WoW!!! Introducing Dream Themes for BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2008 05:10 pm EST

All I can say is WOW. Just when I thought things couldn't get any cooler than the latest generation of Plazmic-built BlackBerry themes along comes Dream Themes

Just to be clear, Dream Themes are not *actually* themes in the traditional sense, rather they are an application you install onto your device which completely changes up your homescreen experience. With a tap of the End Call key you can exit your Dream Theme and return to your traditional homescreen, but after using the Mech theme for a couple of days I can't help but wonder why I would want to. What's cool about Dream Themes? Here are some of the finer points:

  • dang good looks!
  • dynamic scrolling icons
  • multiple choice backgrounds - many of them animated
  • multi-choice time of day and date settings
  • icon placement and control (add, delete, change position)
  • add application icons (from a choice of 32)
  • add 'web icons' - icons that go to etc.
  • includes a 'background theme' (a normal BlackBerry theme) to match up application colors.
  • includes a few ringtones to complete the customization.

And since the LiveScreens are built upon a proprietary, custom-built animation engine, they can take advantage of the full power of the BlackBerry. Future LiveScreens will have the ability to integrate specific live datafeeds and can be built to target the needs of specific brands and audiences. 

Dream Themes sell for $9.99 and are available via If you pick one up, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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WoW!!! Introducing Dream Themes for BlackBerry!


i was checking and it brought up a few phones but the storm says coming soon and so does the BB flip!

nice looking stuff but 9.99? not sure about that yet! gonna have to wait for a review but man they are nice! great job.

i'm using a theme showing my latest emails and appointments on the homescreen..; clearly those theme would not suit me if they cant do that

SKY is beautiful, but it seems to take away my homescreen
shortcuts--which is a dealbreaker.

So far, any animated background has eaten my battery at a 2x rate...I can't imagine this being any different...

Well I ordered the Velvet, paid $9.99 and took the PC download so I could use the DM to load it on my Pearl. They sent a zip file and it was not Velvet, but the SKY Dream Theme. How could they frick this up? I am asking for a refund as I think that if they can't get their downloads straight, what else is wrong with this? I should know better as sometimes I find somthing useful or cool here but more often than not, I am ripped off.

I think some of you are getting a little over excited with the stuff and not really taking the time to explore the options that are fully available..

If you downloaded it and got the wrong file, relax..send and email and reach out too support, they will fix it up.

As for those saying shortcuts won't work and such, you really need to sit down and review the settings and stuff that is there, it's highly customizable to basically what ever you want, play around with it before making the big descision.

This post has not been up for that long, their is no way you could have given it the full on time to "play" with all the options.

What exactly do you mean by easy? Did they send you the correct one in a timely matter? What about SKY? Did you get 2 themes for the price of one because of this?

I did contact support and I am sure I will get what I paid for but still, if other people are getting the wrong app, then maybe they need to fix that asap.

Looks like the Velvet/Sky mixup was a problem with their distributor. Ping, they gave me Velvet and a free Xmass theme, - and I got to keep my accidental Sky theme, so 3 for 1 effectively. I've had mine running for a couple of days so far: It chews up a few megs of memory over the first our, and then stabilizes there. Battery consumption has been no problem. It takes some getting used to, but honestly, I don't like leaving my LiveScreen anymore to go back to what I feel is my ugly homescreen now. I wish Plazmic could allow this kind of power. Maybe someday.

Anything to pimp by BBCurve until I can get the Storm. I have a nutuz @ work try to sell me on the iphone NOT!;)

My boys each got a Storm last week. They are nothing but cool. Verizon owns my soul for a few more months then I am dumping the Pearl for a Storm. It smokes an iPhone

Just downloading the Velvet Theme now and will post my experience with these cool new themes.

These look really cool!

Just downloaded this and it's really cool. Haven't noticed much in the way of battery depletion but it does seem to be memory intensive. It's cool though.

i just d/l the sky icon but unable to customize b/c the d/l did not have he livescreen icon. pls help if anyone know what to do.

just bought it and pretty dissapointed. its not really a theme but and app that runs in the background. kind of defets the purpose of usability. could not get my sms to work, added a new icon and put in the module name but didnt work.

its cool and everything but i dont really want to access an app

Animations: Awesome
Web icons: Off the hook awesome and about time!
Other stuff: Nice

I can't wait to see what these guys come out with next -- a space theme would be cool -- until then I'm MECH.

Ok it is a pretty cool looking "theme". But I've come across some downside since installing and messing with it.

- It's memory intensive!

- If you shut the app down/reset/or turn off your resets the order of the icons in the dream theme app. This really disappointed me since I had taken the time to put them in the order that i wanted to scroll through them only to have that undone.

I'm going to use it for another day or so and see how it goes but those 2 things are pretty big drawbacks in my opinion.

Thank you for the feedback. The fact that the app resets itself upon a restart of the phone could be a big set back for me. It seems that for $9.99 the application would be a little smarter than that..

Yeah, I was waiting for something like this to decide if I was going to get it or not... Guess not. Although the concept is great, still needs improvement I guess.

I have enough problems with my Pearl's memory with minimal 3rd Party Applications as it is. No way would I be able to use this. The most memory I have is 8mb and it drops to 0bytes free often. Plus, my battery is only good for 2 days as often as I use my BB. Not the fault of the program but one affects the other so.... NO WAY!

Pretty cool, too bad the website doesnt work when viewing on a Blackberry. You would think it would since its for Blackberrys
Might get one when they are Storm ready

i want the icons only i can make my own themes. an animated
theme will kill your battery life. had a few never again. but over all the themes look great. I WISH THEY DO AWAY WITH THIS CAPTCHA CRAP GEEEZ

I use a Macbook mostly and was disappointed that I couldn't download the themes OTA. I'll have to wait until I can access a PC again, but I've got to try them -- they look great!

Just downloaded MECH, wish there was a way to change background opacity... other that that this ia a pretty slick app!

I DL'd the one called 'Deep'...underwater theme. Real pretty, and since I've not "dove" into it "deeper" yet...I'll repost my opinion after I've gotten my "feet wet". :) Reading about it being a memory hog...I checked and it "guzzled" a huge amount !! Guess I just "sunk" 10 "clams" for nothing. Oh well..that was fun !

Ok keep showing us this AWESOME stuff but its not for the Storm yet....darn it! I really want this cause I think it will look fantastic on the Storm!

Is there anyway we can keep up to date on updates for this and when it will be available for the Storm.

There are more users on this site than just Storm Troopers. ;-) Those of us stuck with the old outdated Crackberries need eye candy too ya know. :-)

Visited Handango as the OTA link came up with the password request! Not impressed with that!
Does seem an awful lot with each theme costing nearly $10. Why not one application and cheaper bolt on themes or some sort of a reduction?

Any chance that someone who has actually purchased one of these could record a quick video that shows how these look on their berries??

Cool App but it has got to KILL your battery life and it is obviously not available for the Storm, big surprise!

I've had Mech for a few days, I really like it - it seems to chew up a few megs of memory in the first hour, but then it's fine after that. Also, battery life is fine; it seems to shut down when the bb goes into sleep mode or when the screen goes black.

Kevin Kevin Kevin you were so right about these themes/apps. I downloaded the sky app as well as the mech app. I was very very impressed with what they did, and how they look. My best friend was like do they have that on the storm i told him no but it was coming(I was happy about this sense i have not gotten my storm yet). But I do have a small problem with them. I have way to many emails to just have them all in one place. So the fact that I can not separate them in my different accounts that i already have on my bb was kind of a pain. Now don't get me wrong i will continue using them because they are so cool and all i have to do is hit the end button to get to my separate emails accounts so not really a a big deal. So to all of my bb pals and gals out there if you don't have one or to of these on your crackberry you must get one.

I downloaded the Mech theme. The icons are cool and the animated background is nice, but every time I try to open the Media app it locks up and in one day it's locked my Bold up completely twice. Good looks are all well and good but at that price I expect it to be stable.

I paid out the 10 bucks and downloaded it to my portable hard drive, but my work computer won't let me install any BB software so I cant try it out. Has anyone sucessfully downloaded this OTA?

Going to keep it on for a few more days to check out memory use. Real cool looking though.

looks good...but so did the DeLorean. This is the look that we all want, but unfortunately it's just not there yet. I went to Handango and they offered two for 14.95 so I chose "Deep" and "Sky". They both look long as I don't want to do anything. I have an 8330 Curve and this app completely cripples it.
When you first start the app it tells you that loading the app will take about 30 seconds, more like 5 minutes if at all. If you want to switch between apps, Deep and Sky, in my case, the curve freezes and I have waited up to 45 minutes with nothing but the splash screen and hourglass. A battery pull solves the lock-up and after the reboot the app will launch in the required 5 minutes :( Eye candy is great but if it makes my Berry completely useless I find my self wondering why I am paying 10 bucks to trash my productivity.
This app, in my opinion is not ready for primetime and I regret spending the will be great but needs alot of work. Thanks for listening to my $.02

Installed the Sky theme and it slowed my Curve down a lot. I threw the Storm back to Verizon last week because of lags issues even after the .75 upgrade! Problems loading the SKY module meaning that it takes over 60 secs to load and when I add customer web icons they disappear from the screen when you attempt to select with rollerball. I may ask for a refund if these issues cannot be resolved. The Theme part of it is indeed nice but the application module is quite slow. Stay Tuned...!

I still haven't had a reply from them on why they sent me the wrong theme when I paid for another. (Been over 24hrs) I don't know how you guys are getting through to them but I am pissed they took $9.99 for something I did not order. You can ping them or email them or whatever you want to call it, they haven't answered my concerns which now is a complaint. I'll be damned if I order another thing off of Crackberry until these people resolve this. I think a timely answer is warranted and yet it sucks to be ignored. (Yeah, I know Crackberry isn't at fault, but this is where I found this so I am holding them responsible too.)

5 minutes after I posted above, Handango replied via email. They have refunded my purchase price, so they say. I assume they will.

Holding responsible? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I heard about a murder on the news, so I'm holding the news station responsible. You're an idiot.

And I haven't heard back from support either, I was at work and wasn't able to do a desktop download when I bought it, emailed them to ask about an OTA download (no response) then when I got home I tried the 'download again' optionin the email invoice and it wouldn't work. No response again.. sure would like to play with my new toy.....

I downloaded the Dream Theme (Sky). It's a very nice theme...I love the icons. They're big and bold. The scrolling to get to the different aps, etc. is great. One thing I did find was that it slowed down my Curve a lot. Clicking on an icon to open an ap took a long time (the hour glass kept going and going). Also, when trying to add custom icons (i.e. Crackberry), I couldn't find a way to add the site's icon. If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate the info. I have uninstalled this ap for now until I can find out how to make it not slow down my Curve.

Is there an ota link available. Have already purchased theme. But can't download blackberry desktop doesn't meet system requirements

no OTA link that I'm aware of. I even emailed their support about 12 hours ago about it and haven't heard back.. I'm still waiting to be able to download too.

I downloaded one of the themes to my computer and now I cannot figure out how to install it onto my device. I've always downloaded things OTA. Anyway, I can't find it on my desktop. I looked at the installation instructions on their website and can't figure it out. Any help as to where I can find it and how to install it would be greatly appreciated.

I ordered the Dream Theme software as soon as I read the article. Sad to say, I have yet to receive the software. These guys have some kind of marketing relationship with Handango. You purchase the software from their website, then Handango delivers the software.

I am waiting for Handango to send me an email telling me where I can get my software, approximately 48 hours after they have taken my money.

If you want my advice, wait until I have a followup comment. I will be sure to give you the 411.

Tried to create icon and app locked up..was ugly. Gave up...Pretty though, but thats about it. Not real functional.

I had the same issue when i added an app, it froze up when i tried to select it. i emailed the CS to see if there was a fix, for now i just dont scroll all the way over to that new icon

I bought and installed this theme yesterday. A few small problems: it can be very laggy with the animation background running, (I'm running an 8820 v.4.5) and when scrolling to the right towards the last icon, all icons dissapear and I have to roll left a couple of times to get them back. The biggest problem fo me is that while I was able to create shortcuts for some of my most used applications, it will absolutley not let me create a shortcut for worldmate live,wich is my most used application.

After downloading and installed the program automatically made shortcuts for google maps and google mail, but not for google search, and when attempted manually will not work. Also will not show a red dot on BB messenger icon or message icon after recieving an IM, even though I combined with the mail app as per the instructions. anyone have any advice?

I've been using MECH now and have been able to get Mail integration going as have you. No luck on the IM yet.

Try making sure you spelled the Module name correctly -- I made that mistake when I was first setting up mine. Working great now.

I'm still having no luck with the IM alert, even when not running the animated screen. I tripple checked the module name before entering, still no luck. I don't believe I will order from these folks again, and makes me view the product reviews on CB with great skepticism.

i bought TWO dream themes... the problem is that I can't perform the download... Not even in my laptop or in my phone (it seems there is a link problem to do so)... I sent two e mails regarding this, and I still haven't got an answer... I hope to have one soon... As far, bad impression for dreamthemes...

i bought both links and sky at handango, both are very nice , but when it comes to blackberry messenger alerts, they do not work if animation mode selected.
you do not get visual notification or sound.
email does work fine.

Just downloaded two of these themes, very cool. I got both bliss and velvet, there are both gorgeous.
Cant say that I've spent a lot of time playing with them, but I got them both setup quite quickly, and they look great. The functionality of the live screen is superb, very little reason to go into you main menu. Yet when you do, they also include a matching theme to update your main menu in the style of the live screen.
I've looked at a few dif themes, this is def the best value for my bold. Even more so since they give you the second one for half price. Strongly recommend.

I've been using these "themes" for a couple of days now. Sky was the first and also using the Christmas one. Sky was just horribly memory intensive! For some reason though the Christmas one doesn't seem to be near as memory intensive. It seems much more stable. Though I'm still disappointed with the fact that if I shut the app down (not just move it to the background) then I have to re order all of the icons to where I want them when I open it back up.

Okay, so fifteen minutes after I left my first comment, Handango sends me an email telling where to get the software. Voila! I have the software.

Now, the only thing I have to figure out is how to add extra icons that reflect the programs that I use. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. I like technology,'s kinda technical...

i downloaded the deep theme, and it's really pretty and all, but it made my curve really slow. i actually deleted some applications (er, they're basically games adopted from my old pearl that i carried over to my curve, the screen is not the same so i decided to delete them) - but it didnt really help :-(

oh, when i downloaded this on my phone - i noticed that the size is 1.5MB. is that normal? im kinda stupid with MBs and GBs and i really dont have a clue if it's taking a lot of my space.

I installed the theme. It just locks my bold. I had to do about 7 battery pulls yesterday. Especially when I hit the media icon. The Mech theme is a memory hog. And I cannot spend most of the day doing battery pulls trying to keep the bold from locking and or reclaim lost memory leaks. I use this phone for my job. I will request a refund.

I purchased this app after reading this article. I like the Dream Theme, but there are a few things that could be improved.

1. When you lock the device, it defaults to the current theme background. I should be able to choose one of the 4 that comes with the app, cause it really destroys the continuity of the theme.

2. The icon for BBM just looks stupid. They could have done better.

3. You get the red dot notification of a message on the message icon, but not on the BBM icon. This is irritating since if like me you use a vibrating alert most of the time, you cant's see right away that it is a BBM message rather than a text or e-mail.

4. To create a custom icon you have to put the full module name in. Problem is, which one? You have to really play with it. Would be nice to have a drop down list pulled from your installed apps.

Other than that, a great new app here. I like it!

Bought the "Bliss" theme for my GF's pearl.. total headache!

Installed from desktop with BB manager, no prob there, then phone froze. Pulled battery and theme was set to "icon" and NO way to change it to any other options, i.e zen or what's shown in ad, etc...

Tried changing background pic, four are supposed to be available, but the phone just froze.. another battery pull.

Could NOT change icons to the ones they show in the add, only regular BB icons.

Basically, it changed the theme to "Icon" only and gave it a different background pic (that you can't change) and different clock, power status, etc...

This caused a huge argument because my GF thought I broke her phone! This is not worth the price, terrible instructions and no help from their "Faq's" section on their site.

I prefer Bphone and customize your own background images.

As always, any help would be appreciated cuz I did drop 10 bux on this thing.


Read the comments and went for it anyways.

Took 15 seconds for startup the first time, instantaneous every subsequent time (on Bold). So far so good..

Went for the Deep theme; animated screen looks great!

What I hadn't read yet is that hotkeys are dead while the application is in use. No more "Q" to switch to vibrate, "T" for tasks, etc... was also hoping to be able to use the animation as my home screen while the Bold's in my standup charger.

After changing the Clock settings to "do nothing" this proved successful, unfortunately you can only push the backlight timeout option to 2 minutes; so this is a fail.

New Gmail notes also don't get an animated indicator (red dot) as Messages do, but the Bold LED message indicator does flash.

As for memory intensity; the Read Me contains this "LiveScreen animations are memory intensive - please make sure that you have 4 Mb of free memory for Pearl, Curve, and 8800 devices, and 8 Mb of free memory for Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm devices."

Tried out the Theme and, oops; read it in a previous post but obviously didn't pay much attention to the fact that it reorganzies all your icons.. ..ahh, but they go back to normal after switching the Theme back..

Overall, neat to look at for one or two minutes, but I'll never use it again unless its updated.. couldn't resist the eye-candy, and probably still haven't learned my lesson, but eh!?, what can you do.

I downloaded the live theme and cant figure out how to work it...other than it not asking me for the product key and it not doing what i want it to do...its confusing!!!!

I have a curve 8330 will this awesome app work on my phone ? , my GF has the same phone as I do. Would be an awesome anniversary gift.