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Wrath: Retro Shooter Game for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2009 06:33 pm EDT

Wrath is the first BlackBerry app by Lone Dwarf Games and I have a feeling there's going to be a LOT of Storm owners out there who pick this one up for their device. It's an old school shooter game and it's a lot of fun. Wrath makes use of the Storm's accelerometer and the flying action is smooth. You can get power ups and different guns, kill some drones and fight some bosses. Definitely a good time waster. The options menu lets you fine tune the game play (set the tilt angle, turn on auto shoot - which I make use of in the video above, adjust sounds, etc.). I hope we see more games from these guys for all BlackBerry models! You can learn more about Wrath and pick it up for $4.99 at the link below.

Buy Wrath for the BlackBerry Storm from the CrackBerry App Store



has the best graphics of any game i've played so far on the BB storm... very slick... only played the demo though... very cool... very smooth... hope to see more of games with this level of quality... and cheaper...


That looks pretty cool. it's hard to see in the video what button he's pressing to shoot.

Kevin Michaluk

in the video I have auto shooting turned on, so I don't have to press anything to shoot. i like it that way..can focus on flying!


What a wicked game, now i wish i had a storm.lol but i love my Javelin


I just tryed the trial and im hooked.


great arcade-style game...intuitive and fun! great -- another application to help me waste more time on the berry.


I loved Galaga. Only a matter of time and someone will make a Centipede clone too. It would work great with the accelerometer.


I just bought this based on the reviews I read and when i play it seems as if the bottom portion of my screen is cut off. Like the ship doesn't reach the bottom of the screen near the buttons as it does in the video. Would anyone have any idea why?

Shooting Games

I got the blackberry app and it's really awesome.

I can play while I'm on the road or at school =)


kinda boring, i could only use this if i were extremely bored, you guts should get sims 3 spore or pirate ship battles their great.


I am BRANDAN DA MAN and no one can beat me. Roweazie you little girl dont even try it. I will continue to squash you and anyone else that tries to take my place. HAHAHAHAHAH