The iPhone Blog: WWDC 2009 News Roundup

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2009 10:11 am EDT

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The iPhone Blog: WWDC 2009 News Roundup


We have to put SOME content into the "Berry Free Talk" blog post category from time to time. Gotta know what the competition is up to :)

Every now and then we are forced to realized that are more devices in the world other than our beloved BlackBerry. I believe it should be realize that there are more...

Either way, now that the iPhone has Push Mail, MMS and cut and past...I wish it was available on Verizon because as much as I love my Storm...I can not stand the lag, restarts and lack of application memory.

Oh well, at least there is crackberry, for without it I would be jones'n

I believe the 3G S will not be a world edition and it will not have removable memory or bettery it definitely won't have SurePress I also don't think it will have a 3.2 mp camera with flash and it won't be running on verizon

The biggest news is the price cut. In terms of features all the things that were added have been available for blackberries for a long time now, with the exception of the compass, which well cool, has little practical value...

Agree fully with d-unit3 and Ebscer. The 3GS does have a 3mp camera though...but who cares. Its just supposed to serve as an emergency tool in case of an accident or sumthn else..not a full fledged primary photography instrument! So the camera isnt really a big deal.

I thought they would release something that would make me want to switch back to the iPhone, but they didn't. Seems like they taking after RIM and adding minor hardware changes and updating the OS.

Btw I forgot to mention tht the 3G S won't have any sort of word, excel, or powerpoint like the storm does

You guys are funny, I totally agree with all of you. I'm a long time blackberry user and have had the storm since it's release and I love it despite the fact that it runs at 30% of its true capacity. BUT the iPhone is a great phone, Blackberries have always been BUSINESS SMARTPHONES. They just recently started making personal smartphones for your average consumer so they are just learning about multimedia and integrating fun exciting features into their business phones. Apple is the exact opposite, they are integrating business into their multimedia phone. Basically if you rely on your phone to keep your business running your a Blackberry person. If you want a fun easy to use phone with a ton of pointless but fun apps to keep your mind occupied then iPhone is your device

this comment couldnt have been said any better, i had a BOLD(my first BB) for 30 days ... then decided to try the iPhone 3G, the BOLD was faster and much more practical.. but honestly it was no fun.. got boring quick.. i cant put the iPhone down after 5 months, BB = Business(practical) - iPhone = Fun (crazy)

I disagree. I have a Bold and I'm more of a prosumer. I don't need it to keep my business going and I prefer it over the iPhone. Actually sold my iPhone 3G to buy the Bold. I have pretty much the same apps or similar apps on my Bold that I had on my iPhone.

I'm mainly talking about how they are saying the Storm is better than the iPhone like d-unit3. I'm basically saying you can't talk down about a phone that works better than your phone

My bad. Yeah my buddy has a Storm, and he curses it all the time, But says he'd never trade it in. Well only for a Storm 2.

Used to have the iphone but decided to switch over to Blackberry, have never looked back. My M8s think I'm mad for switching over to "the dark side" but it's there loss not mine, I'm a consumer user and my Bold does everything it's meant to do, so it's Blackberry all the way from now on for me! (not only that i like the fact I'm the only one out of my friends that has a Blackberry) lol

Sadly, with no reliable sync solution for us Mac users, I may have to jump when the new iPhone comes out. I love my BB and how easy it is to use, but I am not going to keep an extra computer around just to do backups and upgrades, especially when I can't even sync with my desktop (Google Sync is the only thing that comes close to being reliable, and it is limited in functionality).

I'm bummed by all of this!

I am in the same situation with my storm. I use Mobile Me for my business & Marks Space to sync my Storm to my computer. But lately I have been finding that sometimes I loose content when syncing. I will not keep a windows pc (which I have nothing against) I just edit a lot of video & photos and IMO Macs suit my needs. Hence 3 of them possibly a new one! Plus find you Iph**e via Mobile Me.

I was looking forward to giving my Blackberry 8900 to my wife and getting the Iphone 3GS but I can’t find a reason to do that. I was expecting half of what I have in my blackberry to come on this Iphone, but not even that. My BB 8900 has Bluetooth, voice dialing, WIFI, UMA( which allows me to make calls over a wi-fi network. Expandable memory, fast processor, 3.2mp camera and video camera, MMS, I can PIN text, voice and video messages to other blackberry users for free. Never crashed on me and no dropped calls, Sim unlocked by t-mobile FOR FREE to use on any GSM network, Great screen resolution, I can change the outer casing, It doesn’t slip out of my hands like the Iphone does. Opens all my documents ( word, excel, powerpoint), multi-tasking. If I am missing something please go ahead and add them. If blackberry was to come out with a touch screen phone ( The storm is not a phone, i don't know what it is, I know, a headache) i would probably trade my 8900 for it but for now it is 8900 all the way.