Xtreme Labs demos their Accuweather app built using Cascades

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2012 02:59 pm EDT

One of the more impressive demos shown at BlackBerry 10 Jam came from the folks at Xtreme Labs. Dave Protasowski, Principal Engineer and Sina Sojoodi, Principal, Product Development from Xtreme Labs showed off their Accuweather app using Cascades. In the video, they not only give a great look at the app but also show how simple the code can be to process and eventually push to the device in very little time. Check it out the video and drop some comments on what you think of it in action, to me -- this is what I've been waiting for from RIM. Fast, fluid and beautiful.



Is this app for the new BB 10 or is it already out for the current Playbook?


Love that app, so visually appealing to look at!


Amazing stuff. Long overdue.

Is it just me or does Dave remind anyone else of a "Nerdier" Crackerry Kevin with less enthusiasm!! :)


Very nice! And to think it took 2 weeks from scratch with the help of Cascades is even better. Developers should take note and be intrigued to jump on board.


Now that is smooth...


Asa developer, I was not that excited about Cascades. about 11 years ago, I developed on Qt for 4 years, and loved it. But when cascades was announced, the thought of going back to an old language like C++ after using languages better suiting to application development, was not appealing. But it sounds like they had the same thought, and were proven wrong... perhaps I will have a look.


Wow, that's going to look great on a BB10 device!

Rob Robertson

I love how fast the detail boxes on the right hand side expanded. This is going to be huge. Imagine if apps like Blaq were *that* smooth and responsive.

I hope those guys port Blaq to cascades. Would make a great app into an incredible app.


What's so ground breaking here? Apps with smooth motion? We sure have set some low standards.....


What is so groundbreaking about your post?


The only reason why I'm not impressed by this is probably because I didn't have to develop the app and the fact that HTC had this built into their sense UI for over 2 or 3 years now


It's not about the app itself, it's about how quick and easy it was to develop it for the platform. They will have that up in App World and ready for BB10. Being that it's a sharp looking weather app, they should sell a LOT of copies of it and make several thousand $$$. Not bad for two week's work.


ROFLMAO at xraytid and Kijb0204 cause they think the demo was about the app


+ A Great Laugh! Stupid is as stupid does! People need to think before they open mouth and insert foot! Thanks! Bulls Eye for catching them! LOL!


The lighting strike was wicked.


This is a bit underwhelming for someone with no knowledge of programming code, such as myself :P


that is why this was part of the developer conference and not the main session. LOL


What I realize as a non developer, is that they had planned it to be a 3 week project and they said it took them only 2. Seems like they saved a third of the estimated cost, which is a lot. Any developers love that.


cool, it definitely is smooth.

what Im hoping with cascades and a lot of apps in the blackberry eco-system especially for the bigger developers is better integration when needed. with most apps from apple/android devs you're constantly jumping in and out and I just hope cascades allows what they've been telling us with native apps. how seamless it connects with other areas of the phone without feeling like you're giving up a whole lot of privacy.


So Damn smooth!!

I can't wait to see this on a device in my hands in the future!! :D