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xCloud - an iCloud solution for BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 14 Jul 2011 09:53 am EDT

So Apple will be releasing their iCloud this fall. This iCloud will store your documents, media and pretty much your life in a cloud (as long as it fits into a space of 5GB) and will automatically push them to their iProducts or PC. Earlier in the year, a company called Funambol announced a Mobile-Me like service that provided two-way synchronization with Outlook as well as synced pictures between your BlackBerry and PC – or with various social networking sites. Check out the original post here.

Funambol has recently announced the release of their own version of iCloud, called xCloud. This digital locker is a cross-platform service allowing for synchronization over a numerous brands of smart phones and platforms. In other words, you can sync a BlackBerry with an Android tablet or an iPhone. So the x in xCloud represents the cross platform support. They’ve also vastly improved their synchronization services since their previous versions. xCloud is based on the recently introduced Funambol MediaHub cloud digital locker solution for manufacturers, VAS providers and mobile operators. Funambol is offering both free and premium services with the xCloud. The free version gives you 150 MB of free storage. Premium plans include 5GB for $34.99 per year and 50 GB for $99.99 per year. You can grab the Funambol Sync Client for free from BlackBerry App World. Full press release after the jump.

More information on Funambol
More information/download Funambol Sync Client for BlackBerry smartphones

Funambol xCloud Provides Enhanced Digital Locker Service for Android and BlackBerry

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 7, 2011 – Funambol, the leader of smart cloud sync solutions, today launched its new Funambol xCloud digital locker as an iCloud-alternative for Android devices and BlackBerry mobile phones. Funambol xCloud wirelessly syncs rich media (e.g. pictures and videos), files and PIM data (e.g. contacts and calendar) between mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and MS Outlook via the cloud. It also allows rich media on Android devices and BlackBerry phones to be wirelessly shared with social networks and media sites such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube.

Unlike Apple iCloud that primarily works with Apple products, Funambol xCloud supports the broadest array of mobile device and data types. xCloud is based on the recently introduced Funambol MediaHub white-label ready solution for mobile operators, MSOs, MVNOs, VAS providers and device manufacturers that want to quickly provide a cloud digital locker. Funambol‘s new xcloud4Android and xcloud4BB are upgraded versions of its prior MobileMe-like services (named mm4android and mm4bb, respectively). The 'x' in 'Funambol xCloud' signifies that the Funambol digital locker is a cross-device and cross-platform service, which syncs data and media across multiple brands of devices. For example, Funambol xCloud supports syncing an Android phone with an iPad and PC, an iPhone with an Android tablet and Mac, or a BlackBerry phone with an iPad. Moreover, the new Funambol xCloud services sync more types of rich media, including videos and two-way picture sync, as well as files than its MobileMe-like predecessors.

"iCloud advances wireless cloud sync for Apple users, while Funambol xCloud provides it for everyone, whether they use Apple or not," said Amit Chawla, Funambol CEO. "Funambol xCloud is the leading iCloud-alternative digital locker for anyone who wants to wirelessly sync beyond the Apple silo."

Funambol xCloud4Android and xCloud4BB are immediately available. They provide users with 150M of free storage and offer premium plans for additional storage. Users can sign up for a free or premium account at and

About Funambol

Funambol is the leading provider of smart cloud sync solutions for mobile phones and connected devices, powered by open source. The commercial version of Funambol has been deployed by top mobile operators, device manufacturers, internet companies, service providers and ISVs. For more information, visit

Reader comments

xCloud - an iCloud solution for BlackBerry


The best thing about Funambol is that small businesses can create their own cloud because the server side component is Open Source.
The main drawback is that the user can't select which calendar to sync.

I wouldn't even bother getting into this. Apple will end up sueing them...remember folks, apple controls the world we live in... RIM needs a free service called RimJob.

Be very careful with Funambol sync version 10.0.1 it caused me no end of problems, lockups, issues rebooting. In searching the Funambol forums, other BB users were experiencing similar problems. In the end I had to wipe and restore my device, what a headache!

I had used Funambol v9 without problems, so I downgraded, and I was able to sync again.

Can't say that I've had any trouble with v. 10. The only things I sync are calendar and contacts.

I just finished setting it up on my blackberry and after the first sync I logged online to download the Mac client..then it hit me..

Why do I need xClient again?

My Mac Address Book and iCal both sync with my Gmail already with no use for extra software, and my blackberry syncs the address book and calendar natively too. and for tasks I use a much more powerful solution called Toodledo to sync between my BB using Pocket Informant, Mac using TaskUnifier, and the Toodledo web cloud. All for free.

Only reason I'd probably use xClient for is for pictures/videos which isn't worth a price tag and the hassel of an extra service and softwares running in the background.

But it's ability for cross platform sync is probably the main selling point.

I'm very leery of any cloud storage solution from a security viewpoint and personally would not store anything except for music and maybe pictures (wasn't DropBox recently affected?).

But it's nice to have something to compete against iCloud for those who are interested! :-)

Personally, I'm using SugarSync which currently I have a total of 58 GB worth of *free* through referrals! It's the best cross-platform Cloud Storage out there, supporting BlackBerry (but not PlayBook yet), Android, iPhone/iPad, Symbian, Windows on your PC, etc.

Should you wish to try this out, check out this link:

Hmmm... I can understand the appeal but why would we pay to use this service if we can use 7Digital for music and DropBox (or sugarsync) for everything else?
I'm just wondering if I'm missing something.

I've been using Funambol for about two years now. I actually run my own server for it at home, instead of using their cloud service. That's another really nice option with this software. If you don't trust your data to their cloud, put up your own. I only use it to sync my calendar and contacts between my phone and my wife's phone, as well as the outlook installed on both our computers. It's fast, easy, and relatively painless.

Have also been using Funambol for about two years. Currently on V. 10 with no issues.
Sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Pictures flawlessly. They do have new options to sync short videos and files. For what I sync. 150 MB on the free account is fine. For me it has been a good service, yet, I do understand the risk when it comes to the cloud. It is also a pain when I upgrade my OS, because I have to resync everything, however, I have found some ways to speed that process up.