WunderRadio for BlackBerry Now Available - 50 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2009 01:44 pm EDT
WunderRadio  WunderRadio

Another great radio app has made its way to BlackBerry. WunderRadio, which is one of the iPhone's most downloaded radio apps, has been ported over to BlackBerry. The cool thing that sets this apart from Pandora and Slacker is the availability of over 50,000 stations including weather updates, fire and police dispatches, talk radio and more. There are over 400 genres including music, talk, sports, news and entertainment. WunderRadio also features a built in Twitter directory allowing users to connect directly to the on-air DJ. Support for Bluetooth headsets and podcasts are all included as well. WunderRadio sells for $9.99 and is available from wunderradio.com.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of WunderRadio to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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WunderRadio for BlackBerry Now Available - 50 Free Copies



I have friends who have this on their Iphones and love it. Bout time for some BB love. Thank you wunderradio!!!!

I would really like to win this app but I am not sure if it is supported as I have a tour. If not supported hopefully it will be soon. Thanks a lot.

Hope I win ... I now have 3 radio apps that each provide something unique but this app appears to have them all rolled into one and its a great price for only 9.99 despite the other 3 apps being freebies.

This sounds like a great app to have.I am very limited as to what stations I can listen to at work....this sounds like I would have plenty of options with this app. Maybe I could be lucky enuff to be a winner.

I teach 6th grade and would love to win WunderRadio in order to keep abreast of emergency situations while in the classroom. Assuming a power outages following a catastrophic event, WunderRadio could serve as a primary, or secondary communication link between our class body to the outside world. The ability to play emergency scanner streams is what I am looking forwards to the most about WunderRadio as a classroom tool.

hey guys I would love the wunder radio app for my bb pearl. I already have i heart radio and pandors but this wunder radio sounds awesome. thanx.

Sounds like it is just what I have been looking for. I use PANDORA and it shuts down more than it works, it streams a lot..just not that great. I will have to try it! Of course winning it would be wonderful!

It's hard with an 11 year old daughter telling me how many more apps her iTouch has. Would love to put the WunderRadio on my Blackberry.


After recently switching back to a BB after using the iPhone for a while, WunderRadio is the ONLY thing I missed about the iPhone. This is a fantastic app!

My buddy with an iPhone has this & said it''s awesome. I'd like to get my hands on a free copy that's for sure !


Please can I have this. My Slacker radio doesn't work well on my phone. This will be great when I'm in long meetings.
Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can listen to Police and fire dispatchers. I want this. I will be able to get rid of my scanner. What cant a Blackberry do??? Please let me win this.

Haven't yet found a radio app I liked, but this one seems great (a friend has it on his iphone.) I'd be seriously stoked to get this. thanks -Troy

i tried a similar app out the other day and was not satisfied in the least with it. After doing a little research on this one i would love it if i won a copy . it would make life so much more entertaining when i have to sit and wait on clients.

I would love to obtain WunderRadio for my BB Bold as it would assist me to listen to radio, which I am not able to do in one program. This would assist greatly in enhancing the BOLD for greater listening.

this would be great to have.. ive been all about my blackberry for music lately [had my car broken into a couple months ago - both my stereo and ipod were stolen :(]

Would love to have this to listen to the station of my choice rather than what the driver of my carpool prefers to listen to!

Count me in for a chance please. I am a Police Officer so the weather updates, fire and police dispatches would be cool. Thanks

My office has terrible reception, so this, my charging dock, and my Storm would make work sooooooo much easier.

Big fan of I heart radio. How does Wunder compare? More stations from each city? Can't wait, want to check it out.

I have SOOO been looking for just the right radio application that would let me do the things that I wanted to do in my way of doing things, and I have now found it!
What a WONDER! It is called WunderRadio!!

Wow! I was hoping this app would come to Blackberry! I have it for my iPod touch and don't get to use it that much because it only utilizes WiFi. I sure hope you choose me as one of the people to give this away to for free!

I have been following crackberry for awhile now and downloading OS and apps and this is the first thing i felt compelled to regiester for! I want to listen to the cops..

i for 1 would love this app since i travel a lot im a big sports fan and love the New Orleans Saints "who that say they gonna beat them saints" but dont get to see many of the games yea i get sports alerts but its not the same as hearing the game i currently use iheart radio but none of the local sports stations broadcast on it.. and now i live in GF ND no luck at all with radio stations :-(