XLabz bring 14 of their most popular PlayBook titles to BlackBerry 10

XLabz BlackBerry 10
By Alicia Erlich on 14 Feb 2013 08:15 am EST

If you've been waiting for some of your favorite applications to start populating BlackBerry World then worry no more. XLabz Technologies has brought fourteen of their most popular PlayBook applications to the BlackBerry Z10. Whether you're a fan of Groovy Notes, Uber Iris, The Logo Game, or just want to jot down your ideas or memories with a Day in Life - Journal, all of them have been developed from scratch to work with the new UI. Be sure to check out all of their offerings after the jump.

The only thing you need to know is that users who already own the PlayBook versions will need to repurchase these applications on their Z10. The developer states this is necessary in order to support the development costs. 

Check out all of XLabz Technologies' applications in BlackBerry World 

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XLabz bring 14 of their most popular PlayBook titles to BlackBerry 10


It would be even better if you didn't have buy the some app twice on a similar platform that's expensive

I was just asking this question in another thread:

So, if I purchased Groovy Notes & Vault for Playbook, do I have to purchased it again for the Z10? (Don't have my Z10 yet, as my recent purchase was returned due to a service issue on LTE, waiting to see if it gets fixed. I'm getting my Z10!)

If so, then I see no value in gettting any apps for PB, therefore it sound like the PB is really useless if you get a Z10! Is the PB gonna become a paperweight? Just saying...

These developers are killing the platform with their ridiculous price on useless apps. Some these are not even top. I don't mind paying for top apps,better side load than paying for it. Yeah right I have to pay twice for the same app? I purchased some of these apps for my PlayBook and you are asking me to pay again? Get lost. Why BlackBerry let these vampires get away with murder? How long does it take to convert an Android app?

The dual-pay issue is going to pose a problem. I know development need to recoup costs, but (many) BBWorld apps are already higher priced, lower quality and/or less available than their counterparts on Android or iOS.

iOS does this for iPad and Android will occasionally charge for "HD" versions, true, but when you pay $5 for an app that's not quite as good as the $1 version on another platform it becomes a hard sell for the platform.

Personally, I'm handling this by only buying quality apps. The problem is that there's a real dearth of apps right now. Even versus WP, the Play book and/or classic BB there's a gap.

ETA: it would be nice to see video previews of apps like Play and ubiquitous trial versions like WP's store.


If I like an app I don't mind paying for it (reasonable amount - no more than on other platforms). But I generally don't buy apps unless someone I know has it or if it has a trial.

@AlphineChem: Your concern is valid and we do understand that this might not be the ideal scenario for some of our users, but developing quality apps optimized for a drastically different screen size and DPI takes quite a lot of effort. It took us close to 4 months and 5 developers to get all these app developed and optimized specifically for the Z10.

If you have been our long time user of our apps, you would know that we listen and act on almost every customer concern, update our apps frequently to include user suggestions and all our apps have evolved significantly from their original form - thanks to our users. If we offer the apps for free we would not be able to support the development on the longer run and this is the only reason we have these as separate apps. Please note that our apps are not a port from Android or a scaled down version of our PlayBook apps but developed from ground up specifically for the Z10.

I use A Day in Life on my PlayBook and so I doubled dipped on A Day in Life for my Z10. It is next to unusable because the text is so damn tiny on it with no option to change the font size. The buttons are tiny as well. I appreciate that you are supporting the BB10 platform but taking the time to make your apps work on the smaller screen will prevent many headaches. Will these issues be fixed?

We will definitely fix this in the next but the next update. Since font size is a matter of personal preference we decided to keep it a level which is readable enough. We might introduce a font size picker which you can use to set the font size to your own preference. If you have any issues like these with any of our apps please feel free to mail bbsupport@xlabz.com and we will be sure to address them.

Hi XLabz. I will start by saying I really appreciate your support for the BlackBerry platform and I have some of your paid apps. That said, I think you need to treat BlackBerry users fairly, and in the same way as you treat users on other platforms. For example, do you charge iOS users twice for iPad apps and iPhone apps? If not, why would you expect BlackBerry users to be ok paying twice?

Yes, even on iOS our iPhone and iPad apps are priced separately and in some cases the iPad app is a little expensive than it's iPhone counterpart. We never treat BlackBerry users or for that matter any other platform users differently. As a matter of fact we have our most loyal customer base in the BlackBerry community than any other platforms. Also, from a development perspective developing a universal app on iOS and a universal app for PlayBook & Z10 are quite different.

I appreciate the effort of XLabz to bring solid quality Apps to the Z10. It takes time, effort and dollars to accomplish this. Sure, I would like everything for free but XLabz is not a charity. There in it to make a buck just like everyone else. If you like their products, well then you will have to buy them. If you don't want them, then don't buy them. It's your choice.

Everyone just got face'd. If you want to support BlackBerry and see them live on just re buy the app. If you just want to see them chug along the railroad then stick to free apps or don't re buy any. FYI if your fuel pump in your car goes out and you get it replaced it costs you parts plus labor. If it goes out again 2 months later under warranty, the part is free but you still have to pay the mechanic for his work to replace the part under warranty. Welcome to Capitalism folks.

I think they are being shortsighted in charging existing playbook users. The number of playbook users are small relative to potential sales of z10, and they would get quick visibility with good reviews from playbook users leaving review on z10. In an exchange of emails with XLabz they said there is no new functionality on z10.

I understand it takes time to develop the apps, but double charging is wrong and I never see it on Ios.

At least offer 50% off for people that have already spent their money on your apps.

We are more than willing to do that to our existing users but as of today RIM doesn't have a provision in the developer portal to choose a pricing model like that.

The same rule applies for Apple. If you buy an app on iphone....you have to buy it again on ipad. This isn't anything new. It's the way of the tablet and smartphone world. BB10 all the way!

As a user of several of these apps on my Playbooks I have no problem whatsoever paying again for them on my Z10 when it arrives. The extra expense is minimal, less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee in most cases and if we want to continue to see more quality apps and continued development then it is not unreasonable for them to ask that we pay for these apps again for BB10.

Some charge again and some don't. i have noticed many purchases I have made on my PB, I was able to transfer to my Z10.
That was cool.

It all depends I guess.
But I personally wouldn't be upset at having to pay again, its a different platform.

I don't know I feel on both sides of the fence for this one.

Don't get some people, you complain about lack of apps and especially native apps and then when developer takes the time to make a native app, you complain about the price. I have a couple of these on my playbook and i have no issue with paying to get it on my phone.

I bought a couch for the living room. Because I found it very comfortable, i want the same couch in the basement. So i went to the same store where i got the first one and I got the same color and all. Unfortunately, they did not give it to me for FREE despite my protestations that I already paid for the first one!!! Not even a 50% discount!!

Should I have gone to a different platform, er, store?

If you move the couch from your living room to your basement, do you have to pay the manufacturer for the privilege?

I wanted another couch for the basement, not the same couch, otherwise, i would not have a couch in the living room....but even if i wanted the same couch in the basement, i am not superman to be able to carry a couch alone. I would have to pay at least 2 people to do it. But if I did not want to shell out any penny, that couch would remain in the living room.

Whaaaaaaaaaat?!? You mean to tell me they won't do that?!? You want a second one on a different device, err, in a different room and they won't give you a free one?!?

This is an excellent example. Sometimes you just have to buy 2 of things.

Ea games also the same you have to pay twice, cos I have plants vs zombies on my playbook when I try to download from my z10 they ask me to pay again, so I think this is up to the company's, for example flycraft you can download the game one time for your playbook and z10

@ XLabs - this is a deal breaker for me: Can you sync the content in my PlayBook Groovy Notes with the app on the Z10?

You can Backup your data from your PlayBook to Dropbox and Restore that to your Z10 and vice versa. However, please note that automatic sync is currently not supported in GroovyNotes.

I have bought groovy notes and a day in life for both playbook and z10..... Great apps and i use them at work. Sometimes the playbook is too big. Great Apps, supportive devs.

Thanks XLabz,

Well Tinker - maybe YOU can answer. Is the content synchronized between PlayBook and Z10 versions of Groovy Notes? Thanks!

People who complain about non-native applications and then the price once it's native, JUST STOP COMPLAINING and DON'T BUY THE DAMN APPS!! But DON'T bash the developer. SUPPORT THEM!!! gosh.