WunderRadio for BlackBerry Now Available - 50 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2009 01:44 pm EDT
WunderRadio  WunderRadio

Another great radio app has made its way to BlackBerry. WunderRadio, which is one of the iPhone's most downloaded radio apps, has been ported over to BlackBerry. The cool thing that sets this apart from Pandora and Slacker is the availability of over 50,000 stations including weather updates, fire and police dispatches, talk radio and more. There are over 400 genres including music, talk, sports, news and entertainment. WunderRadio also features a built in Twitter directory allowing users to connect directly to the on-air DJ. Support for Bluetooth headsets and podcasts are all included as well. WunderRadio sells for $9.99 and is available from wunderradio.com.

Contest: We have 50 free copies of WunderRadio to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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WunderRadio for BlackBerry Now Available - 50 Free Copies



Actually, I'm already trying it. I installed it yesterday to see what it can do. So far I'd have to say it's pretty impressive. Can't get KFI, but that's a Clear Channel bit o' horse manure. So then, if for no other reason than that the program impresses me, I must implore you to give me a free copy. Thank you for your consideration.

I just joined this site and I am so glad that you have shown me this application. It would be perfect for my new Tour that I just got as a look on the website shows that they have several radio stations from my home city that I can't get on my Blackberry any other way! I would be thrilled if I could get a copy of this app and heck, would even do a review :-)

Its always a WUNDER-full time listening to RADIO for future news about CRACKBERRY.com.

Kevin any chance you will be doing RADIO shows soon?
Got to CRACK (have) one.

Would be a great app to have while sitting around the office where everything on the internet is locked down.

I am glad that more iphone apps are making their way over to the blackberry!!!! This seems like a cool app!

Pick me! Pick me! Sounds like something I could definitely make good use of.

Edited to add: Nevermind, just read it's not available for the Pearl. I must upgrade my phone soon!

Never win these things, but will try again. Sounds intriguing, but this also sounds like it broadcasts local radio. I've given up on terrestrial radio, it is TERRIBLE!

Sweet! I use pandora alot. Wunderradio sounds fantastic! I would totally be interested with having it for free.

Living in Pennsylvania now... I definitely miss my San Francisco radio stations... Wunderradio would be allow me to listen to those stations again.

Hey crackberry... I love your website, I find new things to do with my storm everyday. I use slacker and pandora all the time and recently bought the motorola S9 bluetooth headest, the storm has replaced my ipod completly now. I would love to win a free copy of WunderRadio to use.

...so the more options, the better. This would be awesome to win! Thanks for the opportunity, and hopefully further thanks for the win. ;-)

I like the idea of being able to listen in to ball games -- particularly out-of-town ones. It's a good thing for exiled sports fans.

I would like to see an app that sorts the sports categories into which professional teams they broadcast. I have to keep list of NHL broadcasters separately from my Blackberry and use moodio (m.moodio.fm) to do this right now. It would be much more convenient if I had an app that did this already. Does this one do anything like that?

Let's see how many people wunder if they're going to win WunderRadio. I can feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head before I even look :)

Good luck everyone!

As a music Junkie who listens to her city's FM any chance I get - out of all the contests, themes, general apps, etc - this is one I Have to get my hands on. My Data plan I believe would be sufficient(if applicable) and if it picks up my station I would be running this baby every chance I get (maybe at work during stocking, Lol)

Please consider me, if not, good luck to all others :D:D

I would love to win this. I would also love to win the "I Love My BlackBerry" video contest. Check out my video. It is #76 - BlackBerry Intervention.

Count me in, I use two seperate apps for emergency dispatching, and radio. It would be amazing to have them together.

I had a treo for years and couldnt imagine why anyone would want to have a blackberry. Now i have a curve and im addicted. I know now why it is called a crackberry. I miss listening to rasio music that i was able to do on my treo. Hopefully this is a good app for that.

Would love a free copy of this App! I listen to radio all the time and this would fit my needs greatly!!

I love WunderRadio!! What a great addition to the BlackBerry platform.

I Wunder if I'll win this time???


Wow by the looks of the site this will even work in Canada. I'd LOVE a copy of WunderRadio!!! Incorporating scanner frequencies would be perfect for me as a supervisor in a 911 Centre.

Pick me pick me pick me :)


Could do with a tweakable option to set volume at a lower level at start up (or remember volume from last use), also would be good to change volume using volume buttons when running in the background, like Podtrapper - not sure if this exists already, and is down to me running .238 on my 8900. Really impressed with the trial copy so far.

mememememmepleeaaassseeeeeee....i miss radio when im out n about onmy blackberry...had this on my iphone...but i dont have it anymore

Sounds like a great app. I like the fact that it has so many stations as well as the fire/police dispatches and weather updates.

Wunderraido is a fantastic app, i ahd this a while ago on my iPhone at the time, lots of stations, even in my tiny little city in the UK. And once again excellent giveaway from CB.

Count me in. I have tried, Pandora, Iheart, Flycast, and Nobex. Nobex is the only one that comes close to what I want (AM talk, but it isn't very searchable.

I think this WunderRadio might be just the ticket.