Yahoo! Go 3.0 BETA Now Available

Yahoo! Go 3.0 BETA
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2008 04:26 pm EST

Just point your BlackBerry's browser to the URL above and you can download the latest version of Yahoo! Go. I just installed it on my phone (962kb download - make sure you have a good data plan!) and in the few minutes I have spent with 3.0 I can definitely say that it seems to be quicker than its 2.0 predecessor (at least on my Roger's Edge connection), though overall it still seems a bit slow to me.

The big difference with 3.0 is that Yahoo! is opening up the application to include support of 3rd party Mobile Widgets - you'll be able to add Widgets to your Yahoo! Go carousel for all kinds of non-yahoo content (MTV news, MySpace, eBay are there to begin with). For myself, Yahoo! Go has always been one of those apps that I install, like the look of, and then never use. I'm not really a Yahoo guy, so I'm not sure that 3.0 will be any different (for me), but if a lot of widgets become available I could see it getting a lot more love on my BlackBerry. For people who don't like to hunt down and install apps, 3rd party widgets will allow one to expand the use of their phone easily which is a great thing. I'm curious to know what you think of it! Loving it? Let us know your thoughts!

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Yahoo! Go 3.0 BETA Now Available


I tried downloading the previous one and it would not let me.
I have unlimited data and have a Sprint 8130 Blackberry with the latest software. Also after InHand from Handango nooking my first 8130 after installing it, I've become leary of installing any thing. Sounds good though.

I have a Sprint Pearl 8130 as well and cannot download/install either 2.0 or 3.0.

The 8130 on any carrier is not supported by Yahoo at this point .. maybe later??? It's anoying because the first pearl 8100 can do it (2.0 and 3.0).

I have 2.0 and it didn't work at first then one day started working. I downloaded the 3.0 today and when I ran the program is said network or internet not found.

I have this app and I simply love it! One question: How do i get the myspace? That was not on mine, just flickr.

Does 3.0 allow you to access your mail , sms easily threw your yahoo account? The pic shows an incoming email or sms?

Wow!!! I'm really impressed by this program. I'm not a big Yahoo guy, but I can see how this can become VERY useful. All my info in one area; pics, myspace, ebay, news, weather, maps,email, etc. I think this is a very soon-to-be-without-type-off-app. Google should definetly do something like this. Great app!!!

Its a pretty neat app!! I've installed it on my 8300 and it works great.
It would be nice if the weather were on the main screen in real time!
The BB weather PUSH is nice but in my area I need an update more than twice a day.

While I'm sure the program is good for some devices I've found it a downright waste of time on my 8830WE. Yahoo already pushes my mail to me without the need for this. As for the other content, the only thing I really want/need is an app to look up movies at the theater (which this doesn't have).

IMO, it's just too cumbersome. It's better suited to a non-pda style phone.

Tried to download but it told me my phone wasn't capable. I have the new Pearl 8130. If you added your email, they would email you a link to a list of phones that work with it. The Pearl is listed as being good to go. What gives???

You must be with Verizon as well? I read a story about it, Had something to do with the verizon network or system.

I'll post a link to the story when I find it again.

I just gave it a try and it worked great on my 8830WE. I'm not a huge Yahoo user but I'll play a little with this.

I have an 8320 from T-Mobile (USA) and there are definitely some bugs with this software. I have and use 2.0 regularly and decided to upgrade and try out the beta 3.0. I use Yahoo Email as my main email and love it's quick integration with BIS. The Yahoo Spam Filter is pretty darn good, but occasionally things get through. I use Yahoo Go to report the emails as spam or to file emails or search through emails no longer on my berry. This program is very good if you have emails that you file in folders or if you have a bunch of older emails that you would like to search through, and they aren't on your berry any more due to space. Beta 3.0, however, crashes with a java exception error when I try and report an email as spam. I also LOVED 2.0's feature that allows you to sync your Yahoo Address Book with your Berry. I am very rarely away from my berry, but if I am, I am always able to look at my contact list, including numbers from within Yahoo. BETA 3.0 does not include this feature.

With the bugs in this version, and the lack of Yahoo Address Book Sync in this version, I HIGHLY recommend using version 2.0 until they perfect this version.