Would you want a BlackBerry Passport without the physical keyboard?

By James Richardson on 27 Aug 2014 04:45 am EDT

The launch of the BlackBerry Passport, sporting BlackBerry 10.3, is inching closer every day and it's pretty safe to say that not only us guys & girls here at CrackBerry are excited, but the rest of the smartphone market is too. Or maybe more curious, than excited. Either way it's all good.

Once again forum member Andreas Kimishis1 has been up to his concept skills and has posted a picture of what the BlackBerry Passport could look like without its physical keyboard.

In terms of size, the concept remains the same as the Passport, therefore allowing plenty of room for a on-screen keyboard. I'm not totally sold on the idea myself and of course, with this being a concept we may well never see a device like it from BlackBerry. It does though very much resemble the LG Optimus View from a while back.

What do you think? Would you like this as an option further down the line? Hit up the poll and please let us know?

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Would you want a BlackBerry Passport without the physical keyboard?



I think if the passport does really well, we might see this form factor in all touch. It would make sense to me.

Maybe with trackpad / toolbelt... ?

Not enough length on the bottom end, but just a Z10-style bezel might be a waste of space...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I could see a slightly thinner Passport as a slider phone....with keyboard...

It would be another innovative and different phone from BlackBerry.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

How about a the "slider Passport" but the keyboard section has a one or two line OLED capacitive-touch display above the keyboard for the added functions (symbols, etc) as well as the flick suggestions?

An all touch with a track pad would be great! Nobody seems to remember how efficient of a tool the track pad was for text editing. And there is no information, other than speculative, as to whether BlackBerry will include the old track pad features with the new keyboard.

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

I think we're going to see the trackpad completely replaced with the touch-sensitive keyboard. If it works like it's described and I imagine, I won't miss the trackpad at all. I think that Passport keyboard is the most innovative piece of hardware on that phone.

Posted via CB10

This would be the correct form factor for a premium touchscreen to further distance ourselves from Samsung. Track pad would be a bonus too, though I'm not sure how relevant it would be on an all touch device. I never owned a bbos all touch so can't remember if they had track pads.

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As someone who had an hour "hands on" with the pre-release Passport...


The keyboard was great but it was dwarfed by the beautiful screen and incredibly well balanced hardware.

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I had the LG VU II on launch and it was one of the greatest phones I've owned ... Apart from the atrocious battery life. The form factor works well for an all touch device.

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Yup. The benefit of the Passport being so wide is you don't need to rotate anymore. A wide phone that still needs to be rotated now makes it unnecessarily wide.

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No, it would be a nightmare for developers... each BB phone has a display of either 1:1 or 16:9

OTOH: A passport-like phone with the exact width of the Passport (9 units) but full length (16 units) would be a mini-tablet and would get my vote in a mini-second!

BTW: James, that would have been a good option for the poll. None of the other options really work because some of us would love a keyboard-less Passport but not *that* particular form factor.

Yes! This is the logical touch version of this form factor. Same width but 16x9 dimension ratio. All touch. BlackBerry Note.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Why don't we have the option for a normal all touch device?

Because I neither think that the keyboard is the way forward, nor do I think that anybody want a square all touch device.

4:3 might be a possibility though.

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Don't the concept in the picture look very much like a 3:4? It's definitely not square.

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I agree. I just want a normal, rectangular all-touch. No BS square and no BS keyboard.

Z-30/STA 100-5/ USA

Easy peasy, no deep thinking required. Keep it simple, that form factor has a proven audience. BlackBerry Note.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I agree. No all-touch Passport. An all-touch should be more oblong (i.e.: less square).

My vote would be "No" but I don't think that BlackBerry should only have physical keyboard phones going forward. So I don't agree that "physical keyboards are the way forward for BlackBerry". I think they should have both, but with a slight focus on physical keyboards (since that is a big differentiator for them).

So I have no way to vote here. :/

I'd say BlackBerry should be aiming for about 60:40 keyboard to all-touch focus.

Keep "legacy" power users happy and get the new kids on the block on board...

(2/3 or even 70/30 seems too much, and the kids will feel neglected and flee the block for cooler places...)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Well said, Prem. Plenty of BlackBerry users enjoy the BB10 OS and BB's all-touch devices. My Z10 is used over 90% for personal use. I have plenty of apps and games on my Z10 (and I know plenty of execs that enjoy playing games during downtime or while traveling). Opening the door to Android apps was a fantastic idea- if some people choose to avoid them that's their choice. Since then I have found every app and game I have wanted, no more sitting waiting on the sidelines for a BlackBerry version that never came.

I could have chosen any other platform but I chose BlackBerry and BB10. My Z10 was purchased the day of AT&T 's launch and I haven't regretted it once. I also try to spread the goodness of BlackBerry to others and I plan to stay here with another full touch device (that hopefully comes by March 2015). :-)

In the new generation...we use virtual keyboards and not physical keyboards. if anybody needs to feel the touch of a keyboard whenever he/she is typing, then he can go for passport, Q10 etc

But if you ask me...virtual keyboards win, i'm a fan of full touch :)

Btw...I typed this within seconds on my z30, a awesome phone I got used to the same day I switched from my bold 9900

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

If BlackBerry were to make a Passport without a Qwerty keyboard then they might as well make a Tablet.

Hint hint, wink wink. BlackBerry Playbook 2

Personally I think the keyboard is very squashed at the bottom and I would have rather them make a 4.0" screen and put an extra row of keys in.

I love the touch sensitive keys, that's a great idea and we'll done BlackBerry on that but yeah... I might change my mind when I see it. but I think there is too much screen and too little keyboard on the Passport. :y

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I'd love to see a new full touch screen BlackBerry device with a similarly unique design to the Passport and with its great hardware.

It will be nice to have 2 models of Passport.One with the physical keyboard and other onscreen. It will address the needs of both customers.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I'd go for that. Love the screen real estate! Bring on a new high spec'ed all touch please.

 Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

It would surely leave an ipad for dead with 10.3 on it! I know what my choice would be.

 Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

While I am a fan of both of BlackBerry's incredible keyboards (PKB and VKB), I would much rather a Passport with a physical keyboard.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30, the BEST smartphone out today!

The design of the passport doesn't make sense without a keyboard

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

I've had physical keyboards for years now but decided to have a tinker around with a Zee30 in a shop. I'm not going back to a physical keyboard again so, yes I'd buy a keyboard less Passport when BlackBerry decide to make one. Until then, I stick with my Zee30. No ifs no buts no maybes, NO PHYSICAL KEYBOARD.

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I must admit among all the boring slabs that all the others push out, this could be a great concept. More form factors is what we need and blackberry seem to be open to this. I think this could provide some great unique features.

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i like the fact that the keyboard is used as the mouse/trackpad so you don't have to use the screen. If they were to go with no keyboard, then id want a trackpad on it.

Yes, I have to agree with you there. I have a Z30 and absolutely love it. I think it’s the best phone I've used so far. But I do miss the trackball/pad I had on my previous BlackBerry phones and the navigation ring on my Treo. With my Z30 and my big fingers, it's hard to get the accuracy I want.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Zed30, eh.

I don't like the look and former factor of passport and if I do I would like it without a physical keyboard

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Maybe a device that's Z10 size but with an edge to edge touch screen (more usable space) - not a fan of large unwieldy devices

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Leave it as it is and let it have its space. AND, when your done rolling it out move on to the next set of large screen all touch devices we REALLY want! :)
Let's get serious the Z10 needs an update badly. So start with a dual core 1.8ghz arm chip and ramp up to quad core at around 1.5 ghz. Qualcom please, no Mediatech crap. :). Thank you.

Posted with my Sweet Q10!!

I really like everything about Z10 except the battery, if BBRY can twice the battery life in performance and keep the size as it is that would be an innovation. I don't want to buy an extended battery 45000 mAh that forced me to buy another cover case to accommodate the size.
If that possible (36 or 45Ah) with the same size then we can talk about processor and RAM, screen is OK because more pixels deserve more juice from the battery

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IMO the physical keyboard gives the justification of the square dimension and Form factor if the device. For a full touch device I'd like more a Form factor like the Z10 but with better specs and more color options (red and navy blue for example)

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see the trackpad feature implemented through software for all touchscreen only models. Not quite sure how to distinguish between rapid key presses on a touchscreen and the double tap on the Passport...

Posted via CB10 on Z10

people are crazy about passport because of its awesome keyboard. A full touch passport is equal to a BlackBerry PlayBook with os 10 or above. Nope I want my passport with keyboard

Q10 is marijuana

Why not this full touch device and an optional keyboard that is responsive like the new Passport keyboard...and I can ATTACH this keyboard to this full touch device?

Dreaming about the new Passport

And make the middle of the back of the device kapacitive responsive.

I type with my thumbs and can use my fingers on the backside for navigation.

Dreaming about the new Passport

Love it. I'd get one in a heartbeat as I'm a keen ebook reader and movie watcher so the bigger format would be a perfect alternative to lugging a tablet around with me.

I voted yes. What I actually want is a successor to the z10. I just wouldn't trade it's size for anything bigger.

Thank god almighty you exist. People are too timid to say what they really want. Thank you.

Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

I don't see why not, with a new spec that will make it unique.
The idea is definitely welcoming.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform to date.

Always the same complaint with Games Richardson's polls. :-)

Also in this case, not enough options to make it a serious poll, so again more for entertainment purposes...

Hey, no entertainment, BlackBerry is going enterprise.... ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The very fact that they could do such a design is whats putting me off buying a Passport at launch... I really like the idea of the passport, the size, the capacitive keyboard. But theres a part of me who has got used to the incredible touch screen keyboard on the z10, and the prospect of an extra inch of usable screen and something like a 1800x1440 display (5:4) makes me want to wait until we hear from BB about exactly what the high end all touch device will be.

I was a diehard physical keyboard guy but 3 Q10s that all developed the double typing problem has cured me of that particular stubborn attitude. Finally got my Z30 and loving it, typing on glass and all. I wish BlackBerry the best of luck with the Passport but unless that new keyboard really is a different animal from the Q10, it could be a lot of hype for nothing.

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There is an obvious issue with some chunks of Q10's coming out of Mexico 5. My first Q10 (don't ask why I had many Q10's) didn't have any problems with the keyboard. It was just of the famous BBRY keyboard quality.

So me and my shares trust in the keyboard quality of the Passport ;-)


I just returned my Q10 because its spacebar just became loose. There seem to be a general issue in Assembly Line 5 in Mexico. However, I expect the Passport to come with the typical BBRY keyboard quality and in that case I am all for the Passport w/ keyboard. Initially I thought I will go with the Classic but the Passport's screen and having that keyboard make this device not 'a' productivity powerhouse. It makes it THE productivity powerhouse.

If only BBRY would allow pre-ordering. Wondering what's the hold up for this.

The vote looks close at this point. Make both options available. However do something about those heinous corners!!!!!!! Keeping the Z30 for now.

Posted via CB10

You're not gaining THAT much more screen real estate by removing it

It would just make you less productive

Posted via CB10

Thank you, people here are all surprised and amazed while this was a failure phone and apparently we are trying to get votes to make it happen to add to BlackBerry's success!!!

Maybe the times and the market were not ready for this yet.

After the Passport launch it might...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I cringe at the thought of this phone let alone this phone with no keyboard! However on a bright note my android friend may come back to berry because of the phone as is!

Posted via CB10

People saying the keyboard justifies the shape? No. The fact you can view documents and emails in true for and not have a need to scroll sideways on a website justifies the shape. So my vote is next Phone is full touch Passport with Toolbelt/innovative invisible trackpad and a built in projector. OK maybe that's stretching it...

Posted via CB10

And by innovative trackpad I mean eliminate another task like pinch zoom on the screen (I have oily fingers heheh)

Posted via CB10

I think we will know better once the passport comes out. If it's the same firm factor but all glass, it should be totally fine.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, why not but I think the passport was been better. If BlackBerry keep the 4 lines of the original keyboard.

Not sure if this works out to 16x9 or not. Seems close, but it needs to stay scaled to that. I have no interests in PKB anymore as BlackBerry has converted me an I have had too many QA issues with the keyboard in their last set of high end PKB devices. With my Z10 I never have to worry about that and I'm typing just as fast if not faster than I ever did with a PKB. Occasionally I miss it, but never enough to go back. Give me a new high end all touch device BlackBerry to replace my Z10!

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

Possibly, but would have to test it out first before I ever bought one. Still hoping that the Z10 form factor is retained in the rumoured Z20, but with edge to edge screen like the LG G3 if possible. Now that I would buy in a heartbeat BlackBerry...hint....hint!

Z10.......er......BlackDroid in action!

Absolutely! I love the idea of square but the keyboard doesn't do it for me cuz I have big thumbs!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

It's would work for some people, but I guess blackberry should make the next BlackBerry smartphone with higher resolution and to be an AMOLED display Not LCD, BB4LIFE

I want a full touch device with specs similar to the Passport, but with a different form factor. That is, something like Z10 or Z30.

Yes but 16:9 aspect ratio not this stupid square 1:1

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

Don't think it would look right without one but to my liking I would have liked to see the tool bar with track pad on this baby.
How cool would that look?

My cool running Z30 on

That square shape look nice, I'm currently bored with rectangle style for now. With the current spec and please make smaller bezel, I definitely will buy this one! Stand out from regular crowd!

Posted via CB10

No but not because I want qwerty. I want a z10/z30 replacement with newest specs.

Posted via CB10

I want and demand a full touchscreen BlackBerry phone with the same specs of a passport, but a different dimension 4.5" screen. I don't like the square type on a full touchscreen phone.

"BlackBerry is the extension of my hand" - DadaBerry C00182421

This device looks very short for me, and despite the keyboard; I would ask it big as, but thinner than Z3 while maintaining same specs...I think this could make it a killer bomb...physical keyboards on smart phones nowadays are becoming less fashioned

Posted via CB10

Yes, I like the size ratio of the Passport. I prefer full touch screen

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

For me, I think it is a terrible idea.
I actually think totally different thing. A slightly rectangular (e.g. Ratio: 12(height): 9 (width) or 4(h):3 (w) + physical keyboard + trackpad (belt) maybe a good phone for me :p

No !
Just bring out the Z50 or Z60 or even a full fledged fully baked 7 inch phablet if BB wants to put out another full touch device

For 2015 Road Map BlackBerry all we need is this. Successor to the Z10....Z30 and A Slider (Torch) form to make things interesting. All should have 3GB Ram Quad Core Processors 1080P Displays with Big Battery and Super AMOLED with 16/32/64GB Variants....thats all we need BB for 2015

The Passport kind of loses its innovation without the keyboard. It just looks like a small phablet, being all-touch. Honestly I think it looks it's aesthetic appeal too.

Keep Calm and Chive On

The wider screen will still have the edge over the Note3/4 when reading PDFs or browsing...


Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Keeping a 16:9 screen ratio and using the Passport's width of 3.18" (4.5" Diagonal) that gives us a screen size of 3.18x5.65 or 6.48" Diagonal, I would so go for that. Hoping my math is right...;-)

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Read an article that the market off phablets is growing. People want phablets and tablets loosing market share. Maybe Heinz wad right afterall. And I also read an article that apps are on it's return. People buy less apps.....
Interesting interesting....

posted via my Z30

With the Z10 and Z30 slowly being removed from promotions and contracts, it will be hard for me to upgrade in December. I would acquire a Z30 or Z50 for my next phone, but is seems that is a pipe dream at this stage in South Africa. The Z3 is promoted heavily in South Africa now. Seems that I will not upgrade this year and see what Blackberry has to offer in 2015.

No, seems these polls are always missing the option that a lot of us would vote for. Which leads to miss leading results. I have no issue with BlackBerry offering keyboard phones, but they do not represent the masses. I believe Crackberry ran a pool asking us which we preferred and even here it was all touch. In the future CB should specify who they are targeting in there polls and ensure the choices give us definitive results.

I actually like this more than the passport with keyboard

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

As someone who has had an hour with the pre-release Passport....


Posted via CB10 app & my killer BlackBerry Z30

Did you try to copy-and-paste anything on the Passport? :P
No one seems to have thought to try text-editing on the thing yet.

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

While it could work, the Z30 I feel is already stretching the "wielding" limit.
I believe all touch that big could be a bit uncomfortable,.... but I could be wrong

Posted via CB10

All full touch screen wit high specs hardware wit a redesigned body would do perfect

Posted via CB10

I think it's a good idea. As long as it can fit in a normal pocket. In fact if the passport sells, I think BlackBerry should get it out immediately.

Posted via CB10

I agree with Prem. Passport without keyboard but with the tool belt.
I was keyboard all the way but my Z30 with large keys and intuitive typing has become second nature. I never thought I would ditch the keyboard. But now - Passport with tool belt. It would be crazy viewing in landscape.

STA-100-3 v; Radio 3182

I'm indifferent to the form factor but DON"T call it a PASSPORT. Call it whatever.."Visa" or "Whatever" etc Lmao!!

The first company that solves the battery life issues will dominate the mobile phone market. At that point form factor, specs and the like almost won't matter.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. This is what BlackBerry should be marketing as their devices (with the exception of the Z10) easily will get through a day from start to finish. This is worth advertising. I can already picture it: little girl crying with a blank screen after Angry Birds drained her iPhone in early afternoon, then cut to business exec getting out of a taxi/limo late in the evening checking into the Hub and his Passport shows 64% battery left." Boom: BlackBerry - built to keep you moving.

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

I say a 4.5 inch square phone, virtual keyboard, designed by Porshe Designs.


Posted via CB10

Definitely YES, YES, YES! That would be a great all touch device and I would buy it!

Posted via CB10 with my awesome BlackBerry Z30. BlackBerry 10 rocks!

I like it but believe we need more rectangle to accommodate a reasonably sized screen and virtual keyboard.
That being said, I am committed to getting the next BlackBerry all touch. My Z30 runs like a dream esp in comparison to my Nexus 7. AND the Blend sounds like it is improving on Bridge like pairing with a tablet. Perfect

Posted via CB10

You know, I might be alone on this, but the on screen keyboard is starting to drive me nuts. Not always, just when I type some words on purpose, and they get auto-corrected to something else. Things like "in" and "on" and "of" and "if". Yes, I also do appreciate the many, many technical phrases it has learned and suggests to me when needed; I could possibly accept a keyboard-less Passport with some logical enhancements. Oh, and also a different placement of "Submit" and "." keys. Hit those way too many times.

Posted via CB10

Ew without the keyboard
The keyboard is what, if anything, will make the passport sell. Without it, it's like a mini tablet

Posted via CB10

Interesting question. No. I need them to soften the corners on the Passport. I envision sitting down with it in my front pocket and feeling a poke in my groin. The rounded edge of front pockets are going to cause pocket positioning issues.

No, I know two people with the LG phone and while they like the screen size, they complain because it is not practical. Doesn't fit well in any pocket. When they go out, the phone has to placed somewhere else besides their pockets.

Posted via CB10

I think they can add an option to write on the physical keyboard only by touching the buttons! so if im typing in silent place it would be perfect!

this device has many aspects to be very successful

Posted via CB10

Interesting... I'm really hopeful that they keep pushing the innovation with this one. Not just let it into the wild and offer the same updates as the other devices. There are so many cool things they could potentially do with this hardware!

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

Maybe off topic here... But, while browsing Best Buy yesterday, I couldn't help but notice just how many keyboard options there are especially for the iPad. It makes me ask the question, "Are touch screens really the answer?" Or, if BlackBerry could sufficiently close the app gap, and then re-insert into the market with compelling keyboard devices, if maybe then general public would recognize the value of a keyboard. Look, the guys at Typo have been trying for the iPhone (you know).

It's an interesting idea because I love my virtual keyboard on my Z30 but I can't see myself holding a phone wider than the Z30 to my ear. It's a bit embarrassing IMO.

jap, i'm still not sure, how to type numbers and some things like .,*... on the passport...

if i need to use the screen to input numbers and other things, because there is no alt/shift key, then it could well be a dealbreaker for me, because i like the physical keyboard exactly for this...its a real thing, and right now i rarely need to use special things on the screen when typing on my q10....(much needed characters in german like ß,ö,ä,ü are annoying enough if i need them ;) )

but we will see...


Awaiting the 'BlackBerry Notebook' which is taking way to long to arrive for my liking.

Oh well, September will soon be here :)


No. I want a frigging TORCH as in 9810

16x9. Virtual keyboard with slide out physical keyboard and tool belt.

Build the thing and it will sell. This is a no brainer.

If Passport sales are a threshold then yes it will succeed.

There are 15 year old kids in this site begging for what I'm describing.

And by the way. Sliders don't break. My 9810 has been dropped, sat on, thrown out a window, used as a door stop. Don't tell me they are flimsy.

Give me a Z30 size screen with full keyboard.

Someone tell Chen. Whoever tells Chen is going to save BlackBerry and become a billionaire.

Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

I was expecting to see an image of a completely square phone, which would actually intrigue me. What I see instead is a Galaxy Note running bbos10.

Don't get me wrong, it wouldn't be a bad looking device, it just wouldn't have the same unique appeal as the current 1:1 ratio and seeing your completely square device sitting on a meeting room table would be rather neat.

Posted via CB10

I totally don't like that Idea, it would look too much like the LG phone, how about some concepts of the successor for the Z30 phone, I'm on board for that!

Posted by my QNX powered Z10

To me the selling point is not just the screen size but also the physical keyboard. The fact that it's touch sensitive negates the need for an all touch screen version. However if the device is a huge hit then Perhaps it would make sense to bring out an all touch version to better relate to the iphone, galaxy crowd and steal some of their customers.

Posted via CB10

If both form factors were available it would be a tough choice, so I'm "officially" saying 50/50, although in the end I would most likely go with the keyboard. If I had the money for both I'd buy both.

Not voting on this one because I do not like the options. I don't think keyboards are a way forward, but it's important to keep that core constituency happy. I think it would be an awkward size if it was totally touch.

Posted via CB10

Please don't remove the keyboard..this is the reason why people adopt blackberry phones..and not toy phones aka android.
Bad idea to take off keyboard from passport :/

Posted via CB10

For me as a Russian guy, any keyboard is a headache. We have non Latin alphabet you know and I wouldn't want that handsome Passport keyboard to get some 36 extra symbols. So why not? Maybe all touch Passport is not that bad idea so far...

Posted via CB10

With the size of the Passports screen it would be very easy form them to add on screen non-latin keyboards. I also want a Russian keyboard like the one I am using on my Z10. This would be the only thing holding me back from getting a passport. Also, because BlackBerry is no longer focusing on the American market no having other language options would be a mistake.

Posted via CB10

Once upon a time laptops and desktop monitors were a very useful ratio of 4x3. This got wider and wider until I woke up one morning and all laptop screens were 16:9. Great for watching movies but awkward for anything productive like MS Office or even Photoshop. Now with the Passport and the LG Vu, it looks like we are moving back. I hope this trend continues and finds it's way back to computers as well as phones and tablets.

Posted via CB10

Oh HELL NO! Work on the "2nd Gen Passport" instead of this BS. Make it: Gorilla Glass, Waterproof, 4 Gigs of Ram, 64-bit, Removable Fixed-Battery (Screw-in-contacts), 2x Micro-SD or 64GB option, BBOS 10.4! In Black, White, Red, Silver, or Gold! All in a slimmer design. Then I would upgrade from the white PassPort I hope to purchase next month?! Get Iggy Azalea to promote the PassPort and BlackBerry would sell more phones. ;) ..Can't beat a physical keyboard doubling as a freaking trackpad! I already use my Q10 more than my tablets, and even laptop most times...

Posted via CB10

I would like to see a larger than Z30 full-touch so yes a passport like "full screen phablet" would be nice.
But one thing it should have: the ability to scroll using the part under the screen as a sensitive trackpad zone (no physical key just an area to be able to scroll, move the cursor, select text maybe with a combination with volume buttons?)

Anyone here of telus potentially releasing a z20 (possible updated z3) before year end?

Posted via CB10

Let's see first to what looks like the passport with keyboard. We did not seen any thing yes

Posted via CB10

The world seems to be 16:9 so the format with or without a keyboard is questionable. (to me at least)

I'd rather have a z30 style device with a slide out keyboard. Slightly larger display would be nice too.

Thickness us not so much an issue really.

Posted via CB10

With a 1:1 ratio you can only go so big before a normal person can't hold it in one hand, hence 16:9 ratio. So if you want a micro tablet as a phone ok but if you want a touch screen phone; BlackBerry does sell Z10 and Z30 phones. Also a 1:1 ratio playbook, really? Why? Looking at a document ok but watching a 1080p movie, no thanks.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Hey I say if the people want the passport with no keyboard..... give it to them! But I will take one with the keyboard thank you! :)

Posted via CB10

Nope. I want a high end rectangular BB10 handset. I would have no use for something like that

Posted via CB10

I like the regulary design of touch devices.
So a wide screen video will fill the whole screen. Don't like to big phones

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

I prefer to see a z30 successor when the time comes, with gorilla glass and water resistant. My job has me both inside and out regardless of the weather. A water resistant phone would be great for me. I rarely need to look at spreadsheets or pdfs, although lately I've been looking at ambulance plans and new building plans on my z30. Admittedly not the best format for that but it is doable and not a big deal no more than I do it. My. Main thing is I hope I remember to take my phone out of my pocket if I have to wade in a ditch to get someone out. I'd take it out with a water resistant phone to but at least if I forgot or something happens accidentally it would be covered.

Again BlackBerry. We don't all ride a desk, even in medical profession.

Posted via CB10

I'm not interested in a nonsliding keyboard, but I would be interested in this if it fits in a normal shirt pocket.

Posted via CB10

The keyboard is the passport to me. It's what defines it as a stand alone device in a market where samesung is practically mocking Apple with the latest devise the Galaxy Alpha. REALLY!!

Posted via CB10

The only advantage I could see with such a design is the possibility to consolidate the keyboard on one side of the device (right or left possibilities) using half the width of the screen to allow one handed operation! What do you think?

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I'm not sold on 16x9 aspect ratio for larger devices. I like my Z30, but rotating it back and forth to see everything is one big reason I am looking forward to getting the Passport. For full screen use on a PC, the 4x3 ratio was better (imo), but since I don't use full screen on PC's (I always have multiple windows open) and when higher resolution monitors and larger sizes became available, 16x9 became more useful, but it can still be an issue on my Ultrabook with its smaller screen.

I am also okay with virtual keyboards, other than I tend to hit the period instead of the space bar, which I am also looking forward to no longer doing when I get my passport. I think this form factor would be good for a phablet device.

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I think that they should keep making all touch devices (and yes, high end all touch) as well as physical keyboards.

I voted No, but it not because "physical keyboard is the way forward". They need to have both all-touch and physical keyboards in their product line. I guess I feel like, if I lose my physical keyboard, I'd want the screen to have more traditional rectangle proportions.

Honestly, I really like the size of the Q10. I like having a device that is small enough to carry without thinking about. I am worried that the passport is too big. But I am going to give it a try. Maybe I'll switch back to the Q10 or go to a classic if the passport is too big.

Between my overall size requirements and my preferences for a physical keyboard, I am willing to suffer with a smaller screen. Sometimes I'd like a larger screen, but I am very happy keeping 1st priorities 1st.

I wouldn't mind having small wireless qwerty keyboard. Would make it nice on the plane to surf or in the car when your phone is docked

No way! For me the passport is attractive, not because I get to type on a physical keyboard, but because the physical keyboard means a virtual keyboard won't occupy screen real estate.

Agreed. Better camera, bit more battery life and a tad thinner. If they did that I don't think I would ever give up my z30

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I'll take it. I love the onscreen keyboard on my z30. Actually think I am more efficient with it than the physical keyboard. Only thing I still miss are the function keys from my 9900.

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I won't even answer this one. Seems like you're forced to say physical keyboards are the way if you chose no.

How about a no option just because you don't want a 1:1 screen?

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