Xobni for BlackBerry drops to just $1.99 for the holiday season

Xobni for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 3 Dec 2010 09:54 am EST

If you've been putting off your purchase of Xobni for BlackBerry due to the price tag, now is your chance to get it cheaper than ever. For the holiday season the price of Xobni for BlackBerry has dropped to just $1.99. You can pick up the "super address book" at this price for a limited time, so get on it before the promotion ends.

"We're really excited by all the positive reviews we've received from our users and the BlackBerry blogging community on our mobile app." says Michael Albers, Head of Mobile Product Development at Xobni "So, we're doing a holiday promotion to get even more people using the product and spreading the good word about what we think is the world's best and most comprehensive address book." 

Xobni for BlackBerry is available for most devices and has recently been updated to work with OS6 and the BlackBerry Torch. You can pick it up from BlackBerry App World or the CrackBerry App Store from the links below. A free trial is also available.

More information/download of Xobni in BlackBerry App World
More information/download of Xobni in the CrackBerry App Store

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Xobni for BlackBerry drops to just $1.99 for the holiday season


So I've upgraded my 9700 to OS 6...which has all the messages and tweets and everything all available under a contact. I use Xobni with Outlook at work but what additions does Xobni on the BlackBerry bring now that OS 6 seems to do everything in their video?

Agreed. I bought it for my 9700 with OS6. Does not show history of SMS with given person and creates useless entries. Nice interface but as said, OS6 does all and cleaner


Thanks for taking a look at Xobni!

There are some significant differences between the 6.0 native BlackBerry Address Book and Xobni.

Most importantly, Xobni finds, creates and updates contact data automatically based on your device emails, Phone, SMS and Address Book data - so there's no need to manually maintain an address book that's often out of date (The ultimate challenge of manually maintained Address Books). Basically Xobni constantly curates your Address Book. Through integration with LinkedIn/Facebook contacts are also annotated with the social information (picture, title, company, etc.) from those social networks.

Xobni also ranks your contacts based on your communication patterns from most important to least (e,g: if I type the letter "J" and we communicate most frequently, you should show up first in my list). And through robust and fast search, by first, last and company name, you'll easily find the person you need.

And when using our Outlook product, through our Xobni One service your contacts will always stay up to date and relevant, between your Desktop and Mobile. Keeping your data backed up and portable.

You can however always try out our product for yourself in a free trial by downloading from http://bb.xobni.com/ (from your phone).

In addition if you have further questions, never hesitate to contact our support team at mobilesupport@xobni.com.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Michael Albers
Dir. Product Management - Mobile

I was interested to give it a try, but deleted it when I saw 'create an account' page. What's with the need for an 'account'? I'm so sick of apps that want me to create another username and password. Won't do it anymore unless I really, really need the function. For example, I downloaded the new UPS app this week and tracked a parcel with no account set up or username and password crap.

The account is needed because you can also have Xobni One, and the Xobni Extension for Outlook on your PC which synchs data back and forth between your device and desktop, and that's why, it's also used to manage your license to the app, it's not based upon your PIN, just an email address.

I understand that the advanced web based functions that give cross platform versatility need some sort of identity verification. I wish that there was an option for a limited feature, mobile only function (I very rarely use a computer now). Apps that offer modest convenience gains but no necessary features just don't warrant another username and password to try remember. No offence to the app maker intended.


Sorry to hear that! Did you contact support yet? Simply click menu > contact xobni > contact support and we can help you out!


The one and major thing I hate about about this app is that it adds ALL email contacts even spam email addresses!! So i have to "hide" about 3 or so a day. Uninstalling.