XIMAD has released four awesome new games for BlackBerry - and they're FREE!

By Michelle Haag on 15 Oct 2011 10:48 am EDT
XIMAD games
XIMAD is rocking the games lately, and they just released four free ones for you to enjoy! All of them feature XIMAD's trademark style of bright, clean graphics and smooth gameplay, with plenty to keep you busy. Though not available yet for BlackBerry OS 7, you can grab these games FREE in App World for just about any other BlackBerry device at the links below.

is a variant of classic bubble popping games, with ninjas moving progressively closer to their goal, while you try to match and eliminate them to prevent it. Lots of catchy levels, natural sounds, and XIMAD's own pandas and ninjas combine together nicely in this free game.
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is similar to Bejeweled. In this game you match sparkling coins to form chains, which disappear when aligned. Options include 8 different currencies, sound effects, and increasingly harder levels.
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contains 100 riddles that are fun for the whole family. Super playful, bright graphics are eye catching and fun, and the riddles are not only searchable, but you can share your favorites with friends via email or SMS.
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Fox and Geese
is the classic Scandinavian game of Tafl, where your objective is (depending on which side you choose) for the geese to surround the fox, or the fox to eliminate the geese so only four remain. This game is integrated with BBM, so you can challenge your friends, or just play against the computer
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Reader comments

XIMAD has released four awesome new games for BlackBerry - and they're FREE!


I just got the 9350 Curve that has OS7, I thought that anything new that came out would be OS7!! What a bummer!!

No OS7...why did I even upgrade my phone if noone supports it. I'm unbelievably frustrated with RIM and other developers.

os7 is the os nobody cares about. it's just a stop gap for qnx. rim knows it, developers know it, customers know it.

Compatible with just about every phone except for os7 phones...Ooo and 9670 phones too! Can't figure out for the life of me why Devs just kick a nice phone like 9670 to the side but will develop for 8330 models and older still? It sucks how I have a not so old phone that never is compatible with any of the new apps coming out. O well it could be worse. I could have a new os7 phone that's not compatible...O wait ,that would be AWESOME anybody wanna trade?

Not all BlackBerry users own a BB7 device, and in fact I'm willing to bet the majority of them don't. In any case, the developer does have plans to release these games for BB7 also, have some patience. :)

Haha you guys are seriously crying because these aren't for OS7? Really? Go ahead and return your phone. No on cares. I'm glad you guys think OS7 is trash. Someday you'll be able to afford OS7 when OS9 comes out. Its the Best OS ever. Know that lag you get on OS6? Us OS7 owners don't get that...