WOWee ONE turns any surface into a subwoofer - sounds great and we've got one to give away!

By Joseph Holder on 13 Jan 2012 05:13 pm EST

The WOWee line of audio devices is one of those things you have to hear to believe. Even that video up there really doesn't do it justice. The WOWee folks have designed a small box - for lack of a better word - that makes great sounding music.

Holding the WOWee in your hand, you don't experience the full joy that is the WOWee ONE. When it's placed on a flat surface - preferably on a hollow object, but it's not required - the surface is transformed into a sort of sounding board. This drastically amplifies the sound; it's almost like the object is turned into a subwoofer for your music and other audio.

Music sounds great on this thing; absolutely great. Pair it up with the upcoming WOWee ONE VUE, and you've got yourself a mobile presentation kit. And a mobile movie watching kit. The rechargeable battery on the ONE is rated for an incredible 20 hours. There are two more versions of the WOWee, a slim and a Bluetooth enabled device. All three sound amazing, but the WOWee ONE Classic has the best of that low bass sound, down to 20 Hz.

The good people of WOWee set us up with a WOWee ONE Classic (the one with the really good bass) to give away to our CrackBerry Nation, so leave a comment this article to be entered to win. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight Pacific time. Good luck, you're really gonna want this.

Reader comments

WOWee ONE turns any surface into a subwoofer - sounds great and we've got one to give away!



People don't understand, Music makes the world go round, can you feel it? Wowee ONE "drives" that point home.

This looks amazing! I would love to have one of these! I have yet to win something from CrackBerry. Good feeling about this one.

Thank you CB!


May I please havez one? Thank you kindly.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I always wanted to turn my phone in good sound system with a subwoofer to amplify a song and play it as it should really sound to my friends and family! Sounds like an awesome gizmo, I could really have fun with that.
Thanks CrackBerry & certainly WOWee for this opportunity !

I want to take this and my PlayBook and see if it can irritate or invigorate my fellow passengers on a city bus... Seriously, what would that thing sound like held against a big sheet of metal??

Hey Team Crackberry!
I'd be ever so greatful grateful if I ever win this contest. Was a bit hesitant entering lol...wish me luck!

Hook a Bosnian up, some Balkan Shit would sounds so good on this. Youtube "Balkan Shit" best music out there

Wow ! Thats an impressive little speaker.
Hopefully you;ll be selling the BlueTooth version in the CrackBerry store ;)

This would be a GREAT item to win. I sing in a Barbershop Quartet and could use this after making a recording to my phone.

since dropping my iphone to become a blackberry fan, i hope to win something one day on this site.......

I listen to music every single day thru my playbook and sometimes thru my 9860 and this would be an awesome addition.

This looks awesome... Combine it with BBM Music and you have one heck of a combo. Would love to win, especially the Classic version with the great low end sound. Thanks CB and WOWee!

the video is hard to tell the quality sound, i think you guys should send it to me and help test out the quality of this product. :)


Yes please... I work in a big glass fishbowl of a cube that is screaming out to be turned into the perfect loudspeaker for those latenight deadline 'parties'..

Please, Please, Please, Please!! I used to have one of these till it was stolen :(
I'd love to get one back, such a cool product..