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Yale Real Living locks with NFC technology at CES 2012

Yale Real Living
By David Boyd on 14 Jan 2012 10:16 am EST

Yale Locks and Hardware was on hand at CES to talk about their new series of Real Living Locks. They are available as deadbolts or lever locks, and use Z-Wave or ZigBee technology. Now this is nothing new to me, as I have been using a Schlage LiNK system for several years now. What did impress me quite a bit is that these locks are available with a standard keypad, or a new sleek capacitive touchscreen. They also incorporate a motorized deadbolt, so you can remotely lock or unlock you door. Now just the touchscreen and the motorized deadbolt were impressing me, but what really peaked my interested was how Yale has built in NFC technology into each lock.

What does this mean for BlackBerry users? It means that soon you will be able to take advantage of your NFC capable BlackBerry device and be able to use it to unlock your front door just by holding it near the lock. Now that is cool! Yale is still working on a few details before releasing the NFC capable lock, but we should be seeing it this year.

Reader comments

Yale Real Living locks with NFC technology at CES 2012


This is exciting news! Now I hope 9900's on T-Mobile will be able to take advantage of these technologies.

I was thinking of the days when my hands are full or I have my gloves on and don't want to dig for keys this would be awesome. I have seen a friend of mine use the remote for their house due to a disability but they have said it is another remote. This wouldn't increase what we already carry.

Very cool... We need more nfc tech in the world, and anything that reduces the amount of keys in my pocket would be great!

one day all we will need to carry is our phone :)... well we pretty much are there already with Visa now useing NFC and the OnStar apps that lock and unlock your car door so all you really need is your work keys


The whole idea is not to have to go to your pocket or BB holster when you want to unlock a door.

The approach used in cars such as my Toyota Camry ... a simple button to push if you carry the small transponder is your pockets (3 ft) ... NOW if the BB with NFC become the transponder ... NOW YOUR ARE TALKING.

PS: Ideally when the door is unlocked using NFC on a BB ... the lock would re-lock automatically ... avoiding people leaving without unlocking the door.

now THIS is something worth upgrading my bold 9700 for...although the price of these locks would probably be in the $300 range. :(

Quote "What did impress me quite a but is that these lock are available with a standard keypad,"

Your English does not impress me!

If you are must write articles about new "mildly interesting" products and their features, please make them interesting by using our language and grammar in a fluent and progressive manner, instead of writing like a delinquent twelve year old.

NFC feature is a gimmick!