XM Radio Online+ Coming To Canada

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2010 09:38 am EDT
XM Radio Online+ Coming To Canada

I'd like to say this comes as a surprise, but given that the SIRIUS app for BlackBerry already works in Canada to have an XM app show up is well, less then stellar news. Starting April 12th, XM listeners will be able to download the dedicated BlackBerry application to get XM on the go. Sharing the same subscription based model of it's counterpart SIRIUS app, you can expect to pay $7.99 a month for XM online+ or only $2.99 a month when bundled with an XM Canada subscription. A 14 day free trial will be included so you can check out the services and decide from there if you wish to sign up further. I hope some of the SIRIUS channels excluded from their app make the cut for XM otherwise, I'm not sure why this app in particular exists.

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XM Radio Online+ Coming To Canada


In Canada, XM and Sirius are still two different companies running two very different channel lineups, unlike in the USA where XM and Sirius run identical channels.

But the advertised lines ups that they used to promote the app are the exact same. So either someone got lazy and just copied and pasted the information or the US/Canada thing won't make any difference.

is there a way to change the settings for the sirius app from being wifi accessible only? i want to use it while i'm out driving but everytime i open the app, it says this is a wifi only service

Since when did the Sirius App work in Canada? Last I've seen, this is still a US only thing. Good that XM App is going to be released to Canada, but being a Sirius Canada subscriber, I'd like to get more details on how this works in Canada.

Can the Blackberry 9700 pick up the Howard Stern show? Use to be regular listener until he went on Sirius.

The official Sirius XM app doesn't carry the Howard channels, something to do with contracts/money or something like that. But don't let that discourage you. Flycast offers Howard 101. Check out flycast.fm from your phone's browser. Flycast is also good if your a fan of Bubba. You can pick up anyone of his affiliates on flycast.

BTW, if anyone here knows a better solution especially one that offers both Howard 100 and 101 let me know.

Read the article, the Sirius app is for the US, the XM app, is from xm canada, and it comes out later in the month

Although the Sirius app "works" in Canada (ie. no network restrictions, stream from anywhere world wide your Blackberry has network access)

You MUST have an American account to log into the service. A monster of a pain to Canadian subscribers.