Would you want to see iOS apps on BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2013 09:30 am EDT

Over the weekend there were some stories floating around about iOS apps potentially running on BlackBerry 10 in much the same manner as Android apps do now. It was claimed that BlackBerry 10 devices could essentially use an "iOS app player" to run iOS apps but as it turns out, that isn't exactly the case.

The example given was of the recently released Reebee app for BlackBerry 10 and it was noted that the transitions appeared to be extremely similar to those found on the iOS counterpart. As it turns out it's not so much an iOS app player as an iOS ported app. 

The app itself is based in Objective-C but the BlackBerry version has been ported and tweaked using developer tools to make it run on BlackBerry 10 - nothing more, nothing less. BlackBerry has offered tools for quite some time that allow developers to port existing iOS apps with a bit of extra work, so this is nothing terribly new.

So while we won't be seeing an iOS app player anytime soon, we still want to know if that is something you'd want to see come to BlackBerry 10. We already have an Android app player to expand the app catalog (and better support for that coming in OS 10.2) but would you want to be able to run iOS apps as well?

Hit up the poll below with the option that best fits you, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Reader comments

Would you want to see iOS apps on BlackBerry 10?


First and Hellz ya on an iOS app player. Effectively closing that app gap in a matter of minutes and the idea that your BlackBerry can run BlackBerry, Android and iOS apps, that's sick! Even the haters may appreciate that innovation.

Amen to that. Getting Lync, OneNote and Skydrive would be huge. My company is considering moving away from Blackberry because we are using Lync more and more.

If we could run all 3 types of apps we just single handily ended the mobile economy wars! And it would be purely spec wars after :) which I wouldn't mind at all if blackberry decides to lease their os out to Sony and htc!

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Converting and Sideloading is NOT for everyone. Maybe a small group of enthusiasts with some minor tech skills will love it. But the majority of Developers and consumers will not.

That said Android is an open platform, iOS is not.... what would BB have to play Apple to allow them to use the code to make a "Player". Why would Apple even consider licensing their code?

No amount of money would make it worth Apple giving up its app advantage. The fact is, the iPhone is viewed as the best phone by many because of the apps, not the OS or Hardware.

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Actually, some may agree with me and some won't.
But all these ports from other platforms are actually another way of giving opportunity for users to 'use' (steal would be quite harsh a word) apps that is not available in BB world.
And at the same time, opens the developers eyes so that if they want to make money, native their apps in  world. Put them to ransom. You don't want to bring your apps to  and yet we are still be able to use your apps without paying for it...
How's that?

I dislike ported apps, they just don't run as smooth as made for BlackBerry apps. However, your logic does make sense. Hmm....

Thing is with so many cross platform apps out there, what would be the benefit? Are there really any apps exclusive to iPhone? If not I would prefer the port the works smoother whether that be the Android version or the iPhone version.

Actually there are quite a few music apps that only run on iOS at the moment. That is, of course, a niche market but nonetheless... With Animoog on BB10 now that trend has the potential of changing for the better

VZW Z10 Where I get down >> ASCENDANT Music Channel C000B8970

A lot of games are iOS only, or at least they are released on iOS first. Also, iOS apps/games almost always get updated first.

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2nd and hell no!
Only native apps feel really good on BB10. The buttons and controls are all in the same place. Already with Android Apps the different layout is a PITA.

Nope. I'd rather see more native apps. But maybe this would help bring more free games? Then again, all the apps I use on a daily basis are already on the BlackBerry 10 platform and most of them are native with the ones that are not coming soon like Viber.

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I got to agree with you on this as I think this is one good strategy for BlackBerry to match up with the competition. This may be a good way for BlackBerry to win over both users & developers.

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With having a couple hundred half of them are already garbage and a lot are repetitive. I don't want to see 1,000,000 apps.

It would be fun to brag, and show off that we have the best apps from all platforms.

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Why would it matter if we want something or not, it doesn't, and won't change anything. We wanted Instagram, and Vine, you know what happened then.

This is what BlackBerry can provide not other companies. We wanted BB10 and you know what happened.

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Everyone gets super disappointed with android ports, why would this be any different? I say let's stick to native. Instagram should just hurry up and people should complain to them for not having an app not to BlackBerry for not having an iPhone app converter thing

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It would win over a massive amount of users. Then devs would have even a bigger reason to go native if their apps are in demand on the platform. It has been happening already. Many apps started as ports and have gone native.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I'm sorry but not everyone gets dissapointed with android ports, the only app i was missing on my Z10 was Spotify and thanks to Android player i now have it running flawesly on my Z10, to me its a blessing.

More apps means more options for new up takers... bring it on if possible... but would offer an incentive to make native apps as the experience is significantly better...

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The ONLY apps missing that run smoothly are Instagram and the Chase Mobile app. I use Chase mobile website so that REALLY isnt much of an issue. Instagram, works fine but some of the script work is out of wack....and before you all go "what's instagram?"...im in the demographic that actually loves using it and would like a smoother running version.

I use instagram and love it. You are right about some of the script but generally works ok. I sideloaded the Chase app and it works good for me including deposit checks etc.

If porting them gets the developer a step closer to creating a Native version for BB10, then that's what they should do.

Totally agree. It's a baby step for the developer instead of going native right away they can dip their toes in the water before taking the plunge.

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Of course NOT. What BlackBerry truly needs is more native apps. I would even say that in future they should remove support for android and (especially) Webworks apps, because quality of those apps is terrible in comparisons with the native ones and poor app quality = disappointing platform experience.

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I agree BlackBerry needs more true native apps. But as someone already mentioned if porting app over first causes the app to eventually go native that works for us. True some will just stay ported but better than nothing no? Let's face it BlackBerry doesn't own the mobile market like iOS and Android do and devs still feel uncertain about BlackBerry surviving with all this negative stories and rumors circulating it.

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Here's a better idea. Some of you maybe familiar with the Mac computer being able to run both Mac and Windows OS at the same time by swiping the mouse to switch over to any OS you want. That would be an amazing feature on Blackberry 10 to switch between BB10 and say Android. This way you can run any Android app and have access to Google play store and you can keep your Blackberry for all the Blackberry stuff

A very good thought/idea @compaqdeskpr, in fact this is the next level of incarnation to Blackberry Balance - where Blackberry comes introduces Blackberry "Spaces" - the Android space is like a playground connected to Google's app store - and it is safely locked out from Blackberry's native space.

So will Blackberry likely become the VMWare of mobile space?

I did that on my hd2 years ago. Had android and Windows on my windows mobile phone.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

There are several games that I play on my iPad Mini that I would love to see come over to BB10 (in native form, of course)

1) Temple Run 1 and 2
2) The Chaos Rings series

Um didn't we all see video of iemu and brine running native ios code on a blackberry? And then abrupt radio silence ever since. Hmm.

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How about allowing Outlook USB sync before iOS apps come to BB10? Or maybe there is an iOS app that can do it? Hello? Are you listening BBRY?

Good point - the sync is there, just doesn't seem all that stable (I think it's BlackBerry Link being problematic).

An ios player would be an interesting concept, that said, I would rather see native apps too.

The purpose of the android player was to get devs "one step closer" to creating native apps. That isn't happening.

What will bring the devs to BlackBerry and get them to actually create native apps?

More money!? I don't know...

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The only thing that would get more devs making native apps for BB 10 is BlackBerry having a stronger position in market like iOS and Android. Too bad they took too long to react when they had %75 of the market otherwise if BB 10 came out sooner I'm sure there be more apps

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For anyone who says android ports are disappointing that's true but I've been very pleased with the performance of native android ports I did myself using the recent tutorials on Crackberry. I find it odd that blakcberry's android play does support native code but doesn't allow it at this time.

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I think having iOS apps would be better than having android apps. I downloaded Reebee and thought it was a native app.Yes, native apps would have far greater features, but I think iOS and BlackBerry have similar software UIs in the sense that there are back buttons in the app and if you want to exit it, you hit the home button or you swipe away. For android, there is a dedicated hardware back button so some android apps don't have an on screen back button. This has been problematic for a couple android ports we see in App World.

No. My problem is not with being able to run Android or iOS apps, it is with having to sideload them. If it were possible to search, download, and install/uninstall non-native apps just the same as any other app, I would definitely want that functionality on a BB10 device. The platform that duck tapes the multiple app store problem.

Of course. You have a lot of app developers that are small and very specific. For example a thermostat controller. They tend to write for Apple first and android second. This would open these specific apps to BlackBerry users. If BlackBerry beats the competion to having players that can use android and Apple apps, or at least ported versions, then this could be a massive game changer.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

If BlackBerry 10 became dual-bootable, then it would lose its Security.

Docking a BlackBerry and having a highly BlackBerryised Windows 8 would be great.

By the way, iOS Apps would be great to expand the ecosystem. Remember that Built For BlackBerry have preference in BlackBerry World.

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Look at it this way, it shows that BlackBerry can break the mold of app stores per device and start working on a universal app store. Much the way ultraviolet is bringing on demand streaming to all platforms.

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iOS apps are typically much higher quality than Android 2.3 apps so assuming the Player was ok, it would probably be a far better experience than the Android Player gives us now (that may change with 4.2 support). Would it be as good as native? Probably not quite. But seriously, I fail to see how thousands of apps that are 90% as good as a native app is worse than the most realistic scenario in which none of those apps even bother with the already-simple porting process.

Yes of course, the more the merrier! BlackBerry can then become one universal device for everything. This should be the way to the future.

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Absolutely. BB10 already gives me the best of 2 world's, would love to see the best of all world's!

That said.. I don't ever see this happening. IOS isn't open source like Android..

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It would be a platform seller for BlackBerry. Because it will fill the gap of apps and it would be a unique selling point for bb10. I would prefer ios player over Android player because ios devices have no buttons besides home. So it fits perfectly with the bb10 experience! There wouldn't be any bar beneath the running apps.

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I mean why not? It will be your choice to install them or not..those who want the app can opt to use it. those who do not can opt not to. Simple as that. (Just like Android) Id rather have something than nothing.

Let's face it. The only that that is really holding BB10 back now, is it's app ecosystem. If developers could simply upload iOS apps to BlackBerry world without any extra work, why wouldn't they? BB10 would explode. Imagine a mobile computing platform that could run apps from any other platform. WOW.

NO, I only want native apps done with Cascades. Why would we want to move backwards with apps with a UI from five years ago? Just look at the frustrations with Android apps, read the reviews of those apps in BB World.

I'm strictly against any move in favour of Apple.

Involvement in stock manipulation. Anticompetitive clauses in contracts with carriers. Active participation in bashing competitors.

Apple is hurting BlackBerry SOOO bad. TH and his (mis)management should realize that they aren't paid by Apple. At least not yet.

Yes, more apps from anywhere how could that be a bad thing.
Would love to see even only a few on BlackBerry.

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NO !!!! Its bad enough we have to run android to pic up some needed apps
Its a blackberry not an iBerryDroid

Native apps please. Not everyone is willing to go through researching the web just to get an app.

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Since, my beloved BB is so dependent on the Android and iOS for innovation. WHY THE H3\\ NOT ? bE YOUR OWN STOP PIGGY BACKING. BB Apps Only no more sideload.

Having an iOS app would be like having a native app because the gestures are all the same. The swipe up is essentially the home button. With no back button, apps have to offer that. Its a perfect fit I think.

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I'm not so sure that iOS apps are the highest priority item needed within BlackBerry 10, though they wouldn't hurt :-). Especially, this might attract people who were on iOS and are considering a switch to BlackBerry.

IMO, the highest priority would be to push (and get the carries to push) OS updates that significantly enhance the capabilities of BlackBerry 10, which is a wonderful first step but has much scope for improvement. These improvements could be in usability as well as features.

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it would be awesome for there to be only ONE app store.. and all OS's would be able to run the same apps. *dream*

always nice to have numerous options to choose from, but its not a major disappointment if it doesn't fall thru.

written from the Lord's sword (I-phone Killa)

I agree with those saying it would help close the app gap faster. I prefer native like the masses but, as long as BlackBerry continues to provide tools to make the porting happen with as much quality as possible, the app experience will be fine. Those complaining about android port quality now, may have a different outlook when 4.2.2 is fully supported. Also, as someone already pointed out, some ports have already been replaced with native versions. Some developers may need to see how their app will conceptually do among our customer base before investing the time on rebuilding their app. Lastly, the comment about it being a nice selling point for the platform is also something I agree with. Who else's platform can support apps from an additional platform, let alone 2 additional platforms? Yes, sideloading can be annoying at times for some, but rather have some way to get the app on to the device than no way at all.

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Apps, apps, apps, thats what everyone says is killing BB10 from gaining tracktion. I don't feel the same way but, be one less thing to critisize.

I would rather have 4.2 runtime working really well. I have an ipad but I am no big apple fan.

Native BlackBerry apps make me much more happy!!!!

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I think some of the is apps would be great. Not all the apps which like games and non sense apps. But to use some 3rd party apps would be a great opportunity.

Not really, I am sure there are some apps apple has that should come over to BlackBerry 10. But having some ios driver on the bb10 would be lame.
I think the ability to Sideload Android apps is exceptional, however the average user won't do this as side loading takes a bit of effort and most people just won't be arsed.
Just make bb10 more awesome and the apps will come. Definitely innovate the good ideas from the ios system but don't copy apple too much.
If I wanted and iphone I would have bought one.

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Horrible idea. BB10 has already proven to be a resource hog by having to support 2 OS platforms by incorporating Android. The last thing it needs is a 3rd platform added to the mix.

I absolutely don't want an iOS 'PLAYER' - but if iOS apps could be converted with ease to run on BB10 then yes yes yes yes go for it - iOS apps are 100 times prettier than Android ones. BRING IT ON!

It would be the same situation as Android apps... the key high-profile apps would not come over, so despite having Android, which doesn't seem to be helping the propagation of BB10 devices, wouldn't that just be another example of this futility?

I believe that BlackBerry should break every copyright and intellectual property law on the books to get an iOS emulator running on top of QNX / BB10 as a DEMONSTRATION of the power and versatility of QNX... but I don't see a point of releasing it, at least in terms of having a positive impact on BB10 with the consumer market.

Wouldn't blackberry have to pay royalties for that? Isn't the whole reason we have access to android app player because android is open source?

Maybe I'm wrong. I just thought that was the reason.

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I would like developers to be able to port iOS apps to give us apps earlier, but I would like them to develop native apps for us. In my opinion ability to port iOS apps wouldn't make that big difference, it would be better to somehow convince developers to make those apps.

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No thanks, iOS has its own design language that I rather not see on bb10.
We can already have the Android versions of all the popular apps and if a startup wants to launch their product on iOS first, so be it. Let the sheep be the product testers.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

Of course. As long as they run fast, and work well then yes.

The only thing I worry about is if straight ports don't integrate with BB10 very well (e.g. No sharing etc...)

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Would be awesome, but not for me I prefer 100% BlackBerry native apps... but it would be awesome for BlackBerry! I can imagine that this would be adding at least 2-3 million new costumers!

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Not necessarily an iOS app player but more like an easy way to port or create apps that would work on all platforms would be great !

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Not necessarily an iOS app player but more like an easy way to port or create apps that would work on all platforms would be great !

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Use some of those Billions and pay the app developers to code Native apps for BB10.

With regard to porting iOS apps to BB10, I say leave that to the hackers and hobbyists to tinker with.

If they can port them, but they are not crap then yes, if not stay the fuck in apple-ville or go native
But yes, it would be cool

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While having an iOS app player would definitely be a great feature for those looking to get specific apps on their BB10 devices it wouldn't provide the same user experience as a native app. Most android apps run pretty smooth, but do not deliver a BB10 experience because of the different UI. The Android app player works as a short term solution to fill the gap, but going forward it seems to me Blackberry will have to build its own unique ecosystem with apps that deliver a true Blackberry experience.

I agree entirely. It's definitely not a permanent solution but is a great way to help bridge the gap.

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Are y'all kidding? I mean, most android ports are awful and mess the phone up and I don't really want the same thing to happen with even more apps.

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Most consumers are not tech savvy. Just as most tourists visiting a foreign city. So when they are hungry where do they most likely frequent? Buffet style restaurants where you get plenty of choices. Same difference when it comes to the cell phone markets. If BB phones can have 3 different eco-systems in the devices, you bet consumers will pick the one with 3 eco systems because of the just incase scenario. It will end the debate of BB phones most complain features, the apps and games.

How about instead of enabling the running of android and ios apps which would be great and a feat of software development we fix the bridge feature.

Also of the

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Just because it's possible to do something does not mean it should be done.
Porting an app from one OS to another is common, think porting Xbox 360 games to/from PS3/PC.
Just because they run doesn't mean binary compatibility.

BlackBerry need to go fully Native for thier OS and apps.

Well, if we keep seeing non-BB native apps showing up on the BB, wouldn't that make BlackBerry less of a brand? However, if we don't bridge the app gap, there will not be any brand for BlackBerry to maintain. Ugh, I don't know.

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I would love to see Apple apps on BB10. There's a few apps that we use at work that are only available for Apple, which drives me insane because it means I need to use the damn work iPad all the time. The whole reason I got a Z10 was because I prefer the platform over iOS. If we could get their apps onto our platform, even as sideloads (which wouldn't be ideal but would at least help) I would be extatic, because everything I need would finally be on the platform I prefer, which also means that people can stop buying their phones based on which apps are available, and can start buying them based on the user experience that they prefer.

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Everyone would complain about the way those apps work differently than native apps, the way we complain about android apps now. The app gap wouldn't be closed; this would just be another stop-gap. BlackBerry's fate depends on developer support and NATIVE apps (cascades, webworks...whatever) not Android (or iOS) apps running in an app player.

Why not!!!! An app is an app; who cares how these apps get onto BB10. The average consumer (like me and my kids) don't delve into the technicalities of how apps are made or put on mobile phone/devices; all they care is that the apps are working/functioning properly.
BlackBerry should do whatever is legally correct/right to survive or better yet be #1 again. After all the Japanese didn't invent cars, but they copied it better; likewise Samsung didn't invent the smart phones but have copied it better.........
Actually BlackBerry should make BB10 platform the true "HUB" of all apps from all other platforms, including Windows!!!
BlackBerry 4 Life!!!

Anyone who voted "no" is a complete idiot. Who wouldnt want ios apps, i'd assume the same people who are praising the amazing selection BlackBerry World has (filled with thousands of gps and translating apps, and more coming each week)

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You my friend are the idiot. Of course we want good apps. But native not a port. And if you think blackberry world apps is enough. You probably never use android or iOS device.
So be careful when you use the word idiot, if you are not careful you might end up to be the one looking like one

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if you could read what he said you'd see he was being sarcastic about the blackberry app world selection so he was right to call you a idiot by my reckoning as for the topic DAMN YEAH i doubt it will happen but if it did drop driod support apples apps are far superior to andriod they just seem alot better made then driod apps to me driod apps feel cheap even bb10 native apps look better then andriod apps

but as everyone else said more native apps please im sick of all the clutter on blackberry world i can not find a useful app at all all the games i find are just crappy andriod ports that look deranged because i use a Q5

He was not being sarcastic and you are just another idiot.. i was talking to him, not you

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I want to see Native BlackBerry Apps, not ported over iOS and Android Apps... it doesn't matter how good they make the Android Player or iOS player, those apps are half baked... We need native apps on BlackBerry!

I WANT NATIVE APPsssssssssss!!!! Why the hell blackberry created a new OS then for the lack of apps force us to port??? Dont bother creating oS 10, just use android on the blackberry phones :S

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Lets be honest.. some of us, me included, keep our blackberry for the BBM. For good apps, i have an android phone (samsung) which have a lot of good app, most of them not available in blackberry world. So i have to carry 2 devices with me, but deep down i am a monogamous gadget user.
When they open bbm to android. And the apps on blackberry world is not getting better at acceptable rate. I am going to switch when i see the next impressive Ando device.
By making it easier for porting. Blackberry not only disappoint its loyal customer and showing their lack of confidence and respect to their new OS. So if they dont believe in their own OS, why should we believe in them??

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If Satan makes useful and bug-free apps, I'm willing to consider those too. As long as there are no strings attached.

Oh i have an idea.. how about making it possible to install OS 10, iOS, and android on blackberry device
When you turn it on you can choose which OS to load.. that way we can use iOS apps, android apps and bb apps, all as native in each OS... wooohooooo i am a genius...

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Yes, but not because of the apps(got all I need) so much as there never having to be another smartphone other than BlackBerry. Total World Domination! Muhahahaha!

After this I will try not to comment again in this type of news...

I want native Apps and only native Apps, I can't nor will understand how come developers don't want to enter in the BLACKBERRY market!!

Enough said, mute to this!!...

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #TeamBlackberry #BB10Army

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I can see why it would be good for BlackBerry. Personally, though, I truly could not care less whether or not I can run iOS apps.

I think if blackberry is the first label after apple to tun iOS , then things going better for blackberry...:-) why not......

You can't say no to this option because it would effectively help solve the missing apps problem. I would be a bit concerned about the possible app experience on BB10 with an iOS port (keeping in mind how laggy some android ports have proven to be)

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I wouldn't mind iOS apps running on Blackberry as long as they were just as stable as native apps. However, it would be better if developers made native apps.

I voted yes, however the problem with that is less people investing the time and resources writing NATIVE cascades apps, thus cheapening the experience (all things that have been talked about in the past). Ultimately, it would be a good thing: bring more apps to the device and therefore, people who are afraid to switch due to a lack of their favorite apps would be more likely to jump.

I just want blackberry to get the damn apps themselves on BlackBerry world.

This app situation is pretty ridiculous and im almost ALMOST fully convinced it will never change. It will just be down to the select few that know about converting apks and side loading to get android versions of apps which is nice but imagine all apps taking advantage of the BB10 OS to the fullest, right now the true potential of BB10 hasn't been tapped into. I know things are being done and we will see positive change but even then I'm still in doubt of how far we will actually get with apps and the full potential of this OS being met. Not to mention simple features from the legacy OS aren't even in this phone.. or some popular apps either..

I know I'm ranting but I just wish we could get the support from the outside and the effort from BlackBerry.

I love my Z10 but my experience could be so much better once us diehards finally are able to enjoy these areas of "Mobile Computing"

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Please the thought of having the best of all 3 world's is a dream come true. Playing ios game, having the freedom of android while hold a top of the line BlackBerry os. If this happens my Q10 is going down as my favorite phone of all time.

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Native apps aare nice but BB needs a boost. App developers are playing the wait-and-see game. Some won't develop a native app until enough bb10 units are floating around. More apps, native or not, can only help to make the bb10 a real option for new phone shoppers. I think the lack of apps is what is sucking the life, or at least slowing sales of BB10 units..

I'd like to see the ports separated from native apps in the AppWorld.

As long as we could clearly tell what we are downloading, then I might vote yes.

But if it would just flood AppWorld with poorly working ports, then count me voting no.

I say give Apple users a reason to switch, then they can experience the native BB goodness baked into the native OS and apps. I wonder how many Mac users complain about having to run Windows applications and not having native versions of stuff? Yet you can through virtualization, nothing different here.
Imagine having the whole iOS in full screen, then flicking it into its place as just another frame on BB10.
Pwned! Of course you'd need the horsepower to do that...

That 75% of crackberry people whant ios app on blackberry tells us that many users sooner or later will change from blackberry to apple iphone ....bye bye heins

Hardly means that at all. It would eliminate the app gap, bb10 is way better than iphone, BlackBerry would be king. All developers now writing native apps. My BBM contacts skyrocket. Life is great!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Also until i see actual download numbers for some of these supposed "BIG NAME APPS" i wont be impressed a lot of the ones mentioned ive never heard of before and if they have 10,000 downloads they're kinda pointless for most.

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love to see lots of apps
but the most important is native apps from bb,that is the most important thing guys
tat rocks

Yes I do... BB10 is soooo lacking in app... thats annoying! even if I LOVE my Z10, sometimes I think to go back to iOS just for that reason...

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I'm a huge BlackBerry fan, and bb10 fan as well, but what irritates me si much is the world still sees apple as the coolest, so all the developers will develop for them, and thus adding to the idea that they're the coolest... when in fact bb10 has huge advantages over ios. Makes me want to give up, and go over.

That being said, there are some apps that I'd love, on my Z10. How seamlessly and effortlessly it connects to apple TV, and the whole ecosystem is really a lot more mature than any other. It honestly makes me sick to admit it.

Come on BB. We can do this... BIS on the legacy device linked to the PlayBook equalled free "big screen" surfing. the hdmi ports. Great multitasking. You guys were amazing. Let's get back there.

Posted in landscape mode lying on my bed, cause portrait mode is too thin to hold upside down with two hands

A number of professional financial Apps are optimized for the iPhone, and some are only available on the iPhone (not even on the Android).
(This does factor into the decision which platform to use, even though the average person on the street may not use it).
eg: Citi Foreign Exchange

Even for those professional financial apps that have been ported to the Android platfrom, it is obvious from the bugs in the Android App that the original source code was for iPhone.
eg: Dukascopy Swiss Forex (the Economic Calendar background flashing making it unreadable and tiring for one's eyes).

And no, side-loading Android Apps don't count; many BlackBerry users and potential BlackBerry customers will refuse to side-load an Android (or Apple) App.

BlackBerry App functionality must be baked into the BlackBerry World.
No side-loading please!

1) Get as many apps on the platform to drive consumer buy in via android/ios ports or adapting them to native built apps

2) push to get all the ported apps replaced with a bb10 native app.

App availability continues to be an issue and a struggle to attract potential new users.. " is insert app" available.

I can sideload things myself easily enough, but most users can't

Native is faster than any other phone. Just tell me where do you find a faster app for news/forums faster than CB on any other platform

Marketing is everything

Native apps are the best. We need the big ones native. However, being able to run android and Apple apps for the smaller and unique apps for certain niche areas would be a great way to sell bb10.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Nah, I wouldn't want iOS Apps on BB10. The Android apps do nothing to encourage developers to create native apps and I'd imagine adding iOS to the mix will do much the same. I'd much rather see all of BlackBerry's efforts go towards getting the big name native apps.

IMO, I think BB needs this more than anything. It seems all people want is apps on their smartphone, the other stuff like hardware comes later. They boost their app selection, and they'll be fine.

Im saying No.

this is why:

The idea of running of these players on a device doesn't fix the problem, we need developers USING and CODING for OUR platform. BB should be buying these top line apps by paying the companies to develop the apps. People complain about non native apps in the android player, how is this going to do anything but add to that complaint? BB has the cash, they need to invest and get the platform to be self supporting and not some mishmash OS that can't do it on its own. We need to try and be our own platform, this involves making relationship with devs, perhaps shelling out some money to them to start a project for BB. Otherwise our phone will just be an android/ios device that runs BB10, which i would think is something we don't want.

I would like to see Blackberry apps on BlackBerry that are AS good as iOS apps. Its been 6 years since the first iPhone hit markets. Which means, BlackBerry has had years to get a handle on this apps situation. Many would say that's on the developers but I disagree. If BlackBerry got ahead of the game back then, they would never be where they are today. There have been MANY mistakes on BlackBerry's end and now its time to not just play catch up, but lap the competition to stay alive. This cant be done without apps. Yes, more and more apps are heading to BB10 everyday (though many are mere ports). I'd like to see this continue. As a LONG time supporter and user of BlackBerry, I want to see more from them. I want them to succeed.

Not a good idea. All we will get is old versions of the app with some features that don't work properly.
Sticking plaster on a sucking chest wound, concentrate on getting the devs on side instead of wasting time, money and effort feeding from the scraps off someone else's table.

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iOS apps are just too rich for BBOS that and the software is optimised more Apple hardware. So if these apps actually did make it over to BlackBerry and failed to run as expected then it just creates a bad rep and experience. I would much prefer if BlackBerry would drop the bravado bullshit, loose the QNX platform and just flip over to Android and run the same course of success that Samsung has done.

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I'm all for good, quality apps. The more, the merrier. Apps, or a lack thereof, seems to be a hindrance to BlackBerry. If we're able to increase the amount of quality apps in our store or through sideloads, this could also increase our user base. A win for BlackBerry.

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Wasn't there news of an iOS app player floating around in the forums where someone was playing iOS apps on the PlayBook?

I'm not a huge app fan but a lot of blackberry users are, it would be good for BlackBerry so I welcome the idea.

I would love to have the ability to run iOS applications. The standard is, unfortunately, Apple and Android. No Starbuck app for Blackberry...If this could be changed, it would be wonderful. I loathe the iOS interface on the IPhone, bu developers design for the masses...

The more the better! My homies are flashed by the fact that my Q10 able to use Android and now iOS Apps! For me and my personal usage is the BlackBerry Solution still the best way for mobile computing. Especially since I got my Q! Awesome device and felt immediately like home!:D

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I hope it's a rhetorical question. I do not think anyone sane would reply no to iOS apps...

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If the ported apps can run well with minimal lag and bugs then definitely! I'm sick of BlackBerry App World, I love the phone and OS but the BlackBerry App world, UI, prices and low quality apps just ruin the experience.

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I would like to see this because I am new to BlackBerry and would like to have some of the apps that are on iPhone.

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iOS apps would work far better on BB10. Both OS have no physical buttons within the app. Too many Android ports require the use of a back button which we just don't have.

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HELL YA!! Former iPhone user here. Would be GREAT to be able to use those apps on BB 10 again! Native preferably!!!

Would not mind it. But so far I'm fine with the apps from BBW . I got almost seven pages full and barely use a few of the ones I downloaded both paid and free.

What I would want to see in BBW would be shows from HBO, Showtime and Star available for purchase. Shows like "Game Of Thrones " and "Boardwalk Empire " would be a great additions!

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There's a few I'd love to see available and working on my z10, go sms pro it's a fun texting app and decent free flow game

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Hey! Having ios app on BB10 devices is a wellcome development,the features and productivity will definitely increase it also enable BB users to stick with their devices.