WWE Superstars stickers available as a free download in BBM for a limited time!

By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2014 07:02 pm EDT

Although it was covered in the press release, we know not everyone reads through the full articles. So as a reminder in case you missed it, with the new BBM rolling out today if you're a fan of the WWE or wrestling in general make sure you grab the WWE Superstars sticker pack that's available as a free download for a limited time.

There's a little something for everyone in it whether you're a new fan of the WWE or an old school fan. The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Goldust, Kane, John Cena, The Undertaker and more make appearances. My personal favorite? The Ultimate Warrior!

If you downloaded the new BBM already, open it up, got to your menu on the left and enter the Shop. From there, you'll see all the available sticker packs. Just click on the WWE Superstars and they're yours!

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WWE Superstars stickers available as a free download in BBM for a limited time!



Turn on development mode, go to BlackBerry World setting and insert 22531423 and you should get the new BBM.

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Me too. There is a set of large emoticons from BlackBerry too for free. I tried sending them last night to contacts who had not upgraded yet, and they could not see the stickers. BBM 2.1 required at both ends I guess. I like the store idea though. Lots of potential there.

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Was excited to get the WWE Stickers but they're not available in South Africa :(

I want The Undertaker sticker.

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To get @BBM sticker packs not available to you in shop, have someone send you a sticker from said pack, tap then download.


Just purchase all the packs ($6.45 US) cheapskates!

Turn on development mode, go to BlackBerry World setting and insert 22531423 and you should get the new BBM.

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Yeah I still haven't received the update for BBM. Maybe they shouldn't have announced the update until it had started to make its way around. This is a small reason for why they are where they are these days.

Try this:

1. Go to Appworld
2. Click the "All" in the lower left corner.
3. Click "My World"
4. Click "My Apps & Games"
5. Click "Check for Updates"

It should appear as an update in the list.

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I'm on Rogers. I'm in Canada. I have the update.

Try refreshing BBW or loading it from the website. It's certainly there. might still be filtering through but it's there.

Im in Toronto in Rogers and have not yet received the update either. Tried refreshing BBW but nothing. Im about to check the web. You are not alone or crazy! Lol

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Don't just refresh, for some reason it's not popping up on refresh, open the BBM in BBW it will say update there.

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I've been refreshing BBW since I saw the other post about a BBM update many hours ago. No problem I guess I'll get it tomorrow.
(I just hope they make it better for android and apple users)

Take care and have a good one.

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In Canada as well as on Rogers. I'm a Z10 and my daughter (unfortunately) iPhone and we can both got the update.

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No its updated as I said it's not popping up on Refresh in BlackBerry World, you have to open BBM app and you will be able to update it.

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Please make some NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB sticker packs! That would be awesome! What would be even better is if they put out Team sticker packs!

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I thought so too but if someone who has the WWE stickers sends you one you can tap the sticker and you'll see an option to download the pack

Hi can you send me a WWE sticker also? Pin:2B74FAB8.

Thank you!

Posted via CB App on my White Z30 :)

Hello!! Can u be kind enough to send me a wwe sticker? Not available in my country pin: 7430C332 thanks a lot

There is an option that somebody will send me one of the WWE sticker? I realy want it and this is inaccessible in Poland.

Can you make me this favor, please.


Thanks a lot.

I'm in London this week. Does this mean I can't download until I'm back home? How long will they be FREE (anyone)??

Posted via CB10 from my Z30.

How do you use the stickers? I have the update via Rogers on my Z10 but no clue how or where to use them. I have the bbm and wwe stickers downloaded

Posted via my ZED10

For those of you who don't see the update, you may have to go to bb world and search bbm and tap to open and only then u might see update ! Thats how I got mine here in canada! I didn't receive a notification and when I searched for updates in my bb world it didn't find anything!!

Posted via CB10

Send me a sticker please. Not in my country, Việt Nam, either.

My pin:24C28415


It's not a phone, it's a 

The new bbm is not available in the US on at&t as I write this.
Seems to be one of them BlackBerry release dates. April 1st + X.

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try going into bb world go into your apps and under the installed apps click on bbm it should say to update. That's how i got mine sometimes the updates don't come through so I check them that way and it usually works. Im on att also.

Worked for me, too. Thanks! It should show up in the BlackBerry world updates though...

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You'll have to get someone who does have the WWE sticker pack to send you one, from there you can download the pack

No update for me, i'm in canada, ontario. I searched bbm in blackberry world and it seems I have the latst version, no update available :(

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Go to BlackBerry World and go to the BBM app. See if it says "update" where it normally says "installed" that's what I did

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Got both free ones. I don't care to have the other ones even for free personally. I will pay for anything I like thought and I hope all the artists do well. Now just to get cross platform video chat

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How do you delete them or organize the sticker pages I want BBM first page but its wwe


Hey bla1ze do you know what happen with the slight increase in size for the emoticons? Remember gadway mentioning it would be implemented with this update..

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I wondered this as well! I'm in Jamaica and woke up to the update this morning; I don't see the WWE pack, but frankly I'm kinda tired of the hotch-potch from BBRY and running all over 'fixing' things on this darn phone. It is high time things work universally now!! Not switching, but get the damn house in order!

Get somebody who has it to bbm one to you, after you get it tap the sticker, you will see a full page image, on the lower right hand corner there is a magnifying glass, tap that, it will take you to the page where you can download the rest of stickers in WWF for free.

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I can't believe stickers don't work in groups! That's where I could have fun with em!

From my new z30

I tried that too and I think it's absolutely ridiculous that they didn't allow that features in this update.

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I just wanna bang my head on a wall..
Why would they do that?
When I got the update, first thing I did was open my BBM group and look for stickers - NONE
I immediate thought - OMG, they did it again.
I don't know what they were thinking..

Just got it sweet thanks Wind mobile beating out rogers and Telus for the BBM update sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad i switch over

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So funny how people made fun of stickers and now they've all gone "sticker crazy".
I really hope BlackBerry can get some much needed revenue from this.
On Rogers in Toronto, no update after BBW refresh? Must be dishing it out slowly.

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BlackBerry FIX THIS ASAP!!!!

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Your right Kevin, my son is finally putting BBM on his iphone after he saw Hulk Hogan and the bunch!


Bla1ze was correct.

1. Go to BlackBerry World Website.
2. Search BBM
3. It does not say update. So instead, look at the version release date. If it says April 1, 2014..... Download it
4. Open BBM after download and you should see a huge sticker title page.

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Can you please send me a sticker as well..??

Cheers 2B5E4673

Commandment No 11 "And a Blackberry owner you shall become" :D

Now that is cool. That's exactly what BBM needs to be successful with regular consumers: simple yet effective stuff. At the same time, they develop eBBM for their entreprise customers.

And all this (not this one for now since it's free, but soon) brings a little more money into BB's coffers.

Hey, unfortunately Poland haven't that pack of stickers. Pin:2B5DBD31 I will appreciate if someone send me it :) thanks!

Posted via CB10

Got the update + the stickers.
Whoever wants the stickers PM me you pin :)

Z10STL100-2/ | BB10STORE on Aptoide

Hi Omar... would you please kindly send the the WWE sticker? Just PM you my PIN. thank you in advance..

Go into BlackBerry World and search BBM, it won't be in "My World" and won't come up when you check for updates. You have to search, at least I did.


Seems to be region locked. I don't see WWE only BBM Stickers, CosCat, Gilbert's Tales and Bubble Bot. Saw the only way is for someone to BBM you the sticker. pin:2AF91DBD let's see it it works. Thanks.

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They have to start high. When they put them on sale, they will still make money. BlackBerry needs this. I'll give them a few bucks even if I don't use them.

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85,000,000 users, let's say 1/4 of them download 1 sticker pack @$2.00.

21,250,000 * 2 = $ 42,500,000.

How much of that does BlackBerry get to keep?


Actually, even if you don't see an update when you hit "search updates" in BlackBerry World App, just search BBM and look at release date. If it's today's, (April 1st) download it.

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Yes it is, open the application on BlackBerry World or if you are on Android open the play store open BBM there it will allow you to update.i just got some friends to update theirs in the Caribbean.

Posted via CB10

How do you download the stickers within BBM? I cant seem to find it and have the latest update - on Telus can someone try sending me a sticker to 266B5D61

Could someone please add me and send a wwe sticker the pack doesn't seem to show in UK pin:2ACC4997 thanks in advance

Posted via CB10

Haven't gotten it? Where is it available? I'm in Canada on Rogers with a Z30.

Bought it on my own cuz Rogers sucks monkey balls...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Can anyone please send me the sticker of wwe, I'm from Honduras and I can't see it, here is my pin:2AD34C52 .
Please help and thanks.

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Do not include the option to Enable stickers WWE superstars.! Why I can not download that option as all users of BlackBerry 10, BBM?

Just a little update on the BBM stickers if you're friends do not have the new BBM update they will not be able to see your BBM stickers. You can not also use the BBM stickers In you Status update and you can not use them in the BBM Channel. Just a little update date to my CrackBerry friends. Enjoy guys. Let's go Team Blackberry.

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Stickers are kinda cool... probs never going to use them unless they come out with way more packs that appeal to me.

Posted via R115-Aramis.

Someone send them to me, I'm outside the US, in Dominican republic, and here we usually get everything on the same day. But not this 24E7768A

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded the new version. I went to bbm.com and used the link to the new version in BBW.

Posted via CB10 by way of a Z30

I thought stickers was just stupid, but we've been playing with them and they are actually fun, even bought a pack to support BBRY.

They should implement a Sticker Creator in BBM. What do you think? Make your own custom ones.

Posted via CB10

Toronto. Rogers. Z10.
Updating now.

Can't wait to download The Rock! and send it to my friends. They're gonna go wild!

Anyone know if the update is showing up on Android yet? Can I send a sticker to someone who hasn't updated?

Can someone send me a wwe sticker? Not available in Uruguay. My pin is 2FFF5A73 . Thanks!

Posted via CB10

I just downloaded it in Cambridge Ontario on Bell.... finally something that makes me happy with Bell over Rogers... too bad I can't put a sticker here. :)

Right around the corner of WrestleMania too!

Yep, posted usin' mah Que10!!

Please can someone send me a wwe sticker...I don't have it on mine...BlackBerry pin 2AB3EBD4

Posted via CB10

Go to BlackBerry World app from your BB10 phone (mine is Z10). ----> MyWorld------>My Apps & Games------>
Installed-------> locate BBM-------->click on BBM (not OPEN)
you will see UPDATE available

Hey can some nice soul share sticker(s) with me I'm 2AF51A88 thanks ahead of time :)

Posted via CB10

Please someone send me the wwe sticker. So I can download the sticker pack. This is my pin 24C8536D. Please help me

Posted via CB10

I'm currently out of the country got the update from att but cannot get the wwe stickers. Can you please send me one. Pin:2AB0E9E3
I appreciate the help.

Posted via CB10

Can anyone please send me a WWE sticker on pin:24D77954. I've gotten the update but no WWE sticker. Tanx.

Posted via CB10

Go to BlackBerry World and search bbm and install update and shop bbm will appear with WWE stickers

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2102

I didn't think think stickers would be fun, I was wrong. I love e'm. Yeah and something with a sports theme, movies, ect would be awesome.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

If you have a leak version of the BlackBerry 10 OS the update of the BBM might not get to you, or if it does it might not work!!!

Posted via CB10

I have the update and installed the basic BBM stickers, no WWE dough; it does not show on the shop

Posted via CB10

WWE stickers are not available for download in Zambia. Take note Bla1ze. Further, I had to "manually" download the BBM update from BlackBerry World after hundreds of unsuccessful checks of the update. Lol!

Posted via CB10

Just updated bbm. No wwe stickers available. Is it region restricted?
If you guys have the free wwe stickers kindly share it to those who don't t have it. :D thanks!


Posted via my Awesome Q10 running

Hey guys can somebody send me the WWE sticker so I can download the pack?? Pin:2AE136CA

Juacas posting via CB10

Hello, in Brasil I don't have WWE sticker,

Please someone send me the wwe sticker. So I can download the sticker pack. This is my pin 2B649570
Thanks very much!!!!

BlackBerry Z30 (

Awesome...waited for this update in anticipation. i know it's been asked to death already, but can some one please add me and send me a WWE sticker so I too can experience the awesome. 24CEE541

Posted via CB10

Please if someone can send a WWE sticker I will appreciate :)
Thank you very much :)

From My Sexy Blackberry Z10

Would love this sticker pack. Can someone send me a sticker? Can't see them here in UK.

Posted via CB10

I guess different regions get different sticker packs, due to licensing issues?,

Posted via CB10

To bad, no AJ Lee Sticker. :)... it's a jersey thing :D

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp) www.sayumi.de

Samsung Note 3 I downloaded the new bbm only free stickers are ther and other paid one there is no WWE stickers

We need a person who will in all their benevolence offer to send them to us who are not worthy (read not in the region). Are you that Hero, because your Crack-munity needs you.

Posted via CB10

I see only four stickers in my shop, no wwe stickers. Or maybe am in South Africa.

Posted via CB10

If one person can help me out with the WWE stickers I will in return help 10 other people out and if those 10 people each help 10 out soon we will all have the sticker set.... lets snowball this

Posted via CB10

Please send me a wwe sticker, pin:24CDAEF3. Not available in South Africa.

Posted via ZedTen