gallery when you close the Camera application and return to Yatca. N.B. When you open the photo gallery for the very first time it will be very slow. This is because it has to create thumbnails for all the photos. Painful I know but sadly unavoidable because RIM doesn’t share the inner workings of their ‘thumbs.dat’ file so Yatca has had to reinvent the wheel. Please remember too that when it comes to the reliability of uploads, Yatca is completely at the mercy of (a) your carrier and (b) TwitPic.
  • When reading a tweet you’ll notice that the ‘Retweet’ button has become the ‘Forward’ button. When you invoke it, you’re asked if you want to forward by retweet, SMS or email. Choosing SMS or email invokes the relevant application.
  • Also when reading a tweet you’ll notice that there’s now an indication of when the tweet was sent. I follow the modern convention of displaying a relative description (e.g. 15 minutes ago) for tweets in the recent past and a date for tweets older than one week.
  • Previously, Yatca did not correctly identify a reply from somebody you follow unless it was a reply to a specific tweet from you. So if a friend simply tweeted “@username blah blah blah” that was not filed as a reply but rather as an update, causing replies to be missed on occasion. This has now been fixed.
  • If a user has been offline for an extended period of time Yatca will now stop playing catch-up once it has downloaded the maxium number of tweets it can store, which is 1,000. Previously it would keep going way back to clear the backlog, which was pointless because the user would never actually get to see tweets beyond the 1,000 most recent.
  • The ‘Mark All Items Read’ command on the menu is now the ‘Mark All Yatca Items Read’ command. This is just to avoid confusion about what the consequence of running the command might be!
  • There is a new option to hide the display of the @user in the reply dialog. Please note that if you choose to do this Yatca will still prepend @user to the text of your tweet before sending.
  • An awful lot of the effort that went into this version was spent in what we programmers like to call “refactoring”. This is just a fancy way of saying that I replaced all the bad code written in a hurry with something that I could stand over. Although much of this work is invisible to the end user, it has resulted in a few significant performance improvements here and there. But perhaps more importantly, the refactoring should make it easier for me to add future enhancements to Yatca.

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    Reader comments

    Updated: Yatca v1.3.6 - Photo Uploading Now Integrated


    Do you mean an application, like Twitterberry? In that case, its mostly personal preference, but I prefer Yatca for its seamless-ness (though I don't believe it supports the Storm, not officially anyway).

    If you mean the actual service, Twitter, that's a bit confusing. Yatca is a 3rd party app that connects to Twitter, so by default, it can't be better than its parent service, but its a great option for Twittering on the go.

    I love this app because i can update my twitter/facebook status from within my messages folder.

    In addition, my tweeter feeds don't actually show up in messages so it doesn't clog up my inbox. (i think it has something to do with being on a BES server possibly) I've set up a filter than when i hit ALT-Y, then all the twitter feeds show up. It's awesome!.. No need for twitterberry really.

    Is this better than Social Scope? Social Scope seems to be in comparison with Yacta in terms of being able to update both Facebook/Twitter at the same time.

    I'm not sure if it's better than Social Scope. I'm still waiting to be accepted to their beta testing. But so far i'm quite pleased!.

    twitter has an app within facebook that allows your twitter updates to update your status so all you really need is a tweet application.

    I had this origionally on my storm and it drained battery due to some settings. I uninstalled it cause i wasnt getting my direct messages. I am hoping that these updates fixed the issue. waiting to see if the direct message thing worked or not. will let ya know

    PS other than that i havent had an issue with it on my storm.

    Just to clarify, Yatca doesn't claim to support direct messages. That will come in a later release.

    I have been using YATCA for a while now, and I just updated to the above version and have one question:

    Whats the difference between Merged and non-merged?

    Thanks in advance.

    Using the options you choose, Yatca divides tweets into a 'Merged Items' folder and a 'Non-merged Items' folder. Anything in the 'Merged Items' folder will appear in the main message list of your Messages application. Everything else will not appear in the main message list but can still be opened by using the View Folder command to open the 'Non-merged Items' folder. Many users define a shortcut to open the 'Non-merged Items' folder (though this isn't an option for Storm users!).

    Version 1.3.6 has a bug that causes tweets to disappear from the message list (some over-zealous housekeeping!). Service release 1.4.2 fixes this and three other bugs too. Thanks.