XTop Mobile now available in beta form

By Bla1ze on 21 Jan 2011 03:29 pm EST
XTop Mobile

If you've never heard of XTop Mobile before that's likely because it has been "coming soon" forever now. That said, XTop Mobile has finally been released in a lovely beta fashion and is welcoming users to sign up and try out the service. That service promises to create a lot of productivity between you, your PC and your BlackBerry. The full feature set below:

  • Get real-time notification of all incoming calls directly on your Laptop / PC so you don't have to reach for your Smartphone during meetings or while you're at your desk.
  • View, send and receive emails from the BIS (i.e. hotmail, gmail) and BES accounts on your Smartphone, wherever you are, without having to connect to a 3rd Party Hotspot.
  • Send and receive SMS and PIN chat messages in a chat-like window directly from your Laptop / PC screen.
  • Add, edit and manage your Smartphone contacts directly from your Laptop / PC in real-time.
  • Automatically back-up of all contacts, emails and text messages every time you walk-up to your laptop.  

Sounds pretty awesome right? The beta is available now and gives you a full 30 days to try out the services. Full launch is expected next month but no details have yet been given indicating as to what the service may cost. Sadly, no Mac support is available as of yet either so this is just strictly for the Windows users out there. Give it a shot and let us know in the comments how it's working out for you.

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Reader comments

XTop Mobile now available in beta form


I wish someone would make it work the other way. What I want is to be able to access the files on my WiFi network from my Blackberry, not the other way around. Just let me connect to my network drives with a file manager. So I can grab things and copy them to my BB and vice-versa, using my BB.

I can hope.

You don't realize HOW hyped you got me based on all the things you pointed out that it can do....then you placed the "No Mac support"....and my happiness fell faster than panties on prom night.

Ya.. I been waiting a long, long time for this and and now that I have a Mac I was so pissed off I didn't even wanna post abt it, lol.

Apple\Mac free since April 2010 and loving it. Sony vaio Z with win 7 beats anything apple can produce. Listen to music/podcasts/radio on my Torch. So happy I'm not one of those apple zombies.

I just checked it out, and it doesn't support (or I haven't figured out) how to get BBM to work. It does have a list for PIN messages, but they don't count BBM as a PIN message...

Cool! Sounds similar to Blurts 2.0, but on steroids.
Blurts lacks the e-mail and contacts abilities, but adds pc-blackberry clipboard sharing.

The contact management sounds especially promising!

I've been using Blurts before it was released (original beta tester), but this might be worth checking out!

As for lack of BBM, I think that's something RIM has made hard to do...

BBM SDK has been announced and I think will be released soon. Hopefully it can be added to Blurts ASAP. My biggest thing is not being able to delete messages from Blurts. But anyway, Blurts is awesome. I know how much Blurts costs. Dirt cheap. I have a feeling this will be expensive?

downloaded and tried to install on windows xp machine and windows 7 machine... unable to install the &%$* software beta is garbage don't bother with it. i wasted 30 minutes and downloaded multiple times still won't work.

dowloaded it and Norton found a threat in the download and it deleted it before it could infect my laptop. Beware!!!!

lol... time to switch the antivirus broh, it probably caught it as a virus due to the nature of the software of acting similarly to a trojan/backdoor

Just finished installing this on my netbook.
Pretty Cool Program i must say.
But for some reason the sync process keep saying syncing for a long time.
The Layout of the programs need some more work done.
Very useful program.
I can keep my phone in my pocket while connected thru bluetooth still read my text and everything on my netbook.

Check if you have all the appropriate Bluetooth drivers. I had to update mine as it only allowed headset/speakerphone functionality. I downloaded updated drivers and got the peripheral device function added and then everything synced up fine.

Just downloaded the app, and had support help me with the syc issue.
Restarted and now up and running. Apparently these issues are cleaned up in the commercial release.

I am so tired of these useless application!

Do this, do that, push here, change that, enter this, enter that, connect, search, doesn't connect, now it does, passkey, what passkey, doesn't connect anymore, color of your underwear

I am so sick of "advanced applications", which need a million click so set it up.

Just annoying...

How do i install this app on my BlackBerry? I installed it on my PC and there it says go to xtop.mobile.com and download the app to the phone, but it only downloaded the same page from i downloaded that bookmark or whatever. Can someone please tell me how to install it on my BlackBerry Bold 9700? Thanks in advance!

Got this to work on my Bold 9700 last night. Like you said once you download and install the phone app the shortcut it installs takes you back to the download page. Don't worry about that, once the phone has rebooted you don't need to physically run anything.
Just run the install program on your pc and it should work just fine.
I really like the app except it won't handle email attachments yet but the support staff tell me they are working on it for the proper release version.

Pure garbage, i was unable to install it on windows 7 64bit despite many attempts. what a waste of time.

I see good things for this app in the future. I haven't tried all the features yet, but it seems to work fine for me so far and I really like the idea. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!

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if only it supports BBM and can access BBM through pc send msgs & broadcast/recieve, I will buy it for any price :P