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XIMAD's Epic sale starts TODAY - Over a dozen games for just $.99 each!

XIMAD's Epic Sale
By Kerri Neill on 19 Apr 2012 09:18 pm EDT

Once in a while a sale comes along that can only be described as Epic and today, that sale is here! XIMAD has just released a bunch of their games on sale for less than a dollar ($0.99). Many of these games are for various BlackBerry devices as well as a few for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Several of XIMAD’s games have been covered here on the blogs and can be seen here. Over 12 different games are available ranging from shooters to brain teasers. There is sure to be a game for everyone! Keep reading after the break to see all the games on sale.

XIMAD's Epic Sale

BBM Multiplayer Games

BlackJack Caribbean

BlackJack Caribbean – This fun BBM multiplayer game is all about winning. Play BlackJack against the one-eyed dealer in the hold of a pirates’ ship. Great music and atmosphere really add to the overall theme of the game.

More information / purchase BlackJack Caribbean

Fox and Geese

Fox and Geese - Another BBM multiplayer game where the geese win if they surround the fox and the fox wins only when 4 geese remain.

More information / purchase Fox and Geese

Brain Teasers

Brain Cube

Brain Cube Premium - Roll the cube through puzzles to find a way from one level to the next. Each level has different obstacles and mazes.

More information / purchase Brain Cube Premium

Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser - Some of the most challenging brain teaser games you'll ever find. Only 3% of the world's population can finish this game!

More information / purchase Brain Teaser

Droplets 2.0

Droplets 2.0 - Another fun little game to have on your BlackBerry. With 300 different levels, you'll never grow bored.

More information / purchase Droplets 2.0

Anne Geddes Magic Puzzles

Magic Puzzles: Anne Geddes - Enjoy the works of the famous photographer Anne Geddes while challenging your memory and attention to details.

More information / purchase Magic Puzzles - Anne Geddes


Bubble Birds & Bubble Birds 2

Bubble Birds & Bubble Birds 2 (Premium) - Bubble shooter games have always been popular and Bubble Birds is no exception. Both Bubble Birds and BB 2 have beautiful graphics in vivid colors that provide hours of entertainment as you try to clear the screen pairing up like colored birds.

More information / purchase Bubble Birds
More information / purchase Bubble Birds 2

Space Blast

Space Blast - Kill the aliens with their own weapons and remember you have no where else to go! The fate of humanity rests on you!

More information / purchase Space Blast

Ninja Shooter

Ninja Shooter -  Save the pandas by matching the ninjas and clearing the screen. Pandas will turn into ninjas of any color and help you win the game.

More information / purchase Ninja Shooter


Juminja - Shoot the canon that's filled with ninjas. Shoot 3 of the same color to make them explode. The more you shoot, the faster the ninjas appear.

More information / purchase Juminja


Photo Xonix

Photo Xonix - Cut the field into pieces revealing the picture underneath. Avoid hitting your enemies and complete the picture before time runs out.

More information / purchase Photo Xonix

There are a couple of games available for FREE that aren't listed above so make sure you head on over to App World and check out what XIMAD has to offer before the sale ends!

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XIMAD's Epic sale starts TODAY - Over a dozen games for just $.99 each!