Y! Fan For BlackBerry - Manage Your Yahoo! Fantasy Teams

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2009 03:48 pm EDT
Y! FanY! Fan

The emails have been flying in all morning about Y! Fan.  Originally developed for the iPhone, this app lets you manage all of your Yahoo! Fantasy teams right from your device.  I know this is something that hardcore fantasy addicts have been dying for, and I'm glad this application finally came to BlackBerry.  You can do everything from accessing you league standings to viewing scoreboards and even edit your lineups.  The app looks to work with MLB, NHL and NFL fantasy leagues.  Currently available in BlackBerry App World for $3.99.  You should be able to find it by searching "fan" or "Y!Fan" or checking in the Sports category.

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grifter rc

purchased the app first thing this morning after being in touch with the company during the development .. The app is great and the customer services / responsivenes of the developer is amazing.. this is a must have for fantasy sports junkies like me!!


"What sports are supported?

Current seasons of hockey and basketball are supported. Baseball and football will be supported when their season start. You can currently access football pools from Y! Fan, but once those are archived by Yahoo!, you will no longer be able to access them."


and downloading! hope it works ok on the storm!

UPDATE: works like a champ!


Y! Fan support NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB regular season points, head-to-head and rotisserie style pools.


Anyone else get "error trying to resolve" when attempting to add teams?


I first got "Tunnel failed" so I manually entered in Roger's APN settings in the TCP/IP setting.

And now I'm getting the same message as you did ("Error trying to resolve"). Anyone know how to fix this?


Yeah, I got that error. I tried changing all the settings to "Allow" still getting the error. I hit up the email address AND I hit the developers on twitter a few hours ago. Still no response and the software I paid for isn't working. If they don't get back to me soon, I'm going to request a refund from the app store.


I'm having trouble locating the app anywhere. Any suggestions???


search for "yahoo" in app world....should be the second result...


Tod bad yahoo fantasy sports sucks so bad. I left them last year so I would not have to pay to get what others give for free. Not to mention there scoring is bad, wrong and slow.


Iphone users get a free version of the app and BB users have to pay $3.99??!?! Whats up with that?

Enraged Medic

is blasphemy! iPhone weenies get it for free?!?! DAMN YOU RIM...you're breakin' my balls here!


Are we really going to complain about $3.99 ? Iphone free version supports 1 team...what good is that? If you are a serious fantasy player the $4 is worth it..


I'm a huge yahoo fantasy go-er, now i can manage my fantasy teams on the go!


Tried that and it didn't work. I also tried reinstalling the app world...no luck there, either.


Hi Redsoxfan2133,

Sorry we have been seeing an issue with some people being able to find the app. Can you tell me what device you are using. We are currently seeing an issue with the 8300 series and are actively looking into it.

Thanks and sorry for this inconvenience,


I have the Blackberry Curve 8330


Looked all around the BB App world....but seems like there is an issue with the app for 83xx series...


Hey Marco,

I emailed you yesterday and you told me that it there was an issue with the 8300 series. I, unfortunately, have an 8350i Curve. So....I will wait patiently until its ready for the 8300's. Thanks!


This is already somewhat free folks


Last year they allowed you to access your fantasy football team through that site on your phone. I dont know about the other pro leagues.


any one else get this message? was anyone able to fix it??


Hi yzerman1978,

If you can send us an email we would be more then happy to help you out. I am assuming you are using the Rogers network?

I still can't post any links but if you go to yfanapp com you will see our email address there.

Sorry about this - but it is Rogers wireless network that screws its users - I can only say that because I use them as well :)



I'm getting this same error when adding my teams? Help???


Is anybody having trouble finding it on the storm? Whenever I search "Yahoo" or "fan" or "y!fan" in the App World it never shows....


I cannot find the app on the Storm, same as previous comment. Please help!!!!


I had the same tunnel failed problem. Got this fix at the BB site and it worked.

Tunnel Failed or Invalid Connection String error appears when running a third-party application on the BlackBerry device

Doc ID : KB11221
Last Modified : 12-02-2008
Document Type : Support

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BlackBerry® device


When attempting to run a third-party application on the BlackBerry device, one of the following error messages appears:
tunnel failed

Invalid connection string


The Access Point Name (APN) information is missing on the BlackBerry device.


To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

1) Contact your wireless service provider and request your APN.
2) On the BlackBerry device Home screen, click Options > Advanced Options > TCP.
3) In the APN field, type the APN provided by your wireless service provider.
4) Display the menu and click Save.


hey i'm trying to get the upgraded version 1.2 for my storm and it says that the app world no longer has download available. Any one with me?


Im using a Storm 9530 and updated to the and now I get an DNS Error whenever I try to add my teams. I was using the 4.7 OS and it worked fine. Is anyone else running y fan with the 5.0 OS?


I used this App with my Storm from Verizon.

I upgrade to Storm2 9550 and This app isnt compatiable.