WunderRadio for BlackBerry Now Available - 50 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2009 01:44 pm EDT
WunderRadio  WunderRadio

Another great radio app has made its way to BlackBerry. WunderRadio, which is one of the iPhone's most downloaded radio apps, has been ported over to BlackBerry. The cool thing that sets this apart from Pandora and Slacker is the availability of over 50,000 stations including weather updates, fire and police dispatches, talk radio and more. There are over 400 genres including music, talk, sports, news and entertainment. WunderRadio also features a built in Twitter directory allowing users to connect directly to the on-air DJ. Support for Bluetooth headsets and podcasts are all included as well. WunderRadio sells for $9.99 and is available from wunderradio.com.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of WunderRadio to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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WunderRadio for BlackBerry Now Available - 50 Free Copies



I listen to sports radio here in Oklahoma and when I had the iphone this application was the only app that allowed me to listen to my favorite sports talk radio station. College football is basically all we have here in this state. I switched to Blackberry just because it was a superior phone for my uses. I want/need this app, I've been waiting for wunderradio to be compatible for blackberry. Please let me finally win something!!

Looks to be a killer app! I'd greatly appreciate being included in the drawing. Thank you again CrackBerry!

WOW! beam me up!I want one , wha t a great compliment to my new BOLD!!


Just got a Sprint Tour after having several Windows Mobile phones. Love this thing and this is a very cool app

I love Pandora but I miss the talk in the am and the quick weather/traffic alerts. This would be an awesome way to keep up with the stuff I'm missing with Pandora. Thanks guys!

Nice Radio program. With added support of Bluetooth headset and podcast, it makes listening more convenient.
Moreover 400 genres, my Storm's battery must be always charged.


I work for Verizon Wireless in Southern Cal!!! If you have the Storm!!! You need to get OS 5.0 baby.. pretty Damn STABLE!!!

I would love a copy of the WunderRadio.
Its the only way for me to listen to my favorite radio station back in Indonesia right from my trusty Bold.

I live in conservative Cincinnati, Ohio... where radio is dead, dead, dead.

I would really appreciate this app... it would culture me in this stagnant beginnings of the bible belt.

Please help me with the usage of this app so that I may listen to music that I can get my grooooove on with and that hasn't been played at the last disco on the planet.

WunderRadio... I call for you... I hope you listen to me as much as I will listen to you.

I wonder if they find this comment buried way down in the list. I can only hope (but not the hope & change thing)

I would love to try this app! I've tried a lot of the Radio Apps and have three to just compensate for the stations I like. I would love to have just 1 Radio on my phone, so I can have my memory back!

I really want this, I use Pandora, but this sounds GREAT, could really use the police and fire dispatch as I am an EMT....thanks ...would love to have this app.

It's great to see WunderRadio finally available for BlackBerry phones! This really is an all-in-one radio app!

A friend of mine has this app on his Iphone, and it's great knowing that it's available for blackberry! I'd love a copy!

I became a trader few months back, leaving my BB behind to have the almighty iphone. While I had the iphone I tried pandora radio and loved it till I came across Wunderradio to find out wunderradio was the best for me with so many features and didn't play the same songs over and over. The selections of songs was enormous Anyway, I left almighty iphone and went to what I think is the great almighty BB and can't wait till I can get wunderradio. Thanks

New to Blackberry and anxious to be able to listen to stations of places I lived while traveling to USAF assignements with my parents.

This would be a wonderful app to have I do not have cable and I love to listen to talk radio but not many good ones on in my market I lost my job and have had to cut back on a lot of thingd winning something would be nice

Pick me .... oh who i am kidding, i am buying it now. I have been waiting for this one.

Pick me and my wife gets one.

My iphones friends always told me about this amazing application, i really need a copy of this for my bold.

I was so excited about this release i went to get the trial and now I'm bummed. I'm running the leaked 5.0 on my 8330 and App world won't work on it. It's so disturbing to me that they don't allow you to directly download without App World. Really ticks me off. App world is too bloated and I chose not to use it even when I was using 4.5. Very disappointing.

Please note this is my 2nd comment to this post. I'm not trying to cheat on entering for the free copy, just venting. :(

I love my BlackBerry and I love radio. Therefore, it stands to reason that I would absolutely love to win a copy of WunderRadio for BlackBerry.

Please and thank you.

a few questions...
does it have AM stations as well?
are there Canadian radio stations or is it just the US?

If I won this would it come with loading instructions? I have never loaded (downloaded? uploaded? whatever) an app to my Blackberry.

This would be the first!

..and sometimes my pager is out of range and I don't get the page. It would be awesome to have a scanner on my phone when that happens!

The lack of real radio is a serious flaw in all the other "radio" apps ... current information, local info, things beyond mp3 & podcast, that's what I've been waiting for.

I live literally at the end of the road (Key West) and really need internet radio for my Storm as we have very limited over the air stations.

This app sounds cool, especially the fire and weather updates, not to mention the fact that it's 50,000 stations! Gotta love it.

I would gladly ditch my radio programs for a chance to have WunderRadio, with over 50,000 stations plus extras, who wouldn't.

Wunderradios has a great choice of stations. I commute everyday for approx. 2 hours and will love to have Wunderradio on my blackberry to make my dail driving light and full of music. What I like is I will be able to choose my favorite Radio Stations that this app offers.