Yatca - Updated With New Features

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2009 11:53 am EDT
Yatca Updated!

Everyone has their favorite Twitter application they like to use and Yatca is one of the ones I'm seeing more and more of on my Twitter stream, so many of you all out there may be interested in knowing that Yatca has indeed been updated. For those of you who have never used Yatca before, it's never too late to try it out.

While Yatca has received many bug fixes since its initial launch the developers have been listening to user demands as well and putting them into action. The updated list of features this time around is extensive. Some key things stick out, such as the ability to mark/unmark favorites within the app, geotagging of your uploaded pictures and the best feature in my opinion is the ability to "pause" tweets from going to your BlackBerry which is great when at your PC using Twitter - you'll no longer get tweets on your PC and on your BlackBerry at the same time -- awesome. I have a feeling we'll see that function pop up into other twitter clients in no time. Check out the new Yatca today if you are running 4.6+ OS.

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Yatca - Updated With New Features


This application requires the following module which is not installed : net_rim_bbapi_messagelist

what can i do ?

Guys, Yatca works a bit differently to other Twitter clients. The motivation behind it is the desire to make the experience of using Twitter the same as using email, SMS, MMS, etc. This tends to make Yatca a love it or hate it type of app. If the concept of the 'universal inbox' is your thing, you'll tend towards liking it.

To this end, rather than having a life of its own, Yatca integrates into the standard BlackBerry Messages app. You'll find its commands on the Messages app menu. When it receives a tweet or reply/mention it puts in in the message list and you open it just as you would an email. You can search for a tweet using the standard search function in the Messages app. The Yatca icon shouldn't be thought of as the main point of entry for the app (the initial versions of Yatca didn't even have an icon). The icon just makes it easier to uninstall the app and also acts as a shortcut to the 'Update Yatca Status' command.

I also get the "update status" page, and nothing else. Deleting and reinstalling didn't help. Where is the support for Yatca to be found? I'd really like to give this a try. Ubertwitter's new ver .078 has completely screwed over my 8220. So looking for a new Twitter client!

For all of you that are new to Yatca and are trying to find the options such as the new "Pause Tweets" feature - you'll find this and more in the Message list options.

Find the 'Messages' icon (click that), then click the BlackBerry button and you'll find the 5 or 6 options for the Yatca application.

The reason that these are located here is because it's made to interact with your message list like SMS and E-mails do, so thats why most of the options are available here.

The only thing that you can do from the Yatca (Y) icon on your desktop is update the status-- you can pretty much do this for any screen with the "Update Yatca Status" button