Would you want something like Touch ID on your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2013 02:47 pm EDT

Yesterday Apple showed off their latest offering of devices including the multi-colored iPhone 5c as well as the updated iPhone 5s. Among the new features of the flagship 5s is Touch ID - a fingerprint scanner built into the home button that gives a whole new line of security to users. The Touch ID sensor is made up of various layers including a laser cut sapphire crystal, stainless steel detection ring, the Touch ID sensor, and a tactile switch.

Touch ID reads your fingerprint and lets you unlock your phone without having to enter a password. Just hold your finger on the sensor and your phone unlocks. You can even use Touch ID for verification for things like entering your App Store password. Pretty cool technology but is it necessary?

I'm all about security on my devices. I don't claim to be terribly important or hold any government secrets on my devices but I do like to know that when I'm not around, no one can just pick up my phone and start snooping. I'm totally fine with a simple PIN lock or password but something like Touch ID is very intriguing to me.

Your BlackBerry can stay plenty secure providing your use a proper password, but is fingerprint scanning something you'd like to see on a device? Imagine a sensor built into your home screen so that when you swipe to unlock it's actually scanning your finger as well.

Hit up the poll below and let us know yay or nay to a Touch ID feature for BlackBerry, then sound off in the comments.


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Reader comments

Would you want something like Touch ID on your BlackBerry?



With the security threats from our own governments there is no way I'm using something as private as my finger print.

Not very secure. Fingerprint scanners can be easily tricked with a jellybean, tape, and some ink.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

No way, is that true? Sounds like something off a maguyver flick. I voted yes cos it sounded cool and quick, "what's the worst that can happen"? but after reflecting on that B Franklin quote and this I'm not so sure anymore.

Posted via CB10

It isnt, everyone knows that finger print scanning isnt an acceptable level of security. Thats pretty standard at any company

Posted via CB10

As long as it's optional, and you still have the option of entering a password the old-fashioned way, I don't see the issue.

It looks far more convenient for those of us that aren't doing stuff the government shouldn't know about ... ;)

Tracygee- I don't think you've thought through your position on privacy and the FED. It's not whether one does things that are illegal or not, "that the gov't shouldn't know about," it's whether we have a right to privacy.

I mean, if you really believe what you say, then install a webcam in your bedroom and bathroom and let anyone watch; you're not doing anything illegal, right? Or allow all your intimate conversations with your significant other to be broadcast over the web and radio. If you are comfortable with no privacy, then your position is valid. It's smugness to give up your rights so willingly. "He that gives up liberty for safety shall have, and deserves, niether." -Ben Franklin

Via Z10 & CB10

Bang on. Perhaps they are watching her right now via her camera on her phone....oh there she is up on the big screen downtown New York!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

We in the Netherlands are obligated to scan our fingerprints for a passport application... as much as I despise that, I would've found it quite nice to have it on the Z.. Truly necessary? No.. Truly awesome? Hell yeah..!

From the Z...

The difference there is someone is watching you scan your finger and using multi-part authentication by verifying your ID photo to your face. This is completely different from single-part authentication with no way to verify that you are consenting to the finger print scan at time of

Posted via CB10

->GP540, I couldn't agree more. Buy a Crapple and give up all semblance of privacy and security and now you can hand over your fingerprints to the NSA

Posted via CB10

I agree 100% with you. Something as personal as my fingerprint is not something i would want anyone to have access to. I can see people jacking people's iPhones to pull their print off the scanner and not for the use of the phone at all.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Do you wash every dish and glass before you leave a restaurant? Otherwise, you've just given those people your fingerprints, too. It's probably more easy to re-use a fingerprint left on a glass than it is to reuse a fingerprint from a computer -- the computer doesn't store the whole thing, just some points that are important to it. That data for an iphone fingerprint scanner is not likely to be useful in any device other than an iphone, and not likely to be able to be reconstructed into a fingerprint.

Your fingerprints left on the back and sides of your iphone, on the other hand, would be much easier to use maliciously.

It is smart on Apple's part as they needed something to dazzle the audience + they help make sure each person buys a phone instead of sharing (unless their is an option to just enter a passcode). I have read a few articles recently suggsting that it isn't really that secure (you leave your fingerprint everywhere) and what if it is too cold or for some other reason your finger print doesn't match exactly the time you set it up - does that mean you are locked out of your device? Do you simply then just ebter a passcode/pin? If the latter then I guess it depends. On how often it works whether it is more convenient or not. Otherwise just a gimmick. Bring on true mobile computing instead please!

Why not come up with a new and better trend?
1. NFC Chip implanted to your hand that will allow safe and instant access to your phone.
2. Voice Recognition
3. Eye Scanning
4. Breathalyzer (imagine a couple uses here!)
5. 4 Digit Code! < THIS!

Posted via CB10

#1 is not that crazy of an idea but I was thinking of having a NFC chip in or even on the back of a watch. Then it could only be unlocked when your hand gets close.
#2 would not be hard to implement, in fact if I was a developer I would consider trying to make an app for this. But then someone could just record your voice and play it back to unlock your phone.
#3 Eye scanning/face recognition is used with Andriod. But then again someone can just print a picture of your face and unloack the phone.
#4 Hmmm
#5 my personal favourite, unless you show someone the code or tell them, no one will get into your phone.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I dont see how nfc would be any better than finger print. In both situations you still need to have your authentication mechanism close to the phone whether your conscious/consenting or not.

Posted via CB10

You nailed it! But people will be duped into thinking they need it. Password is more than enough

Posted from my 6230

The fingerprint is generally going to be less secure than the password. The point is not for added security, but for added convenience of not having to type a password.

My z10 requires me to type out my text password on a tiny keyboard, and I typo not uncommonly because the keyboard is so small. A fingerprint, while being less secure than my password, would sure be handy for unlocking the phone. I mostly have the password so that I stop pocket dialing people -- it seems that my phone unlocks even though I have it set to require pressing the button at the top, followed by a swipe.

What about facial recognition like the old laptops? Yeah don't dare about that either. A simple password is all I need on my device.

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i voted no.. what if i was in a horrible accident and lost all my fingerprints.. i would never be able to use my Zed10 ever again.. that would be true torture..

You are such a negative person....
What if a horrible accident occurs and you lost your eyes....you won't even be able to use any kind of phone....be positive buddy...

Posted via CB10

Voice recognition that recognizes sarcasm so that it knows when you were only kidding, and stays locked!

Posted via CB10

Lmao...I voted YES but after reading the comments and thinking about it I change my mind. It does seem ok in the cool aspect but in reality well no I'm not sold on the idea after all.

It might develop an attitude and will only grant you access to your phone if you apologize or say something nice :)

Or better yet, will only unlock when you're being sarcastic!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Lool I've already tried to unlock my screen with my nose. And it works!! :D

Posted via Vader10

I've got a paper cut on my finger at the moment - wouldn't be able to access my phone then!!

Posted via CB10

You can scan more than one finger to use. No ones ever used a laptop with a finger print scanner in the past...?

I think it would be a great added feature of security...like you said Adam, I do not hold any special government or really important data on my phone, but I would like to know my photos and files I create are secure. Options are always good, so it would be great to provide that option.

N4BB posted an article today...BlackBerry was awarded a patent for this type of technology in 2009. http://n4bb.com/blackberry-introduced-fingerprint-scanner-want/

This is less about government and more about your use-case. You have it backwords. With a finger print you are more likely to have your personal data compromised by people who have close access to you

Posted via CB10

So if somebody wants to get into my phone, they can just knock me to the ground, drag me into a dark area and chop off 1 finger at a time till they get the correct one. I don't think so.

Posted via CB10

The difference is, you can pretend to forget your password or pretend to press the wrong button. But you can't pretend to fool fingerprint scan

STL 100-1

Was looking for this. I know some places where you will lose your finger along with your phone now this has been introduced. I've been wondering about that retina scan thing for the same reasons too.

I can see this happening - sad, I know, but in the 3rd world life is cheap, and a finger even cheaper!

With a password they will put a gun to your head and demand the password. With this they will just give the finger the chop!

Posted using CB10 on my Z10STL100- running

Honestly depends if it works or not. Fingerprint is more convenient then a password and as secure. To dismiss it as gimmicky is to repeat past mistakes. Don't just dismiss a feature just because BlackBerry didn't think of it

Posted via CB10

But entering a PIN will probably be faster than reading a fingerprint. Unless they have their detection set so low that it's not that secure anyway.

I would like to see it as an option that can be turned on or off. But then again I would like to see my Z10 get every compatible feature available with the ability to control whether I want to use it or not.

Putting the NSA issue aside, this would be a welcome addition. Particularly if it could be an alternate method (i.e., you could either type the password OR hold your finger).

A fingerprint scanner under the BlackBerry logo on a Z10 would be awesome.

Who wouldn't want that? It's a great idea that makes your phone more secure and more convenient to use.

Again--don't understand why anyone wouldn't want that.

Posted via CB10

Fingerprint scanning has already been found too insecure for many companies. Just another gimic apple is shoving down our throat. NFC would have been far more useful.

Posted via CB10

I say no thank you! Finger print I'D is not new technology! So I am sure thefts have a away around it all ready specially if it's a app you have to purchase!

Posted via CB10

No way. Then NSA and 3rd party apps will get my fingerprints.

Number pad pin is good enough.

I wish there was a cover for the front camera.

- aBBuser seeing squircles on CB10

It's hardware so when it breaks the unit has to go back instead of resetting the software. So no I like how my phone is already

Posted via CB10

I had a fingerprint scanner on my thinkpad... was nice... but just for fun. ... and passwords are more secure...."good passwords

Posted via CB10

nah im good it would kinda cool to have it though but im sure eventually someone will find a way around it then boom bb is no longer secure

With the NSA revealed to the public... do you really think they will let Apple keep all this juicy information about everyone finger prints??? Yea... didn't think so.

A gimmick that will sell millions of phones but at the end of the day,when the contract expires (if they can wait that long) out to get a new one. Give fools too much money or access to it and they will blow it.

Look around Nashville for example and see all the poor sods with a nice phone but disconnected service.

Posted via CB10

You die, your password dies with you, but put your dead fingertips the phone and voilla, access... this could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on which point of view you take...

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Surely a finger print scanner to unlock your phone isn't very secure as people can copy your prints and then unlock the phone?

Posted via CB10

Or chop off your finger, because, believe me, it will happen. There is no end to "creative freedom" of serious thieves. As gruesome as it is, my wife told me of what happened to her family friend in Indonesia. He got mugged, the guys wanted his watch. When he did not want to give it, they took his hand with the watch. A lot won't think twice about borrowing your finger with the phone.

In my opinion, enough is really enough. This image sums up my sentiment and view on this pretty well...


And no, I have nothing to hide but that's not the point. Giving up freedom and privacy in exchange for perception or promise of security is ludicrous.

I say we go with the retina scan, since it's all about one-upping the competition, right?

Seriously, there are few "necessary" features on any smartphone, but I can't see a downside to biometrics used as an added security option - provided it works.

It's a great feature. If we did another redesign then sure add it. But to throw it on a phone as your main feature is a waste. But since it's on an iPhone or will sell like crazy. They should try no home button, or expansion slot.


Just add chip in your head with his tracking device and send it to everyone, why not ;)

Posted from Z10 LE via CB10

The Security of the idea, is great. The only issue is BlackBerry couldn't introduce such a feature considering it's troubles right now. It would drive cost up, and BlackBerry can't exactly afford to do so right now.

It's bad enough the Q5 isn't doing so hot. They need to focus their attention on more important matters than little features that the majority of users likely won't be using. IMO.

Posted via CB10

Fingerprint scanner equals thumbs down. On the other hand (get it, pun intended). I'd be down with a RETINA scanner. Plus it would be funny to watch people hold their phone up to their face to unlock it while walking and bumping into ****.

Verizon Q10...posted from Philadelphia

I think it would be cool to have on my Z10, but I'm not sad that it doesn't have it. Its a little better than a gimmick, but it's still pretty gimicky...

Posted via CB10

Finger print scanning is frustrating and error prone. I had one on my Lenovo Thinkpad -- was only useful as a curiosity. Its a novelty and doesn't work most of the time.

And the market today yawned at the new technology that Apple introduced. The claim of digital signature with finger print scanning is ludicrous. Who is verifying it? A third party digital signature verification is a much better option.

Posted via CB10, Z10/STL100-3/

"Finger print scanning is frustrating and error prone."

WAS. This is new. If it ends up not working, you have a point. But you're assuming it won't based on previous experiences.

"And the market today yawned at the new technology that Apple introduced."

You must be completely ignorant to Apple and Tech in general.

1. The market always shrugs after an Apple Event. Every time. Then they can't keep up with demand.

2. You think the stock market should be the the be all end all verdict for a new feature? Wow, no wonder BB is screwed.

Honestly, I think it's more convenient than secure.

Your fingerprints can be picked up anywhere. Now with 3d printers, you can even create a copy.

Posted via CB10

Girlfriend takes your finger while you sleeping and gets access to the phone and you're doomed! A password/pin stored in brain is far more safe

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't use it by itself, but in combination with the existing password lock. It would be like two-factor authentication codes sent by SMS, an additional level of security as something that only the user holds.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

The idea has merit, but can't I just have the old option of making calls when locked.

I have no problem unlocking for everything else but the fact that it locks in between calls is a royal pain in the arse.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, pressed the wrong button. What I meant to say is that I don't have any important information on my phone. However, for people that require that level of security should have as an option.

Posted via CB10

Hi, I've been in a coma since 1997. Is this where I register my opinion that smartphones without physical keyboards will never be popular? I don't know what Apple is thinking but this virtual keyboard thing is such a gimmick. Also, the iPad is just a big iPhone. We've had tablets since the 1990's and they have all failed. Who needs them?

We need some type of security lock. My phone keeps calling people in my pocket. I want a one click unlock option.

Posted with my Z10

No way. Don't want the NSA to get that info, or anyone else, for that matter.

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

I would like to see something like this implemented more elegantly, where the finger print ID is built into the touchscreen. For example, the primary user of a blackberry is the only one that can swipe up to unlock the phone.

Posted via CB10

My only problem with this is that Apple came up with it. No, not because I wanted BlackBerry to, but because I don't want Apple storing and selling my fingerprint to "anyone".

It is a cool idea, but how do I know they're not sending this off to some unsecured server along with my info?

Just sayin'

Posted via CB10

With finger print scan to unlock your phone don't pass out drunk or fall asleep; everybody will simply swipe your finger and have access to your phone.

Posted via CB10

Depending on where you are in the world, the law requires you to hand over passwords (if asked)... now we've got to give 'em the finger too?

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Man imagine that: millions ans millions of Apple users submit their fingerprints voluntary to the NSA and other organizations to fill up their databases with missing info about them. I think this is what this is all about...

Posted via CB10

I vote no,its to personal but if it will attract people to the platform then i'm all form it.

Posted via CB10

I used fingerprint for my daily sessions on laptops for some years,some authentec devices builtin, on win/linux , and I think using that for smartphone ID is not innovative in any way,not for a mega-billion $ "hype creative" company I believe that something real-innovative will come from blackberry since their FIDO alliance membership..

No way!!! the government already has access to our privacy. Our fingerprint is the one thing that makes us unique. If we give that away, we've basically given away our identity.

Posted via CB10

Touch ID would be cool but I would settle for a pattern lock option on BB10 if one can ever be provided.

Fingerprint scanners are not secure in the least. Check out the mysthbusters episode where they gain access to a $2000 dollar scanner with some tape...

Posted via CB10

One step closer to human implant NFC tags. That would unlock your phone but also end free humanity.

- aBBuser seeing squircles on CB10

I'm sure NSA can find a way of retrieving the fingerprint data as well so no thanks. Someone somewhere well find an easy innovative way of unlocking a phone without risking our privacy.

Posted via CB10

If it wasn't for the recent NSA stuff, this would be a very enthusiastic YES!!!! Because of that, it is a much more muted and hesitant yes. For me it isn't as much about security as it is the belief that the age of the password will have to die in the near future, whether for fingerprints or something else, and it is good to see things moving forward. Passwords can be hacked, are easy to forget, and take time every time you pull out your phone. Fingerprints or something else would solve all of the above.

Um complete lies. Go do some homework before being so confident about incorrect assumptions. Finger prints dont solve all of the above and in many ways are worse. Most large companies disable finger print reader on laptops for very certain reasons. So hookers can snoop through executive's laptops (and now phones) when theyre passed out drunk. I highly believe that any company that issues iphones will have the finger print scanner disabled

Posted via CB10

Apple said that less than 50% of the people with IPHONE even use a password. With some of the issues stated. Cuts, gloves, etc. Don't seeing it getting that much use.

Posted via CB10

"Apple said that less than 50% of the people with IPHONE even use a password."

Which is the reason for the fingerprint scanner. Much easier to use.

"With some of the issues stated. Cuts, gloves, etc. Don't seeing it getting that much use."

You can bypass the fingerprint and use a password when there are problems. You might want to read what it does before commenting so you'll know what you're talking about.

Is it easier to use? None of us have tried it. I know my reader on my laptop isnt much more convenient than a password. I have a feeling half the user base wont use any authentication

Posted via CB10

Even if this is stored in the chip, you really think someone with enough knowledge won't be able to steal that information? I'm good enough with a password or pin to unlock my device.

Not sure why people are focused on hacking the datastore when the concept itself is flawed with low tech hacking such as my choking you out and scanning to your phone

Posted via CB10

First of all, let's see this feature in action before we all start salivating...remember all those super features the new Samsung Galaxy S4 was supposed to have? Nothing has come of them, just cheap gimmicks meant to further inflate the price of the device!

The S4 wasn't as revolutionary everybody thought it was going to be, nor the success everyone expected. It's a hard and lonely place at the top and when you've established a certain level of success, then there are certain expectations built in to each successive product launch.

Apple is finding that out right now. Sure all the Appletards will still line up to grab the latest IShit, but yesterday's announcement and product reveal was greeted with muted enthusiasm, hardly the grand event from only a few years ago!

This says that Steve Jobs was indeed a great salesman, and that Appletards are finally waking up to the fact that the IPhone is just that, a device...nothing more...a device like anyother, they are also realizing that even these "new" models are iterations of previous models which are themselves descendants of the only truly important device Apple ever put out, the IPod. Hardly the groundbreaking products Apple would have us believe!

This also shows that we as consumers have come to have really unrealistic expectations of what ANY of these smartphones can actually do, regardless of whether it is an Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony or BlackBerry device. These smartphones have become as much about status symbol as anything else!

We want the next, new thing with all the shinny bells and whistles and those who can provide them survive and those who can't become extinct. This is less about quality than it is about appearance!

Without realising we are actually retarding research and development through our unrealistic expectations. All these companies are racing to impress us instead of taking time to develop something new and potentially groundbreaking. Inovation takes time and patience, but in this society of ours where instant gratification is paramount, time and patience are the things we are unwilling to grant.

Case in point BlackBerry. Perhaps if this company had the necessary time, the BB10 OS could itself lead to other truly revolutionary achievements in telecommunications beyond just fulfilling the role of a platform for hand held devices!

Unfortunately that was not allowed to happen...and now we can see the aftermath..

In the end it is us consumers who will end up the biggest loosers!

Posted via CB10

its ok if its an addition. there still needs to be a "secondary" level where you can just login. because if my wife borrows the phone, or something, it would be pretty inconvenient if i wasnt around...

I agree with those that suggested a choice in unlocking. I see this as a "gimmick" but it's also something apple has that we don't, it would be great to be able to offer the same or come up with something even better. I hate comparing and losing, I want to be able to say "yeah I got that too *yawn*" to iPhone people

Posted via CB10

I will tell any Apple people, "Do you really need that (with a tone emphasis of THAT STUPID THING)? I really believe an older version, cheaper iPhone is much more valuable than paying for this new phone.

Here's the thing. Using a fingerprint to secure a device and data is amazing, BUT, thanks to our governments and their incessant snooping and underhanded workings that have been coming to light for years and years now, I'd rather not.

What I would propose is simple, and very "BlackBerry":

Place Fingerprint Reader on the side of phone, right in the middle of volume buttons. Apart from validating identity, this reader can be used for scrolling and clicking like good old 7250 :)

The idea came to me while I was using Fingerprint Reader as mousepad on LXE Marathon tablet :))

What if your girlfriend waits till you sleep and scan your fingerprint on the phone? Is that secure?

Posted via CB10

I hate the idea of a finger print scanner, it's the number one reason why I will not be buying an iPhone.

Flicked with my awesome Z10!

Well, the hardware is much better than your z10. And the camera is a world better. What would impress you? A battery that lasts forever?

My answer is no.

This might open up a can of worms security wise.

Posted via CB10 using Z10 running OS

Finger print ID is less secure. This means anyone who has access to my fingers will be able to access my phone & accounts inside it.

e.g. When I'm sleeping, drunk, dead :P

Posted via CB10

Yikes, no, let's wait and see if any iPhone users start coming up with missing phones AND fingers!

Really guys? This is what I cant stand about our community. Instead of to just admit something is fresh, cool, practical, dope (whatever you wanna call it) we always have to make up reasons why xyz technology is impractical and not needed.

Do you really think there isn't an option to enter your password manually? I even saw someone say, "what if I have glue on my finger". Who touches there phone with blatantly dirty hands? Some people treat their phones better than their spouses, and we say things like, glue on my finger when I touch my phone.

YES. If my Z10 had a fingerprint scan, I'd be flaunting it around. Gimmick, Slimmick... it's hot! I know they aren't the first to use this technology. I'm willing to be they've brought it a lot further than it was a few years ago.

I'm not too impressed with the overall iphone 5s, but there are things they nailed.
1. That 5s looks so damn expensive and high end its not even funny. Image and perception is everything. They did a great job with the build of that phone, and that's going just buy pix alone.
2. They continued to add just enough (new to apple) technology to keep the hype beasts happy.
3. They will deliver ON TIME.

Grow up guys. I don't like Apple all that much. But I can admit when they've done something right. I would love to have a functioning fingerprint scan on my Z10.

LOL at you. How about those of us pointing out that finger print id is insecure. Maybe this is a gimmick that you would flash around but ive had fingerprint readers on my laptops for a decade now. Its boring, I dont use it and if I wanted to my company wouldnt allow it because.. its insecure. Get off your high horse.

Posted via CB10

I only voted "yes" because I disagree with the survey's reason behind the "no" vote. I don't agree that "it's way too much".

I would prefer to see these 3 choices:
Yes, cause it's the only way to go.
Sure why not, but it's not a deal-breaker for me.
No, i don't want it at all - it's just something else to break.

My real vote would be the middle one.

No that's not secure, it's a waste of time to construct... leave to Samsung and iphone... there's a reason why BlackBerry didn't wanted in the first place... what's the difference now?

Posted via CB10

Security just went out the windows. A sleeping iPhone owner's phone can be unlocked by touching his phone next his sleeping finger. Lol!

If it ain't multifactorial it ain't secure.

Posted via CB10

I think it would be good for BlackBerry to offer it as an option, but I've noticed an odd trend recently: about 3 or 4 years ago, lots of notebook PCs used to have a fingerprint scanner... now I don't see any with them. It strikes me as something like when a new wonder drug is released to great acclaim, then a few years after the release we're seeing terrible side effects. Was it some kind of fad?

I have watched a few documentaries that presented convincing evidence about how non-unique fingerprints are and how many false-positives can occur. For those who can't remember a non-numeric password that's more than 6 characters long, it might help them, but I'd prefer a device without the added security risk and expense of having one. So, yeah, make one with it, but I'd personally never purchase it. Choice is good.

"but I've noticed an odd trend recently: about 3 or 4 years ago, lots of notebook PCs used to have a fingerprint scanner"

If you can't understand why opening a phone, something you might take out of your pocket locked dozens of times a day, would make better use of a finger print scanner than a smart phone, I honestly believe you're beyond help.

With everything that could happen or go wrong if my device gets into the incorrect hands, why will I want a information like my fingerprint embedded in my smartphone?!

Dumb move and stupid feature just to put some bling into the iOS zombies!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Nope. Just one more thing to break. Besides, people will probably be entranced with it for a few days and then just end up turning it off.

Posted via my Cyberdyne Systems T-800

not so bad if it works, and works relatively fast. my experience with finger print scanners on laptops has not been all that great.

Looks like the Apple boys made their way over to this poll, because that is totally unnecessary technology.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

Wow, so you think that apple fans are voting in the poll, because there's not way BB fans have a different opinion than you? And they call apple fans sheep.

It's a good idea to have it, if it was going to be stored on your device only and not as scheme to gather more data and personal details about smartphone users. I personally think it would be another big brother scheme.

Posted via CB10

I would much prefer that to remembering a code or a swipe pattern. BBRY should have thought of this feature first considering their security focus!

They probably threw it out considering their focus on security. Finger prints are insecure! Google something for gods sake

Posted via CB10

Read the comments in this thread and you start to understand that the problem is not only with Black Berry but with Black Berry users.

Yes, you can turn it off. No, you don't have to use it.

But please, don't put this into new Blackberrys. Makes perfect sense. That worked so well when RIM just ignored the huge market changes before. Just keep with the status quo. What could go wrong? Don't actually keep up with the competition, just keep repeating that BB is for Work! And iPHones are toys! And make hashtags with stuff like #blackberry4ever!

After all, just a stupid gimmick. When has apple ever guessed right about the future? Right guys?

Logic dictates that this is just first step.. if we think it's not important, we need to see where this technology could go to..possibly it might go to a level that the phone would end up recognizing if it is being picked up by its owner or not... as always, the key to a new technology / technique is also, where can it possibly take us in the future.

Posted via CB10

Fingerprint tech has been around for awhile. What you are talking about is much further beyond a simple fingerprint scanner. I don't really see a fingerprint scanner leading to that future tech though. Too different!

Posted via CB10

Apple needed to invent something to validate the home button.
Nothing to see here. Keep walking.

Posted via CB10

The major drawback of fingerprint authentication is that when someone steals your fingerprint, you can't change for a new one!

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In an authentication matrix you look at what people have, what they know, and what they Are .To your point the problem with any biometrics "what you are " is that if it is compromised it can create serious impacts without the ability for a quick resolution. You have to scar your eye or finger and then good luck just "updating your file"

Plus many folks have all their precious data in the cloud..thats where the security needs to be.

It's a Nice to have but I would never use it. Want security? Dual factor authentication without biometrics should suffice, oh and use a BlackBerry

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May be scanning finger is too much, however I really want a easiest way to access my smartphone when is locked. Current password in Z10 is very complicated!

the day that other people can take my bb from me, it won't matter becouse they would have just taken it from my cold dead hands...so no, I don't need it...hell I don't even use a password, where I am, my bb is...

Apple is a NWO device... You police or government has full access to everything on them. They can even turn off the cam or txting etc.. Just google it!!! I will never own an Apple NSA monitoring device.

I use biometric settings whenever possible. So, I'd love the feature but not enough to get an iPhone.

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they will knock u out then they can access your phone. or while u are sleep.
great idea for security...

BB Z10 Rocks!

Who is 'they'? And if they're going to knock you out, then they'll use violence to get your pass code. Funny post though.

I actually hoped they have put it on the Z10 :( but it's a great device anyway. This would only make it better !

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It isn't the fingerprint unlock. It is my experience with all kinds of fingerprint readers throughout the years and the crappy track record they have.

Temperature change? Nope, not gonna work
Woman retaining water? Nope, not gonna work
Get a cut on your finger? Nope, not gonna work (how about another finger)
Gloves on? Nope, not gonna work.

I've seen too many laptops try fingerprint scanners, and I have yet to see one in use for more than a week before the user got frustrated with it.

And tablet computers were a failure before the iPad, and Apple wasn't the first to create a touch screen smart phone. Do me a favor, when it comes out and actually works, and then every other smart phone eventually comes out with their own because of Apple, come back here and admit you're wrong, okay?

It's hilarious to see how many people are saying it won't work based on earlier products. Ye of such little faith. I'm sure you'll rush back to apologize when you're wrong.

So what ? :) it's extra security and faster access to accounts and unlock
It's useful , I liked it on my laptop for faster access not just security

you can always use ur pass to unlock too !

That is interesting. Just copied and pasted those comments to my brother who's considering an IPhone 5S purchase.

Thanks for the heads up.

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So what If someone uses a fingerprint kit like the law enforcement agencies use?

On the Underrated Z10

If they add it to a BlackBerry phone, ok, but not that I am willing to change platforms for that

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It's a neat feature and I'm sure many will use it, but for me, it doesn't inspire confidence in the security of my data. A relatively clever, determined person can defeat a fingerprint scanner, while my 17 character alphanumeric and special character password is far harder to defeat.

But maybe I'm in the minority.

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My Z is a tool. Nothing more. In my case, it is the right tool for the job. Others may prefer something else. That is their choice. Phone manufacturers try to provide options and features to attract and entice the customer. Some are useful, some are more flash and dazzle. The Fingerprint scanner seems to fit into the latter category. I have had previous experience with these on other devices, with very unsatisfactory results. All the comments about the NSA and lost fingers aside, it is a system which can be prone to failure. The pin password, while a touch inconvenient, is reliable. That is what i want. Reliability. As my Z locks each time I holster it, I have become quite adept at unlocking it. It is an unconscious task. If BlackBerry was to incorporate a fingerprint scanner into their devices, I am sure many would use it, but I expect most would still use the regular password system.

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How do you know nsa didn't ask apple to install this, so they can have their own finger print database. All they need is a backdoor to get into the Iphone then pull the data directly off the a7 chip.

Now they have fingers print of everyone that is not a criminal to use against you when the lhey need to.

Lol takes off tin foil hat now....

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I an not giving up my fingerprint to the cloud. Kick rocks. I'm an engineer that creates the cloud and I think that's too much. How easy can we make it for someone to hack our identity?

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What happens when it doesn't work as it should?

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Apple implemented the fingerprint reader the worse and cheapest way ever.

I wanna see BlackBerry integrate the fingerprint reader within the touchscreen LCD of the actual phone. This way the entire surface of the LCD can be used on any angle to unlock your phone.

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I'm not so sure how well this works as almost all the time wherever you have to use fingerprints, the machine is normally bigger in size and I dunno how the home button is going great fare on the slim iPhone but if it is possible on the Z10 then I would prefer fingerprint on the screen itself. I most likely think it is a gimmick and won't work as promoted and people will still end up using single and double passwords authentications for further security.

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If PIN can be used as a backup, and if setting up fingerprint unlocking is optional, why would anyone say no to this? Would you like the flexibility of your BlackBerry doing more things? Yes.