XM Radio Online+ Now Available To Canadian Users

By Bla1ze on 11 Apr 2010 11:22 pm EDT
XM Radio Online+ Now Available To Canadian Users

As we reported on earlier, XM Radio Online has maintained its scheduled release date and is now available to all Canadian users. Offering up many of the same channels as the SIRIUS application, XM Radio online offers a free 14 day free trial so that you may check out the services.  As it stands, if you want XM Mobile you can get online and mobile for $7.99/mnth or if you are already an XM subscriber, you can pay an additional $2.99 just for the mobile access. Still no Howard but if you enjoy others channels on XM it may be worthwhile giving it look at. The app works over 3G and WiFi so no issues there and all devices 85xx and up numerically are supported, incl Storm series.

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XM Radio Online+ Now Available To Canadian Users


found the correct US app. Anyone already have an online account (for computer) and did you have to pay additional for the Blackberry access?

Anyone have ideas why I'm getting "data connection lost" when I have full 3G data svcs? I can stream over wifi, but not my normal data svc (which is 6GB so more than enough)... XM says its good on their end and Rogers says the same. Anyone else with this problem? (Bold 9700).

I second Flyboy's problem
I had this when I installed the original US app, it took me a while to get it working, for about 2 hours, then lost connection and could never get it back.

Now I just encounter "Data Connection Lost" with the Canadian app. Same phone. Cant stream with 3G, though Wi-Fi doesnt seem to be working either

Installed the Sirius app as well... same problem as the XM problem.. which isn't all that surprising as Sirius owns XM...

So far great, just have an extra battery near by.
This app is thirsty, and will eat your data plan if you aren't careful.

Installed while on 3g and set all permissions to allow but still only works on wifi. Sirius says its Rogers fault, Rogers offered limited help and redirected back to Sirius.

I think it is because you cannot set the
APN for rogers.

Grooveshark.com allows you to set this so it works.

Rogers apn is
username : wapuser1

This is an XM issue. They need to have those setting available to set.

I'm having the exact same problem listed above. I can stream fine over my wi-fi connection, but when I'm on the 3G network it says data connection lost and I can't stream at all.

XM tech support was no help. Just wondering if anyone has come across a solution.