Yahoo! Fantasy Football '09 A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 29 Sep 2009 10:21 am EDT

We're a few weeks into the football season, and many of you have Yahoo! fantasy teams to track. Why not get the most out of your BlackBerry and use the Y! Fantasy Football '09 app to keep your team going strong. Take a look at the video above for the scoop on the app, and for more information check out Y! Fantasy Football '09 in BlackBerry App World.

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Yahoo! Fantasy Football '09 A to Z


your not missing anything at all. the app is completely useless. many times it doesnt let you log in, you cant view any other teams but your own and the person your playing against that week. you cant view other matchups. its very slow, the stattracker in the matchup does not work very well. it is a complete joke in my eyes. the other app for fantasy is not bad, its a paid app, and is a little slow, but it has complete functionality. its called my fantasy teams plus

I agree 100%...this app is not very good. Fork out a few buck and get My Fantasy Teams Pro. It is far superior. the only issue I have noticed is that since I upgraded to, I can't adjust my lineup in MyFanTeam Pro. I keep both on my phone so I can adjust the lineup through the Yahoo app and use MyFanTeam Pro for the rest of the functionality.

Well, what about Multiple Leagues.... does MyFanTeam Pro work for them all (i've got 5 teams, spread across CBS, Yahoo & ESPN).....

I just looked to see if I can add a team. You can have multiple teams, but they all need to be Yahoo based.

I emailed yahoo tech support to see if a storm version was in the works, and all i got was "use opera mini"... so disappointed!

Why would we even support Yahoo? Remember the supposed Yahoo app for Blackberry that was canned days before it was supposed to be released? And what did we get then, "use yahoo go or the web browswer". Yahoo has made it clear that if it's not for the iPhone they either don't want to do it or don't know how to make it work across the board.

Why do you think you don't have a Y! Weather app similar to the iPhone OS or HTC's overlay? Or any other usable app from Ya-crap. They don't want to support Blackberrys then don't support them with free advertising or stressing about their crappy apps. That's why they are still fighting off takeover bids.

Doesn't it seem like pretty much EVERYBODY/EVERYTHING is all about making an iPhone app...but the comparable for the BlackBerry platform takes forever to come up with.

I mean, I'm sure the fact that there are SEVERAL models, as well as OS' to deal with thru blackberry, but damn people.... can't we get some love....

This app really needs some work. The UI is nice and it has potential but it is like they forgot to finish it.

It doesn't work with wifi turned on (even if you don't have wifi coverage if wifi is turned on it will get network errors).

You can't view other teams.

Often times it will correctly show your total score but the individual scores for each player don't add up to the total.

You can't view player scoring info from the matchup screen.

The mobile website is better than this app.

ya your right, it doenst work with wifi, i forgot to say that part of it sucks too.

my matchups do the same thing with the total changing and not the players points updating.

all around, its one of the worst apps i have ever used.

This app has been out for over three weeks.

The functionality is severely lacking. Drop the $4 and buy the myfantasy app from the Blackberry app store...its soo much better.

The\fantasy site works pretty good. You can even edit you line up which I guess was a problem in the past. This is what I use since they don't have a storm version.

I previously commented that the MyFanTeamPro doesn't allow you to edit your lineup when you are using 5.0.0.XXX OS. I emailed their customer support and they responded within 5 minutes. Apparently, they have already sent an update that addresses this issue to RIM and are awaiting approval. They hope to have it this week. This app easily blows away the yahoo app. It is so worth it. i don't even login to the yahoo site anymore.

I will probably get Myfantasy teams eventually but right now I use the mobile site for Yahoo and it is 10 times better then what it used to be so I don't really care right now that I can't get it on my Curve and after reading some of the comments hear it makes me care less.

i can't not sign in to my fantasy team on the phone, it wont let me log onto yahoo, it says yahoo name or pass is invalid

I'm using MyFantasyTeams Pro and I tell you it is worth every penny. I actually check my yahoo stats on my phone instead of the computer, the stattracker is slow and doesn't seem to update as fast online. I can flip between games, look at the other matchups, and set my lineup instantly if I have a good cel connection. I highly recommend it!

I haven't tried out any other fantasy team apps, but I've been playing Y! Fantasy Football since 2001 and was excited to see the new app. To be honest, I kinda like it. My expectations weren't high, and I have nothing to compare it too (as far as other fantasy team management apps) so I thought it was pretty good.

But all the other posts makes me want to check out the MyFantasyTeam app...what have I been missing?

I've been (trying) to used this app for the last 3 week on my8900 and it doesn't work. I can view my rosters but can't make any changes to my roster. When I try to submit my roster changes it says "server unavailable."

I was trying to download this while on the road for work in order to set my lineup for the first week but unfortunately I have a storm and was therefore DENIED. That cost me a win right there.

I love the first team name in his league..."In Stafford We Trust"

I dont know if somebody already said this, or if you already know, but if you are in your browser, type in you will be able to view all of you yahoo fantasy teams, players, matchups, etc. The only thing you cant do, is change players. You may have to login to your yahoo first and then it will take you to the "matchups" page for all your yahoo leagues. From there, you can click on other matchups or any other team, whatever.