XIMAD brings the classic game of Snake to your BlackBerry

Snake by XIMAD
By Michelle Haag on 23 Sep 2011 11:50 am EDT

XIMAD loves to bring games to BlackBerry, and they are quite good at it. One of their latest games is Snake, the classic game we all know and love. Wind your snake through dark caves, searching for treasures and avoiding obstacles. Two game modes - arcade and challenge - with high quality graphics, intuitive controls, and fun music all come together to improve gameplay and keep you entertained. Both touch screen and trackpad/trackball controls are supported, so you can play whichever way you prefer.

Snake is FREE to download with the option to remove ads and buy more levels with an in-app purchase. You can grab it today for most devices, though BlackBerry 7 devices are not supported at this time.

More information/screenshots and to download Snake Freemium

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Reader comments

XIMAD brings the classic game of Snake to your BlackBerry


This is BS they make an app for older versions of the BB but not for the latest and greatest got to love BB developers huh?

I'm going to try it. But it might not last long......4.8mb! Big file. If I lose interest quickly, it is gonzo.