Xobni for BlackBerry updated to v2.0.28 - New features, UI updates, bug fixes and more!

Xobni for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 3 May 2011 04:21 pm EDT
Award winning contact management app Xobni for BlackBerry just got a HUGE update! The team has been hard at work over the last couple of months, compiling feedback and suggestions and evolving their app to the next level. Not only are there some expected bug fixes, but they also added in new features, functionality, and UI updates for both the free and paid versions. Check out the full change log after the break (it's long!) and to download hit one of the links below.

For more information and to download Xobni from the CrackBerry store
For more information and to download Xobni from BlackBerry App World

New Features/Functionality
  • Free users can now also enjoy the Universal Search functionality (w/ daily limits)
  • Edits in native BB address book now are updated in Xobni
  • A users account is temporarily locked after 5 failed login attempts (when user is logged out)
  • Added a “show password” checkbox on login screen to assist with small keyboard typing
  • Added low memory state manager, to detect when device is low on memory
  • Ability to restart a stopped contact scan due to server issues

UI Updates
  • Edit contact details improvements and refinements
  • Edit recipient screen improvements for composing emails and ability to set cc:, bcc:
  • Xobni Pro icon shown for Pro users in all screens
  • Improvements on forgot password dialog
  • “Xobni Cloud” now used through app for updating Xobni Cloud
  • Added a loading spinner to the LinkedIn login page for OS 5.0 and higher

Search & Ranking Improvements
  • Search refinements for improved search recall and ranking
  • Improvement to ranking to avoid new contacts from showing up too high in ranking
  • Improvement on phone number parsing for 6.0 devices
  • Merging improvements on initial load
  • Ability to search for suffix titles (e,g: Dr., Mr., etc.)
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • International character (UTF-8) fix when posting updates, for foreign characters support
  • Improvements and potential fix for email loss on app deletion/install
  • Fix to be able to add Xobni contacts to bcc line
  • Logout and login no longer prompts users to choose email accounts
  • Login screen retry and error handling improvements
  • Speed improvement for LinkedIn and Facebook profile rendering
  • Fix for pictures taken on touchscreen device to be incorrectly rotated
  • Only emails composed from Xobni, have Xobni signature appended (when on)
  • Fix for properly showing the date of a meeting in Xobni for recurring meetings
  • Loading spinner on facebook tab now detects if no profile match was found
  • Fix for handling snooze correctly during initial contact loading & later resume loading
  • Expanding the network section now selects the 1st member in the network
  • Various improvements and fixes
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Reader comments

Xobni for BlackBerry updated to v2.0.28 - New features, UI updates, bug fixes and more!


This actually has cloud storage for the blackberry only version?

If so that is awesome!

I purchased this app the week it was release and because I lost some contacts(when updating the OS), I stopped using it.

I have so many "double listings" for the exact same contact and info... I have spent HOURS editing and hiding these duplicates (there is NO DELETE in xobni). TOTALLY frustrating... only app I paid for, and NEVER use it.

I use the app a lot. I so many contacts (936) and I use them all! One bug I noticed is corrected is the e-mail closing and disapearing when you touch the escape key. I can also use it in the account I "flick" to Xobni in now! In the past I would flick to open the contact list and it would flip over to the account registered under Xobni. No more! I flick, select contacts, escape, theres my contacts in the address lines of the e-mail I started! I am going to utilize this application so much more now!

Well, I just don't learn.

I have installed Xobni in multiple versions, over multiple devices, over mutliple OS versions, over almost a year now.

AQgain and again and again it leaves me perplexed as to why it is so highly thought of (in fact, the fact that the CB staff seems to universally szwear by it is why I have continued to give it repeated tries.

This latest version, as all the others, is very frankly garbage. It does very little of what it promises (for example, it prioritizes my contacts when installed and then never again...people don't actively "rise" in the list so that my most frequent contacts are always at the top. It has never tracked SMS messages *at all*. As someone earlier noted, it creates multiple entries that upon syncing w/the server are re-created. I have to contuously re-hide the listserv (and SPAM) type e-mail addresses that I never actually e-mail to.

Never have I experienced a product that has left me so confused as to why it has such an apparently good rep. It is essentially useless to me, and I'm done.

I cringed when I read about the updates, it seemed like it wasn't enough. You made me realize this app still ain't for me.

Don't waste your time and energy with this crap! I found it's main features to be pretty usefull: 3 out of 4 times it would find the phone numbers for contacts I needed, especially the syncing to the paid outlook version is great. I used it from the beginning, always took it from the device after using it for four weeks and then hoped the next version would be better, but it always has the same problem again:

After using Xobni for two weeks, my Blackberry would freeze regularly for up to three minutes. On my Bold 9700 it would happen once every day. With the latest Xobni version and my Torch 9800, it just got worse: Whenever I used my Blackberry, every 100 to 300 seconds it would freeze for 60 to 120 seconds. I want to take a picture - Berry not reacting until I had waited a full minute. I want to enter a task or look up an appointment in the calender: It freezes for 50 seconds, then works for two minutes, then freezes again for two full minutes. Reboot wouldn't help. AFter I deleted Xobni and rebooted, everything was fine again and still is. (ALways with paid Xobni Pro)