Yahoo!Go Updated For Your Bold!

By Bla1ze on 30 Dec 2008 07:25 am EST
Yahoo! Go Updated For Your Bold!

I'm positive some of you out there use this application for a great deal of things and I'm pretty glad myself to see that it has been updated for the BlackBerry Bold. Yahoo!Go is what I would refer to as an "integration application" as it wants to be your one stop shop for everything and pulls it off quite nicely after many upgrades to how it functions.

Boasting what Yahoo calls "widgets" you can access a ton of things all from one central location. News, Ebay, Facebook, Flickr and even Myspace can be accessed from within Yahoo!Go. So while RIM offers similar services to some of this stuff, Yahoo!Go takes it and integrates it into one application.

If you have tried Yahoo!Go before and were not really fond of it, give it a whirl again... you may come away pleasantly surprised with the appl this time around. And at $0 the price is right!

* A little bit of a warning though for those who may be on *limited* data plans - the download does roll in at just a little over 1MB *

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Yahoo!Go Updated For Your Bold!


Let me start b stating that I am not a fan of Yahoo. But this program has almost made me a believer. The GUI interface is very intuitive, the program interacts with the user so fluently that I am truly amazed. I love the fact that you can DL widgets to your "Desktop" so to speak. Great program, I have installed the Tip Calculator which everyone wants to charge you for nowadays and the eBay widget. The eBay widget is surprisingly fast and easy to use.

Kevin, you're right. I just downloaded and this is darned useful. Very nicely implemented. It even looks a little like TouchFlo 3D, without the touch. Trackball scrolls smoothly through icons.

I tried Yahoo! Go when it first came out. I watched the memory on my 8830WE dissapear quickly (and not just from installing the application). The main reason I got rid of it was how much space it took up. Once the memory was gone, everything started running slower.

I like the idea behind it. I just don't want to have to do a battery pull every time I am done using it. Is this version any better at memory management?

I just downloaded yahoo go only because i wanted to see how the eBay widget was. I have been searching for a way to do all my things trough eBay without paying for eBay mobile or using the limited eBay mobile browser page.

This program, since its free, is definitely worth it just for the eBay widget. I list all the info perfectly and looks good. I have deleted all the other widgets just about (since i have the amazing Viigo).

Hope this helps all of you crackberry addicts who are also addicted to making money on eBay like me!!!!

i agree with the first comment i am not a big fan of yahoo, i dont play any of its game, dont use the email nor its search engine however this app is very very well done, very nice looking the widgets is quite awesome i almost wish i can make my home screen like this

p.s. thanks blaze for posting this.. i notice you usally dont get credit as everyone just assumes kevin posts everything!