Liven up your home screen by adding a toolbar, date, weather and more with XTreme Wallpaper Changer

By Alicia Erlich on 16 Jul 2014 12:41 pm EDT

Adding a bit of personal flair to the BlackBerry home screen is one of the first things on my to-do list when activating a new device. No on older models, I employed themes and wallpapers to achieve this effect. However, on BlackBerry 10 we are somewhat limited to changing wallpapers. However, that doesn't stop Toysoft, best known for their useful productivity applications, has a few tricks up their sleeve with their own headless take on the standard wallpaper changing application.

If you not already familiar with how these types of applications function, XTreme Wallpaper automatically changes your background image and lock screen wallpaper. In addition, it allows you to set a custom theme, which includes adding a header and footer banner, and a Toolbar.

When setting up XTreme Wallpaper for the first time you are given the option of choosing a specific folder on your device or SD card if you choose to change the wallpaper either randomly or sequentially. There is also a static option as well. Please note that when you select a folder, all of the images located there will be copied and resized to store in the application. While the original images are not affected, this means you will essentially have a duplicate set of photos taking up memory. However, I do understand the need to have images resized to fit the dimensions of your screen. In my case most of the ones I download are sized for my device.

One item that is important is the settings and options available to users especially for those concerned over memory and battery issues. You are given the ability to select not only when the wallpaper switches but how it is updated. This means you can have it update it at a normal interval (though a toast message appears on your display), when the screen is turned off, or when the screen turns on to avoid the popup.

As mentioned earlier, there is custom theme support in this application that are all accessible from the settings screen. Using the toolbar properties menu you can turn on the toolbar that displays battery percentage, current date, available memory, and weather temperature on the home screen with the ability to change the text color. In addition, using the drop down menus you can select a custom banner for the top of your display or footer at the bottom. What is nice about this feature is how not only are you allowed to use your own images but it comes with quite a few of its own which you can set and adjust the opacity to go with your background. To be exact there are 38 header and 53 footer banners included in this application.

The Good
  • Headless application that does not drain resources or battery
  • Easy to use controls
  • Ability to switch off the header and footer without restarting the device
  • Pulls local weather information by city, state, or zip code and lets you choose the temperature to display as either Metric or Imperial
The Bad
  • Cannot adjust the size of the text on the toolbar
  • As suggested, option to change the wallpaper icon sets
The Bottom Line

XTreme Wallpaper Changer will only set you back $1.99 and the capabilities you receive is definitely worth it for that price. What I think sets it apart is the option to add the footer and header which allows you some customization to your screen as themes used to do on BBOS. For those of you seeking to change things up a bit on your homescreen then this application will get the job done. The great thing about it being headless is once everything is set you can close out of it and it will do the rest for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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Liven up your home screen by adding a toolbar, date, weather and more with XTreme Wallpaper Changer


This could be cool, but I'm always worried about these things using up too much resources.

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Well, I have one that does almost the same thing and so far haven't noticed it taking up much resources, but this one I'm worried about because it has a 1 star rating average right now. Only 2 reviews, but in some language I don't understand...

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The reviews are in French. The person was discussing the popup that occurs when the wallpaper is changed which is the toast message I described above. That is part of the application and if you do not want them showing then you simply adjust when the wallpaper is changed (when the screen is turned of, etc.) and increase the interval between changes. The other was about the price point.

Oh ok, thanks. Do you know if there is an option to not cycle wallpapers but still have the info bar with the date?

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Beyond making the device feel "my own" I usually don't see a practical purpose to those tool bars and whatnot since bb10 layout suits me well.

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Thinking the exact same thought. I always "change" my Bbry to represent who I am, especially when BB10 came out, but I am not seeing the benefit to toolbars because the flow of BB10 is pretty smooth (almost wanted to saw flawless....) I am on the fence about whether or not to really try out this app.

Would be cool to have a head-to-head comparison with Wallpaper Changer HD to see if this could sway me away from that one ( Wallpaper Changer HD is great).

Frosty white Q10/

The Dev just happened to just post in the forums that he submitted an update to Wallpaper Changer HD to BlackBerry AppWorld.

Frosty white Q10/

Wow, I've never had one my app as blatantly ripped off as this one. And from a developer who I thought I was friends with. Well regardless, checked out his clone of my app, and I'll just make a couple quick points, my app (Wallpaper Changer HD) doesn't display the "picture set as wallpaper" message that this clone does, I don't use an ugly font like this one, and you get the weather forecast description in my app as well. In addition to other features missing from this cheap clone. Also waiting on BB to approve an update to my app (submitted a couple days ago) which re-adds the battery % (was requested frequently so I added it back).

And before anyone says I'm being whiney etc.... go look at the screen shots from my app and then look at this pics of this app. If you were in my shoes you'd be mad too :P It's different when a developer takes an idea and brings something new to it, but this app just tried to straight copy mine and failed....

Happy Wallpaper Changer HD user here. Great to hear that the battery percentage thingy is coming back!

One quirk I noticed that you may want to investigate... When I remove a wallpaper from the Wallpaper HD directory and re-process, it does not go out of rotation. The work-around I have found is to delete the sub-folder that the app creates, then re-process. A fix for that annoyance would be great

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Now, this is entertainment. Have been using your app for months.
But Your app DOES indeed show a message when a new wallpaper is changed by the app.

Frosty white Q10/

Mine does as well, maybe he was referring to the update that is coming? Also, I only really use it for the live weather update on the notification bar.. but the temperature is never correct.. it's always 64 and fair lol.

Out of sheer principle (I actually got used to "the BB way" on the screen having been away from OS7 for so long), I've gone ahead and purchased your app. This sort of thing torches my hide, and engaged, skilled devs must be supported. Don't get me wrong, Toysoft had filled a lot of the OS7 gaps for me, but this one just seems...well...wrong.

Shao - copying another dev is low. if someone did it to me I'd be mad too. But I suggest you don't lower yourself slagging his app off. let it stand on its own, and who's is best can win out. As for a plagiarist, well they have to live with that, knowing they can't innovate, only copy. I sure wouldn't want to be them, so the crime is the punishment as I see it.

Shao - unfortunately you have pretty much stopped supporting this app (as well as other apps you have released). I know you say there is an update in the pipeline now but before that, the app had just sat and any support emails sent never saw a reply.

Why even be upset it someone copies things from your app? Last I checked almost every app in BlackBerry World has been copied in some way from other apps.

I have both of these apps but will always support the developer who supports the end user.

I agree with this. I had the same issue, and after using Wallpaper Changer HD for a while, I had to stop using it altogether because of lack of support.

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It's funny how you were quick to point out this app copied yours, and than just as quickly left the chat when unsatisfied customers appeared

I second the fact that your support sucks

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Shao, I am using your app, and yes, it does display the popup saying "picture set as wallpaper"

I have rotation off since I don't want my wallpaper changing, I just want the superbar. But it still displays that popup every once in a while.

Also, wondering if there's any way to have the option for the superbar to be on top for the Q10?

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All these changes are in the right direction for Blackberry but still 3 things I see personnaly essential for BB and I hope that BB adds:
1 - The ability to create a password for folders or files
2 - Have a saving mode energis in it for example the screen becomes dark, the network is limited to 2G, applications deactivates ...
3 - Have a Power saver veroillage on the screen of aceuil

Yes to password folders, even on SD card.

Or secure space for sensitive photos and screenshots of confidential documents, like contracts, passwords and security settings... (not necessarily x-rated selfies, etc.)

Pasted via CB chen

I just want a weather ticker or something that I can half scroll up my screen and peek at weather. Not a full blown app that sucks the life from my z10.

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I have read that wallpaper changers sometimes does not work well with picture password. Is this true?


Reply to dannycebra nothing is free android apps especially data mine and or bombard your phone with ads devs need to pay bills and i would rather pay a small fee than have annoying ads keep arriving on my phone

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Although I enjoyed Wallpaper Changer HD in the past, I stopped using it bc 1) Message when wallpaper changes and 2) when I view a twitter pic, Wallpaper Changer HD would launch. Ended up deleting it

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current agendas posted on home screen or lockscreen. Is that possible? Any recommd apps. Making a list, screenshot making it wallpaper is a little too much work :(

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Thank you for the article. I just reinstalled the Wallpaper Changer HD deleted earlier from my Z30, and found it working for me except the battery percentage. XTreme Wallpaper Changer took its 1 star in the BBW.

"Custom Themes" - music to my ears! ♫
Thank you for the write up, Alicia. Nicely done!
But I'm one of those who enjoy BB10's built-in display (informational, yet minimalist text/icons).

I have owned Wallpaper Changer HD forever and have really enjoyed all the features. It still seems like the best wallpaper app to me, but if competition leads to more features and frequent updates, then the app users really win, amiright?

Getting rid of the pop up notification triggered by changes to wallpaper is a great idea, btw. I haven't been rotating my wallpapers so I'm not sure if it's already been fixed or not.

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