Xobni for BlackBerry Beta - Rolling out bug fixes and improved BlackBerry performance soon

Xobni For BlackBerry Beta - Rolling out bug fixes and improved BlackBerry performance soon
By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2010 12:02 pm EDT

In our "What's on A CrackBerry BlackBerry" article, Xobni was insanely popular among the staff here. And with good reason as well. If you all listen to the CrackBerry podcast you've likely heard Adam profess his love for that many times as well but also, heard him mention of a few bugs that still remain. No worries though, Xobni has sent out their latest beta version to some of the original beta testing using and it has looked at and improved upon many users feedback. Some of the changes and additions are as follows:

  • Performance improvements for BlackBerrry local data integration
  • Performance improvements for scrolling in the search results
  • Better integration with Blackberry Address book
  • Trials and gift code activation
  • Phone number source and email snippet from Xobni One/Outlook
  • Xobni one status dialog
  • LinkedIn “Sign-in” integration for additional data access (in Options)

The update is said to be rolling out to the masses as soon as enough feedback has been generated from the beta testers. So far, in my using the application I can say it seems faster to access data and appears to have adjusted some of the slight lag seen when using the applicatiion. All in all, it was never really bothersome anyway in my opinion but, it does seem to of have been corrected with this release.



Are they going to include MAC Support, like they do for Outlook?


This is encouraging. I was about to buy the app when I came across some user reviews talking about some of the bugs that existed....which kept me from pulling the trigger on buying it. I hope this time around they (the bugs) are all addressed so I can give it a go.


This version is so much better, the indexing issues are fixed and operating and indexing speed is much better. The linkedin add-in works flawlessly.


..on their website. They mentioned they can give a 30 day refund, which is good.. but, they have no PayPal payment for it. Sucks to be me. :(

Duct Tape Panties

all this time I thought this was the same app as Sensobi


I am happy to see an update coming.. (in my mind) this App is a great concept with marginal execution (I own the App) and I'll be happy to see revision and improvement. I love the potential of an App like this.