Xobni Mobile Client Caught On Camera

By Bla1ze on 1 May 2009 08:52 am EDT
Xobni On BlackBerry!

Back in March Xobni announced that after the initial investment into the development of its Outlook plugin by Cisco for $7 Million dollars it had also signed on with the BlackBerry Partners Fund to assist with funding as well to the tune of $10 Million dollars, which in turn would contribute extensively to the further development of Xonbi. Now you might not have heard of Xobni before so have a look at the description below.

Xobni, the word “inbox” spelled backwards, has created a new way to look at your email. Xobni takes the effort out of organizing, searching, and navigating your email.

The only thing that has changed with email in the last ten years is that everyone gets more of it. Email is overflowing with information. It’s hard to find what you need. It’s hard to know what you have.

Xobni creates an information profile for each person you interact with, and surfaces historical information that is relevant to what you are working on. Xobni displays contact information, threaded conversations, attachments, related people, email usage statistics, and information from the web. Xobni organizes your communication data and makes it available through intuitive navigation and super fast search.

Xobni currently integrates with the popular Microsoft Outlook email client and will extend to integrate with other email clients, instant messaging applications, and social networks. 

Until recently, nothing has been shown of the Xobni on device application, but over at TechCrunch the shot above was posted showing the actual search/Lookup functionality being utilized for contacts. The picture according to TechCrunch was taken at a Mobile Meetup where Xobni executives were on hand. Stay tuned for this application cause it's gonna be a nice one and if you are not already using Xobni, I have to ask why not?

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Xobni Mobile Client Caught On Camera


This is certainly good news.... Been looking for an app. that had the same capabilities as xobni pared with outlook. It's good to hear that they are developing for the mobile platform as well :)

Will the mobile version act as the desktop and collect information from all e-mail accounts at once or manage them separately?

I used Xobni on desktop, it didn't perform very well. It would get lost over deleted or achieved email. The indexing lack punch to get through this issue. Now I haven't used it for awhile they may have improved, but I see this problem being worst on a smart phone not better.

If this is anything like their desktop client it will be awesome! I don't know how I lived without it and cant wait for a mobile version

This concept sounds interesting and looks great too...
It would give a totally new approach to my email interactions on my BB.

i keep going to the website but it is only giving me the option to download it for my desktop. Where can I dl it for my berry? :(

And I thought Xobni was useless on my PC, where it crashed my system...even after I thought it was useless.
Now they have it for blackberrys?

Once again Xobni = Sselesu