Wunderlist for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

Wunderlist BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2012 02:16 pm EDT

Popular cross-platform todo app Wunderlist has finally arrived on the BlackBerry PlayBook. We saw Wunderlist sneak onto BlackBerry a few months back and now on the PlayBook as well. Wunderlist is a todo list app that works across multiple platforms so it's available when and where you need it. It's super easy to use, lets you create multiple lists, share items and best of all is totally free. I've been a big fan for quite a while and I'm pumped that an official client is now on the PlayBook. Head to the link below to download.

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Wunderlist for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


This is cool they previosly said they had no plans to support playbook.

I hope 2.1 gives the Android player a bump in performance. Thx wunderlist.

sigh. oh android player... what's the point if i can't keep it open on the side for quick access? or if i want to work in my tasklist and work with another related app (like repligo) at the same time? android player is a PITA.

You can do exactly that when 2.1 comes with multi tasking for Android. There are rumors that 2.1 will also include skype along with jaycut video editor. I hope it's true.

Hope so too, i was quite disappointed when i downloaded and launched it, didn't read the comments about it being android, thats a real shame because right now Kindle takes up my android quota 24/7. It would be great to have multiple android apps running at the same time. If 2.1 makes that happen that means we should be expecting better performance and memory efficiency from the android player!

I sideloaded the Android version of Wunderlist a few months ago. It is okay but not nearly as responsive/robust as the BlackBerry version.

I never knew about this app even on the other platforms. Slick!

Evernote won't let me share a notebook with my wife that she can edit unless I pay. I'm going to use this for the two of us to keep our to-do's in check.

If somebody can tell me how to share a list with somebody else using this app from my PB or 9900 I would appreciate it...

Too bad your data is stored unencrypted on their servers. Your company compliance officer will have an aneurism if you use it...

This company can't even get their BB7 app to sync when connected to 3G--it will only sync when on Wi-Fi. An e-mail to tech support said "they are working on an update" -- that was months ago. Kind of hard to use Wunderlist as an "on the go" to do list if it doesn't work "on the go." Nice to have it on PB, but still kind of waste of time until it works on the smartphones...

What phone and OS are you running?

I have it installed on my Bold 9900 and it syncs over H+ flawlessly. From OS (or whatever it launched with) right up to OS that I'm currently running, I've never had issues with syncing over H+.

The sideloaded version I'd been running on my PlayBook however, will only sync over WiFi and not bridge. I just always excused it as being a sideloaded app so not a functionality might work. However, just tried syncing the "official" PB app over Bridge only and I got the "syncronization failed" message again.

9850 OS They told me it was a known issue and they are working on an update...still get sync failed when not on wi-fi.

Sorry to hear that :( Have you tried it with other OS's?

Well I'm glad to hear that they are looking into it at least.

Brilliant news! Looking forward to using it because I really like it's simplicity and use it both on my PC and BlackBerry Bold.

However, I can't help being somewhat disappointed that it's an Android-based app knowing that the developer said a few months ago (before PlayBook 2.0 hit the street) that they were working on a native app.

Let's hope it's the Wunderlist owners that listed this on App World. I would hate to see Dolphin Browser story repeat itself!

It is posted by 6wunderkinder, the developers of Wunderlist. They tweeted it yesterday I believe, which is when I found out about the "official" PB app. We'll see if they continue to work on a native app possibly for BB10 *fingers crossed*

It's really greate. I've not ever heart this app before. I've just download and install it on my PB, It's running smooth and comfortable. Especially cloud synscronize function and multiple platforms. Imagining that we can view, update and share your task list everywhere and every devices you have, that sounds interesting.

Ok - I've just downloaded this App on my 9700, PC and PB - no probs.

Can you print out your list?

If not - that's a major flaw cos I take a hard copy of my lists with me - quicker to view, write on or change. Then at the end of the day I edit/add/delete etc whatever needs to change.