Xenozu Youtube App Launches Via App World

By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2009 11:20 am EDT
Xenozu Youtube App Launches Via App World!

While browsing BlackBerry App World last night I happened to notice the Xenozu Youtube App under the Music & Video section and it appeared to be a new entry. Curious as to what exactly it was I downloaded and installed it to my Bold.

The application is one similar to the Youtube app currently offered by Google on the BlackBerry Storm. Some nice features are built in, such as being able to bookmark favorite videos and even search videos you have already watched in case you want to review your history. While not as polished looking as the Google-created app, it does function but at times seems to be a little latent in connecting. Overall, if you are looking for a different method in watching Youtube videos on your Blackberry you may want to check it out.

And to answer the question Willl it make Youtube videos look better?, the unfortunate answer is No it will not. It still connects to Youtube and looks for the mobile-converted videos which are in 3GP format, whereas the iPhone when connecting to Youtube looks for the H.264 converted versions, which also answers the question for some as to why Youtube looks better on the iPhone. The sad thing is the quality of the 3GP files is to be blamed on Youtube because in all reality 3GP files could have just as nice quality as the H.264 files if done properly.

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does it come with java connection issues?


just looked on app world and its NOT there


It won't find any videos. Doesn't matter what I search for or if I select top rated or any other preset videos... nothing ever loads. I followed the instructions & I was very excited about this for my Bold but it's a no go :(

I finally got videos to load but it takes forEVER and then once you finally get the list of videos, there are no thumbnails of the video, and when you select one... again... takes forever to load.
The browser is much faster.


This may be a dumb question, but why doesn't someone make a YouTube app for blackberry that searches for H.264 videos rather than 3GP videos?


it working for me, and it fast, i am using the sprint 8330 curve


why don't they just make a program that looks for H.264 video rather than the low quality 3gp? Then we would have better looking videos


works great on mine too


I to also do not see it on Ap World. Maybe its because I have a Storm and its not Storm Compatible?


Will Farrell does music videos?


lol that's what I was thinking too


Works with my 8350i with wifi connection.


Well its no surprise since studios and tv shows are more biased towards the iphony that for b.berries as to why blackberries use 3gp vs h264


Nope. Can't find it in app world. Not even if you search for it


still can not find to download.


i have been looking for this app and cant find it no where on blackberry app world can somebody help me out please i have a sprint 8330 curve

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Is Xenozu available for Pearls also ?

fisher 1

Is Xenozu available for Pearls also ?