On the wrong side of the bed or not, puZZed gets you up in the morning

puZZed update
By Ryan Blundell on 1 Apr 2012 03:57 pm EDT

puZZed is the ultimate rebuttal to “just five more minutes mom!”. I’ve mentioned before, in the original puZZed review, that I am completely guilty of hitting snooze, or resetting the alarm numerous, numerous times. I’ve gotten better as of late; making sure I go to bed at a decent time, so that I can get out of bed after my alarm goes off the first time….okay, maybe the second time. What puZZed does is force you to wake up and use your ‘thinker’ to turn off the alarm. Various tasks are available that must be solved before the alarm stops sounding, including; memory puzzles, typing phrases, matching signs and math puzzles. Recently, puZZed was updated to version 1.6.2, check out what’s new!


  • ew puzzle! Color Mess - Select the color of the text, not the color it tells you
  • Set difficulty for each puzzle
  • Try out puzzle before downloading!
  • User interface modification
  • User experience improvement
  • Various bug fixes

If you’re the kind that abuses the snooze button to the point of smashing your alarm flat, you need puZZed for BlackBerry smartphones. You can get it from BlackBerry App World for free from BlackBerry App World.

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On the wrong side of the bed or not, puZZed gets you up in the morning


lol i've had this app for a few months now and i love it! drives me nuts sometimes when i can't figure out the math problems cuz i'm soo damm sleepy! but it works. it WILL wake you up

I had this app for a while and it definitely does what it says it'll do.... BUT I really just wanted to throw my phone most mornings because it does NOT stop until you solve those puzzles. Soooo since i love my Blackberry and I didn't wanna hurt it... no more puzzed for me. But if you just have a hard time getting up and your not as cranky as i am... worth while app.

This is the reason why I got rid of it. App works just fine to wake me up but it got to the point that even the problems were getting annoying in the morning. I now use the phone's alarm and the playbooks alarm. Also the one that talks to you in the british accent...sexy.

My friends with iphones say they have this app that forces you to shake the phone until you fill up a meter. Does anything like this exist for blackberry?... Cuz it's effing genius. How can not feel woken up after vigorously shaking the hell outta ur phone just to shut it up.

honestly if people just ate better and exercised they wouldn't need apps like this. ... they would be able to get up in the morning and go on with their day.

that's really not the source of the problem, it's more life if people went to sleep at a reasonable time....

what exactly does eating and exercising have to do with waking up? i'm a pretty active guy. i go to the gym 5 times a week and i never feel like waking up in the mornings to go to work. so your solution is irrelevant. I think going to bed early is what you're looking for.

it actually has more to do with when youre waking up. if youre in deep sleep and your alarm goes off, you feel like garbage. Blackberry needs an app like iphone has or what the jawbone up does, wakes you up at the lightest sleep stage.

I had this app. Didn't work for me... So many times I fell right back to sleep after solving the puzzle. One time I set it wrong and it rang while I was in class. Had to pull out the battery to stop it.

The newest update comes with difficulty settings. I'd say give it another try, the hardest difficulties are effin HARD even when wide awake.

I've been using puzzed since back on my 9780. Absolutely love it. Works wonders for me. I set the normal alarm for 15 minutes prior to puzzed, hoping that it'll wake me up so i need not battle through the puzzels, but every time it's puzzed to the rescue

The quote on the BB in the picture says it all...

THAT is the biggest reason people just don't get up in the morning...

Been using the app for the last 6 months and it has never failed to wake me up. I choose the 'type the phrase', coz the math puzzles are difficult to solve in the morning with 1 eye shut.

I wish they would add a feature, where you could select time for each day for the alarm to go off.

I have a 6 day week,so can't select the 'only of weekdays' option, which in turn wakes me up on Sundays too:-(

The only thing to remember is that, the alarm will not work, if your phone is shut off. I asked them and was told that Rim refuses to share the api or something for this to happen.

Really great app. I have been using it for a long time.
But I wish there was something even better. You ask why? Because at this point I can do the math problems and 10 seconds later I am fast asleep and that is after it rang for 15 minutes. I guess I can do math problems while asleep. Oh and btw if you want it off asap hold down the power button.
It's a great app if you really want to get up ;)

Turning the phone off by holding power button rings an annoying alarm upon restart of the phone ;)

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