XE Currency Converter goes native for BlackBerry 10

If currency conversion rates are something you need to keep track of then there is no reason to look any further.

By Bla1ze on 16 Mar 2013 10:16 pm EDT

For those of you out there who like to keep an eye on the current currency conversion rates, XE has now released their native app, XE Currency Converter for BlackBerry 10. It's simple app but despite that it's one that is used by millions of people each day, so to have it on BlackBerry 10 and have it done right is a good thing.


Supporting over 180 different currencies and offering the ability to monitor up to 10 at a time in addition to viewing historical charts and adjusting refresh rates, if currency conversion rates are something you need to keep track of then there is no reason to look any further.

The app is available right now in BlackBerry World, you can grab it by hitting the link below.

Download XE Currency Converter for BlackBerry 10

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1 by 1 the native apps will arrive. Thanks XE, for an excellent BB10 app.

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haha i see CB has the LE BB Z10 its se.xy aint it i cant stop using mine xD


Wait... was this a Android port at first?


i wish i had this from the beginning. how does that work when an app goes from Android to Native. is it a separate app or was there an update that updated the Android port to Native App?


Exactly, this is what I wanna know as well! Anyone have an answer?

Edit: Apparently, this was a new app, not an upgrade (from the comments below). I wonder if that's how it has to be, or whether that was the choice of XE to distinguish the native app...


The ported one appeared on AppWorld sometimes ago was not officially from XE, it was stolen and illegally ported by someone else, RIM removed it from AppWorld few weeks later.


Just downloaded, very happy with it


This was a new App. Had the Android port before and this was a new download, not an update. Works great!

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More to come! Awesome. Good sign

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Curse you all with your red z10s... I refuse to be jealous....


I solved my jealousy by getting a red transform shell from ShopCrackberry.com works like a charm!

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Lol. Me too.

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*Love* the red transform shell! It actually gives the z10 a whole different and super cool look!


Nice, as a biz owner I like XE Currency, rate is up to date.

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I love CB coz this app makes me updated to what's hot to download. Thanks a lot!

I hope soon, the Facebook app will be as good as how iOS runs it.

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Kevin Michaluk

Awesome. Downloading now!!

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One by one they will make all their Android ports native. Just download this. Thanks for the heads up.

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Awesome....this is one of my must haves....will be one of my first downloads. Now just need Telstra to release the device.


Say No more. This app is downloading as I
post this.

BlackQNX Via CB10


Already downloaded!

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Just what I need for my trip to Europe in the next few months. Downloading now..

Thanks for making this a native BB10 app, XE!


Lovely about time need more native apps.

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got iy, lovin it! thanks for letting us know it was out :)

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Rubin Boer

Great app!!

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Really cool app! Thanks!

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XE Currency for BB10 is a good free one but it does NOT support historical charts, and limit to 10 currencies only.

Try this native BB10 currency app: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/21198370/
- Live exchange rates
- Historical charts
- Offline mode
- Built-in calculator
- One touch to change base currency


Only supports 148 VS the 180 this free one is featured has. $0.99 ain't bad. Once I get my Q10, that'll be another one I might grab.


Yeah, it's been available for few days now. I missed this app. Now I only need Soundhound or Shazam and a better shift work calendar and I'll be all happy. I don't remember to use any other apps that are not already available in BB World. Never used instagram or skype either.


Easily my most used app on BB7.

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Matt J

Solid app. Great to see them rolling out consistently now.


Had this app on my 9900 and happy to have it now on the Z10.

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Downloaded. Works fine. Thanks.

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I usually go straight to their website instead installing the software


Not sure I need this but it's a nice to have. Never really go anywhere other than the US.

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Louis Belshaw

Deleted my other app for this native app. Great news I fing love you blackberry :)

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I had bookmarked the website, this is way better, downloading...


Sweet app. Thanks for the news.


This is cool. But would *really* love to see Bloomberg mobile for BB10! (Not the one that requires a Bloomberg account btw)


Nice, now let's hope that Kitco gets the Kcast software up soon too!
(FYI - Precious metals prices)