WWF Earth Hour App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2010 03:15 pm EST
Earth Hour for BlackBerryEarth Hour for BlackBerry

As I write this, Earth Hour is some 16 days, 1 hour, 36 minutes and 9 seconds away and as of right now you can now download the Earth Hour app for BlackBerry Smartphones straight from App World. Here's the official description:

Earth Hour is Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 p.m. local time and encourages people to turn off their lights to show support for action on climate change.

As lights go off around the world, this application will keep you connected with news, local events and participants from across the globe. Join the movement and stay in the conversation as WWF teams and individual supporters get ready for the big day.

During Earth Hour you can countdown with us, see photos of cities across the globe celebrating and submit your own photos of how you are spending the big night.

For more information on Earth Hour, you can check out earthhour.org. To download the app (built by Xtreme Labs), visit the link below.

Reader comments

WWF Earth Hour App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available


People are such swine for "supporting" earth hour. The fact that you are downloading, sending images, etc for this uses energy which doesnt need to be used. Anyone turning their lights off for an hour is not really helping the earth. You have to be conserving all the time.

also i wonder how much `extra` power they used to create the app, and then market it, dont get me wront we need to look after our planet, but an app that uses up power im sure isnt quite the message they were going for

So that I can turn on EVERY appliance & light on in the house,
Crank up the lawn lower and run the home the back-up generator while I drink some beer (or Jager) with the frige open. Al Gore LIED! CAP & TRADE must GEAUX!,

Hahaha, I'm with you. Headed out to download this app now so I can cut on every electrical device in my house for an hour!

While all the retards of the world are gonna be sitting around in the dark ON A SATURDAY NIGHT to "show" their support for climate change ... I will be at a bar socializing with other people getting completely hammered ...

i wonder how much electricity will be used by all the blackberry's downloading this app, running it as a flashlight during the hour off, and taking photos with flash...

load of crap..the whole concept of people destroying the earth unless they use a particular light bulb, stop eating meat, don't use air conditioning, don't use toilets with more than a half gallon tank, etc...the list is endless.

Earth hour is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. During earth hour, I plan to turn ON ever single light and electrical appliance in my house, start up my car, throw recyclables in the trash, flush my toilet non-stop for the entire hour, then I'll go outside and pee on a squirrel.

Retarded hippies.

I really think you're on to something. Can we get a pee-on-squirrel app for those of us who can't catch one in time?

I dont support excessive waste by any means but people who think they are good people and not wasters, and are friends of the earth because they turn off their lights for one hour are ridiculous. Then you tell them you are not participating and they gasp as if you are worse then them. Try and conserve where you can every day, do try and clear your conscience for another year by having no lights on for one hour...

The best thing Al Gore ever invented....global warming....read all about it in his book.... you can find it in the fiction section...

The best thing Al Gore ever invented is the internet. I'm pretty sure the planet hates him for having invented Global Warming.

Apparently I am anti-green. So in light of this, on Earth hour, I believe I will turn everything I own on and then go outside and empty a couple of can of aresol. =)

so you turn off your lights to conserve power so that it reduces the burning of fossil fuels. this in turn delays global warming. then this app keeps you constantly updated with a wifi link which draws power from your router and your phone, their servers, etc - and this is to help the animals?

The earth is so messed up that it is gonna take over 100 years to right itself. I am not up to leaving my lights off and not driving or charging my BB for 100 years. -_-

Wow so much hate in here it's disgusting. Is that what our world is reduced to these days-hating on people for doing what they think is right?? Whether or not you agree with it is irrelevant, jeez.

not hating, LAUGHING at so many imbeciles buy into this theory. "There's one born every minute."

on how dumb the world has become ... it is hillarious ... "Hey did you turn off your lights last night for an hour to help save the Earth?! ... YES I DID!!!" ... hahahaha yay we have found the answer to global warming

lol at all the comments sad but true, Earth people make me laugh. Don't get me wrong I recycle and do the small things but i'll pass on sitting on the floor in the dark for an hour

I'm all for turning lights off and all, but it's proven scientists only have data for the past 150 years. In the early days the devices used to measure were also very inaccurate. And What ever happened to the previous world scare tactic that was propogated in the 70's that within 30 years the world would be heading for an ICE AGE... That theory went the way of the dodo bird, the same as the global warming theory will one day.

All the global warming theory is would be a concerted effort by govt's of the world to further hold the people down, rather than empowering the people. Then further monetizing it through "carbon credits".

Rich get richer, poor get poorer, new world order, etc etc.

And on WWF Earth Day, will Al Gore not use power in his home, and thus free up enough power to power a normal working man's home for weeks at the same rate? Will the guy also not drive in his arsenal of SUV's OR fly by himself on his provate jet to other luxury destinations unknown?

Only time will tell.

Not hatin, just statin'

Environmentalism and cap and trade have killed more people than cigarettes. When you legislate things that destroy my freedoms all in the 'hopes' of saving the Earth (that doesn't need saving) - you're damn right I'm going to get angry. You nutjobs just won't learn.

The fact that most people think this has something to do with wrestling should say a lot for the World Wildlife Foundation's "goal". I'd much rather have a countdown to WrestleMania 26 then some bull**** nobody but sheep are gonna participate in.

Marking Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 p.m on my calender. Note to self... Start spraying 20 cans of aerosol into the sky by 8:30 sharp

I was going to say something witty regarding the turd known as Al Gore and his junk science. I see everyone beat me to it! Make him go away. Oh, and this app can, too...

why it's getting warmer on Mars? Scientists have been watching their polar ice caps receding for a decade. Is it all the SUV's? Too many cheap incandescent bulbs up there? Gimme a break.....Id rather have another farting app.

I'm not sure why, but this had me cracking up at work. "Id rather have another farting app." thanks for the laugh!

LOL, I regularly coordinate an extra power usage hour to make up for Earth Hour. Mostly as a joke because most environmentalists are mindless idiots and annoy the crap out of me. Also, using electricity is good for the economy!

If you really want to be an environmentalist, move to africa and stop enjoying electricity or manufactured goods.

I didn't think you would want to....

This is the dumbest app I have seen. People need to realize that Climate change(formerly known as Global Warming until data came out showing the earth is not getting hot but getting cooler over the past ten years) is just a theory. That means that it cant be proven or disprove, however more evidence has been coming out recently helping to disprove it.

I ask that everyone turn on your lights, flush your toilet, burn some paper, and rev your truck engine.

P.S. has anyone seen Al Gore since Climate-Gate?

I just bought a RC truck that uses Nitro Methane Fuel to power it. And I read about this app.


I'll avoid the app, but I've marked my calendar so I can fire up my evil SUVs...all three of them. Probably a good time to tune my lawnmower, test my central air and check that I don't have any burnt out incandescent bulbs anywhere in my home. Take that Goracle...you twit!

apparently this isn't a very popular app? I makes people want to pee on squirrels and stuff....Not sure why everyones is bashing it? If you don't like it don't download it.. Seems simple to me.

I know that WWF hasn't stood for World Wrestling Federation for a very long time,but it sure still makes me think of that every single time I see it. It also makes things like this much funnier if you picture Hulk Hogan yelling "this Earth Hour clock is unbelievable, Brother!"

You know like the ones they used to use to call Batman? I would to use that to shine in my nieghbors houses if they are dumb enough to participate in this stupidity.

Maybe this year the hypocritical, lying, deceptive, globalist scum Al gore will actually participate.

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