Beta: Xbox Live + BlackBerry = XBerry Live!

By Click on 13 Oct 2008 01:42 am EDT
Xberry Live!

I don't know about you but I am a HUGE Xbox360 FanBoy! I don't know how many times I wished there was an app that I could put on my BlackBerry to show me who on my friends list was online and playing what. Enter Xberry Live!, your new best friend to see who's playing, what that person is playing, and what games have they played in the past (as long as that person has all of that enabled in their preferences). You don't just have to add your friends off your list, you can add anyone with a Xbox Live Gamer Tag! More after the jump.

XBerry Live! 2

XBerry Live! 3

One feature that was added into this application is the ability to know when there is a newer version out and it will let you know to update the app. Keep in mind that this is a BETA app so there may be some minor bugs (only install if you're comfortable with beta apps). Xberry will work for BlackBerry smartphones running OS version 4.2.1 and up and it is available on 81xx, 83xx, 87xx, 88xx, and 9000! 

To download, type in this URL in your BlackBerry's web browser:

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Beta: Xbox Live + BlackBerry = XBerry Live!


Just a question, do you have to upload all of your friends into the system manually?? Or is there a way to add all of your current friends in one fail swoop? Also how do I get that cool green Icon to appear???

I'm the developer of XBerry Live! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! Please let me know if you find any bugs or problems.

jordanodiaz87: Sorry but i'm am XBOX 360 fanboy ;) No PS3/PSP version ever.

DogFromHell: You'll have to manually input the gamertags you want to track. Adding your account friends list means that XBerry would need to ask for your windows live credentials which translates to a security risk.

i hope you can help me. I keep getting error messages. It is telling me the link does not work. I am copy and pasting it. Am i doing something wrong?

Hi all. I have been getting problems since ver. 2.99 with crash the app when i tried update my friends. It gives different codes of problems every time. What can you say about it?

just a question... i got it for my storm and it does recognize any gamer tag i enter into the application at all. like the name you see here for me is my exact gamer tag and it does work. i tried it with everyone on my friends list and nothing... any help would be greatly appreciated. my email is


Hey jxlarrea,

Thanks for this app. I'm an avid Xbox 360 gamer, plus a new BB user...have a blog dedicated to Xbox Live and BB...coincidence? Thanks for the app. I will be trying it out on the Storm next month.

Please send me a friend request. Gamertag: AppleTrak

I'll keep you posted on how it works with the Storm. I'm also a developer looking at getting into BB development. If you need some assistance on updates, or code QA, let me know.

I got me a Storm yesterday (after waiting 3 hours in line, and being told to come back later in the day due to crashed Verizon network).

Anyway, this is my first BB. A former Treo junky. First app I installed was Xberry Live.

Works fairly well...though I have a steep learning curve. BB, touchscreen, no physical keyboard.

Hoping to give it more time to play with, and maybe see if I can help improve it for the cool Storm touchscreen.

I am excited for a new app for Xbox Live. I sent a message to Microsoft about 5 weeks ago asking for a blackberry application.

One thing I would like to see in the future is a way to message friends. I am also a fan of integrating it with Windows LiveID so that your friends list is in automatically. I disagree about a security issue as the BlackBerry is known for its protection. I mean we get email from Gmail and log onto AIM and even Windows Messenger. Inputting the tags isnt what bothers me as much as not being able to message the people on their xbox and vice versa. Just like the messages work on the computer. I am looking forward to that app.

Also my icon on my 8330 curve does not look like the one in the picture. Mine looks a bit more ghetto. Its like a blue etch-a-sketch with a X in the top right corner. Just FYI

I'd love to help test any thing that you can develop as far as improving the applications that merge xbox and blackberry. While gaming didnt exactly ruin my life, it sure has changed it.

Again thanks for making the app and i look forward to future versions.

to the developer of this add thank u. this is a step forward. hopefully the next update will be able to send messages to xboxlive friends.

Please make it possible tnx.

I like this app. I'm gonna definitely play around with it.

My gamertag is MassoniteX360 if anyone wants to play some NHL 09 :)

OMG OMG OMG. this is way sweet. Wish that you could just enter your gamer tag and have it pull your friends list. Also it would be nice to be able to send a msg. All in all I love it though

too bad they aint got a ps3 version
but if wanna play against me hit me up
gamertag kilo720
but keep us updated on this kev and if anything bout a ps3 version post it and update on this app


is anyone else as excited about this as I am?!?!?!?!?

I have to admit, this is a very cool app. Awesome as it is, but once more features are added, this could be one of the coolest apps on the blackberry.

Sweet app. Worked until I went to "move" the icon but then the "icon" dissapeared. Thought I may have "hidden" it but I didn't. Icon completely gone but the program still shows as installed. I'm on a 8330 Curve (OS 4.5.XX). Any thoughts?

For those that for some reason can't get to see the xberry icon, i just release a new version 2.3 which hopefully will fix it.

I love this program! No having a go to a website and select a gamertag to see if someone is on. I would love to be able to send a message to friends and retrieve messages also. Keep up the great work!

Sigh... With version 2.4 I don't get an icon at all. The app is installed but NO icon... Even after reboot. Curve 833

No restrictive IT policies that I'm aware of. The app runs fine from the install screen but when I go back to the desktop the icon is missing (not hidden, I've checked)... and the app appears in my application list. I'm running OS 4.5.077 on a Telus Mobility 8330 Curve...

I installed this app but don't see its working? I logged into my xbox live account and yet not showing online...mayb it takes some time..dunno..

I'll check again soon.

I'm a huge gamer but I game on the Ps3...mainly shooters like Socom Confrontation, which comes out tomorrow...and I will feel a sudden illness come on before work. Anyway, will there please be a Ps3 version?! This app looks awesome...great job! Have an answer? Hit me up with a friends invite on psn: xWIDOWx

Never say never! Lol...thanks for the info though. Any other smart peeps going to make a ps3 version?

Hi-Dee Hooo :)

I recently started using the Xbox Live website on my BB and thought that that was pretty cool ( for those who don't know), but this is sweet!
Good Job, Xavier!
Works beautifully on my 8310 running

virtualjustice im so sorry about that. I've tested the app in all the devices and the icon works just fine. I really have no idea what could have gone wrong in your installation :(

virutaljustice what theme are you using? could you try switching to the default theme and reboot your phone?

Yes!!! That's it! Went to the standard "Icon" theme and voila there it is! Can you make it work for the "Today" theme. I would much prefer to have it work on that... Thanks for not giving up!

now this is awesome: i can see who's online and try to plan some CoD4 matches, and my girl thinks i'm checking text messages..haha beautiful!

This is a great app that I love and it works well, it just seems to be draining my battery, did any one else notice a decline in battery performance after installing this app?

As with any app running in the background that constantly retrieves data it will drain your battery. Make sure you close it when you are not using it.

I'll consider in future version some kind of "Away" mode where the app doesnt update your contacts when its running on the background.

I understand what you mean, if you do get that away mode, I will definatley re-download it. I dont always have access to a charger so I really can't scrafice the battery loss. Maybe i should just get a set of new batteries lol. It is a great app though and I thank and commend you for it!

Great Apps. If we could send and receive message to Xbox Live user this would be amazing although I doubt it would be possible if you want to avoid linking the passport account to this.

Suggestion: Maybe give the option to NOT load the icon/picture in an attempt to save data? You may not know but us Canadian get screwed badly on data rates so we try to save everywhere we can ;)

This looks exceptionally cool, trouble is I can't add any gamertags. Whenever I add one it says 'Please verify the gamertag and try again'.

Any ideas??

I added about 2 gamertags then the next couple it's giving me the same error. "please verify the gamertag and try again"

Sweet application and thanks for all of the updates. It is great to see you are constantly working keep this an awesome app. Thanks again.

This app works great and the updates are awesome as well. One thing I'd like to see is the ability to assign a tone for when someone logs in to Live. Thanks for the app and keep up the good work.

I am posting this for "dogfromhell", he is getting an error message "uncaught exception error, the application xberry has timed out", and "responce process terminated". Any help would be appriciated. This is also using ver. 2.99

I keep getting unexained exception errors every time the app tries to update since the latest 2.99 version, you have any recommendations?


I'm so sorry about this, i'm still trying to figure out what went wrong. The solution for now is to UNINSTALL XBERRY LIVE! and CLEAN INSTALL IT AGAIN.

Download OTA:

You will have to add the gamertags again but at least the app will work.

Sorry :(

Hi all. Im still getting the same crash and reports after reinstall the app. Any solution? I still love the app but i want it working not crashing.

I got my 8100 Pearl to stop crashing by changing the update setting from "manual" to "30 minutes". That seems to be where the problem may lie. Gotta change it fast, though, before it tries to update otherwise you have to keep trying to do it over and over.

The download link won't work until around Wednesday. Long story short, my laptop got stolen and now i have to wait 2-3 business days to get the new code signatures from RIM.

i downloaded it awhile ago, currently have 2.99, and now when i load it i get an update saying 3.1 is available but when i try to update, i get an error "page not found."
i also typed the URL directly and got same error message.

I think this is a common issue. I get the exact same problem with the new version (and only starting with the new version) on my 8130.

I suspect that he broke something and is trying to fix it, as there's been two updates released for it today.

I'm having the same issues (uncaught exception)...since v2.99. I thought I'd download the update for v3.2 and that would take care of it. Now,the app won't even open so I can't change the update settings from manual to 30 minutes as the previous post sugguests. If anybody figures it out I'd love to know.

I've also been having issues after version 3.1.

Now with 3.3 it crashes after it opens and starts updating.

working now, but if its set on Manual update --> errors!, have to set it to 30mins, i want Manual to work though!, got a BOLD

This application is great but it says all my friends are always off line... Even including myself... I double check by turning my x box on and this app... But my friends are always off line on my app

Is xberry live down? I haven't been able to update/add, etc. To the app since tuesday. I thought it was an issue with the app. I even uninstalled it several times. Tried a different storm and its happening in that one as well.

i just downloaded this app onto my new curve and every gamertag i enter asks me to verify them and tells me they are incorrect. this app needs to be worked on if i can't get my friends on the list what's the point of having it on m phone?

i just downloaded this app onto my new curve and every gamertag i enter asks me to verify them and tells me they are incorrect. this app needs to be worked on if i can't get my friends on the list what's the point of having it on m phone?

when i try to add my gamer tag on my curve 8900 it say's please verify gamertag and try again does any one know what i should do please and thanx ps. if you can tell me in over xbox live my gamertag is ''o NiNjAxNiNjA o'' later

i am having the same problem with adding gamer tags if anyone can help please let me know i totally want to use this app

I contacted Juan Xavier Larrea who is the guy that wrote this app.
He told me he needed a donation then he would put my blackerry pin # into his database and then the app woud work.
Well I donated 5 dollars and gave him my pin. Sure enough I could log in and add friends but the app does not update. If your friend is online your app wont show this.
I again tried to contact Juan Xavier Larrea to see about fixing my problem but since he got my money he has not returned one single message.

He wrote a app for the iphone that sells for $1.99 in the app store. He doesnt care about the blackberry any longer.
Save your money!

Dude im in the exact same position your in but the only difference is that he never activated my account once I donated. Every time I try to add a gamertag it says what everyone else is having problems with. I sent a message on the his XBerry page with all my info and he still didnt activate it. I even sent him a message on his facebook... no reply. So today I go to check his website and wouldnt ya know... he has completely removed the Xberry page.. This guy literally took my money. Dont download or donate to this douche

I'm a huge fan of XboxLive. I can't get the URL to work. I get errors this and errors that on both my phone and computer...Anyway anyone can help. I want this app bad...

Hi, I've got a 9630 Tour v4.7.1.61. I cant seem to get the Xberry to work. Every time I try to add my gamertag, or any gamertag, it tells me "Please verify the gamertag and try again" does anyone have any suggestions? I'm really excited to get this app to work

Has anyone been able to get XBerry to work correctly? I also have been getting to please verify the gamertag and try agian.

I have no problem installing the app on my phone, but when I try to add a gamertag it tells me to "please verify the gamertag and try again" and i have uninstalled and reintalled multiple times. I have also tried changing just about all the option and the permissions and still nothing. I would love some help!!!! (I have a Nextel Blackberry Curve 8350i)

Hey, I have the same problem. It won't even update Juan xavier and I know he is online. Is says the header thing...

I know it's not my phone or OS because I told someone with a 4.5 OS to try it and it didn't work.

I have 5.0 on an 8330.

I really want this to work.
I looked and it seems to be the only one for blackberries!
Why??? Is it easy to build an app?

We should make a website with app requests!


I am having the same problem as the guys above. I would LOVE to know how to fix this. Would love to have this app on my phone and use it.

I'm having trouble with this "xberry live" app. It's plain white and it won't let me add gamertages. When I push the menu button (left of trackball) it brings up, about, log, configure, and add. But nothing works, I need help.

I'm having trouble with this "xberry live" app. It's plain white and it won't let me add gamertages. When I push the menu button (left of trackball) it brings up, about, log, configure, and add. But nothing works, I need help.

I'm having trouble with this "xberry live" app. It's plain white and it won't let me add gamertages. When I push the menu button (left of trackball) it brings up, about, log, configure, and add. But nothing works, I need help.

This sounds like a great app, but there are those of us (myself included) who cant seem to get there. The link just keep timing out.