Yahoo, Windows Live and Google Talk IM clients all updated to v2.5.108

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2011 11:45 am EDT
Yahoo, Windows Live and Google Talk IM clients all updated to v2.5.108

If you're fond of using either Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Google Talk on your BlackBerry device you'll want to hit BlackBerry App World and check for updates. RIM has uploaded new versions of all three, pushing them to v2.5.108. What version you have installed now will of course depend on what OS you're running and whether or not you've updated them previously but either way -- the latest and greatest are available now so get to it.

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Yahoo, Windows Live and Google Talk IM clients all updated to v2.5.108


Not really -- the Skype Verizon uses isn't even REALLY Skype. You still pay for airtime as it is not even VOIP client. Verizon can keep it -- it sucks.


I don't seem to be able to find aol's own client.

The thing is some of my american friend still uses AIM :x so I was quite disappointed that the os7 doesn't support it.

Good thing I got beejive but still, that thing is a battery hog :x

It wasnt updated by RIM, but I have AIM up and running on my Bold 9930 from Sprint. Just downloaded it today. Works and is formatted for the Bold! I was waiting on that for awhile.

nothing changed on gtalk (that i've noticed) looks the same, it still kicks me off as always lol. i installed it last night and everytime i check my phone i'm kicked off! so i'll stick to my beejive. (i do like gtalk better, but i got sick of getting kicked off all the time so i don't use it anymore)

Yep, I use them and they are useful. I don't like using all in one messengers or third party companies.

well, living overseas for a few years and having all my friends living in the states AIM was very useful and will continue to be. allow me to explain. AIM allows you to add peoples phone numbers +1 XXX XXX-XXXX as friends on your buddy list. when you instant message their numbers they recieve it as a text from a short they can respond to and you recieve it as a IM. It is super convenient in that no one gets hit with international charges and you keep in in contact fluently. it is why AIM will always be essential for me when traveling overseas. if that made any sense...

I really am confused by this. Can anyone give me some in site as to whether or not I should upgrade? My company used Yahoo IM for our inter-office communication and I have used it for years to communicate with them while out in the field. Is it a win, or not so much?

I use them - and I never use BBM as I don't know anybody else with a BlackBerry. Stop assuming that you have the only possible usage pattern.

does anyone have problems using the new WLM? i always getting the error message "internal error. try again later" just after i've logged on. i've decided to remove this app for a while from my Bold 9900 before it may create another mayhem. waiting for a more solid built. Gtalk & YM are working as usual, just WLM is a bit tricky here..

however, thx for the prompt notification, CB you're a champ! keep it up!

I've also gotten the same internal error message with this update. DO NOT UPDATE WLM!! My messages don't go through and vice versa!

You shouldn't have updated :) That annoying update notification was all the motivation I needed to delete these dinosaurs.

I downloaded Gtalk and the next day my Verizon Bold 9930 was running like a dog. Everything took a long time, even the screen would have more than one image on it at the same time as I opened up an app. I deleted it and things were back to normal.